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Wood splitter with their own hands: drawings + photos, instructions


Today, energy sources such as coal and firewood are still quite popular. Wood stoves are installed in many homes. Firewood is used for heating fireplaces, boilers. Most of the owners of their own sites prick firewood by hand, with an ax. However, there is a more modern version - the use of a wood splitter. This unit simplifies splitting firewood and reduces time costs.

To figure out how to design a splitter with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with the drawings of the device and view a few photos of finished products.

How to choose a wood splitter

When choosing a wood splitter, which will be used for domestic needs, you should decide how much work to be faced. It depends on what design the product will be. The first question that confronts the owner of a country house is: to buy a factory one or to assemble a device with your own hands?

In the case of the purchased product will have to put a lot of money. For self-assembly will need to prepare a set of tools and necessary materials. However, when choosing this option, you can do the minimum cost.

Types of wood splitters

To understand how different wood splitters are arranged and work, you should understand their types. This will help to understand the instructions and product scheme. There are various classifications of such devices. You can assemble a wood splitter with your own hands using video instructions or a drawing.

An important characteristic of the wood splitter is the position of the chocks. It may be:

  • Horizontal - logs laid on the frame. Then they are shifted to the cutting tool or the tool itself moves in the direction of the log.
  • Vertical - the knife is placed above the log, which allows splitting material from above. With this version of the wood splitter chock should be fixed.

It can be argued that the effectiveness of horizontal products is less than vertical ones. However, each device has certain features of operation. Separate the design and drive:

  • On diesel or gasoline. This version of the device is the most common. The main advantage of the products is complete autonomy.
  • Mechanical splitter. It is very durable and reliable. Used mainly in the performance of short-term work.
  • On the electric motor. These wood splitters are stationary products. They are comfortable, but different average performance.

Tip! Homemade are increasingly common. They are usually created from tractor equipment. When choosing such a mechanism, firewood will crack very easily. Another interesting modification are wood splitters with an engine.

It matters and what form the splinter is made. This indicator also refers to the main parameters of the product. Pools can have a conical or cruciform shape. In the latter case, firewood prickles into 4 parts. It is quite convenient if they are used to load the boiler into the shaft. However, splitting firewood on such a device will take a lot of effort.

More popular products with cones in the form of cones. It is possible to construct a wood splitter with your own hands very quickly.

Features of products with a cone-shaped working part

A cleaver that is tapered may have a thread. It is used in electric and diesel wood splitters. Its advantage is the fact that the logs are split with the help of rotational movements of the tip. Cleaver twists in the log. For this reason, for splitting the workpiece will not need to make serious efforts.

In models that run on electricity and gasoline, a cleaver in the form of a cone is commonly used. If you wish to design a homemade screw splitter you will need to create a drawing. During the work it is better to follow the previously prepared instructions. Before you create a wood splitter with your own hands, you will need to know its device.

Such a unit is made of several parts:

  • Motor. It can run on fuel or electricity. To ensure the efficiency of the device, the engine must have a power of 1.5 kW. The voltage must be equal to 380 V.
  • The bed. This item is a table with legs. Firewood is placed on it. Under the frame is installed engine.
  • Gearbox. It serves to regulate the number of revolutions of the motor.

When assembling the device should take into account its design. The advantage of this product is cheap manufacturing. Usually wood splitters with a cone-shaped ax are created for domestic purposes.

Tip! If there is no need to chop a lot of firewood, you should choose a version of the product with a cone-shaped section. It can be made from scrap parts. Photo instruction and drawings of the assembly of a wood splitter do-it-yourself help to cope with the task.

Hydraulic wood splitters

Hydraulic-type models have one indisputable advantage - they allow you to prick fairly large amounts of firewood in relatively short periods of time. A cleaver in such a device is located on the rod.

During the creation of a hydraulic splitter, several features should be considered:

  • how is the log;
  • motor power;
  • force with which the log breaks;
  • allowable log size.

Assembling a hydraulic splitter is more difficult than a cone-shaped one. However, the performance indicators for such devices are much higher.

Thanks to the drawings of the wood splitter, it is possible to understand how it works. Assembling such devices at home is a fairly simple exercise. To figure out how to make a wood splitter with your own hands, you will need to study the device of a certain type of design.

Rack wood splitters

They were called so for the fact that the cleaver attached to the rail. The log breaks when you press the handle that is in the wood splitter. When this occurs, the clutch gears, and then the rail begins to move in the direction of the log. As a result, the chock splits into several pieces.

Self-made rack wood splitters are characterized by the following parameters:

  • splinter form;
  • minimum log size;
  • splitting force of the workpiece.

Rack designs are often implemented in the factory assembly. However, such devices are much more expensive than those that are made with their own hands.

Tip! Unlike lath products, cone wood splitters do not sell as an assembly. However, for such a device you can buy a hardened cone.

Firewood assembly

In the domestic environment to collect a wood splitter with their own hands is not difficult. To do this, you need to prepare certain tools and materials. In the case of different types of products will need to take into account their features.

Screw products

To assemble a screw product, you will need to purchase a cleaver in the form of a cone, a gearbox and a frame. The last element can be independently constructed from sheet steel and metal corners. You can quickly assemble a wood splitter with an engine yourself, if you follow the instructions.

First, the motor and gearbox are installed on the frame. Then a cone is put on the shaft, and the shaft is connected to the gearbox. During the assembly of such a device should be considered:

  • The nozzle should not be attached directly to the engine.
  • In the absence of experience with electrical equipment should seek the assistance of a specialist.
  • The belt drive should be closed by a casing.
  • The shaft should rotate at 250 rpm.

When taking into account such features assemble a screw wood splitter will be much easier. To figure out how to make a wood splitter, you should get acquainted with the peculiarities of its design and operation.

Build hydraulic products

Constructing a homemade hydraulic splitter is a bit more difficult. This is due to the presence of a hydraulic unit. Before work, you should buy a hydraulic cylinder, as well as a pump and a motor for it.

Tip! The frame should be mounted on wheels - this makes it easy to move the device.

After that, the hydraulic part is installed on the frame. Before starting work, you should evaluate how cost-effective the creation of such a unit will be.


The splitter can not only be designed independently, but also purchased in the store. The main difference between such devices will be the price. The main advantage of wood splitters, which are sold in the store, is saving time and effort.

The video assembly of the splitter with their own hands is presented below: