Tomato Apparently-invisible: description of the variety, photos, reviews


Still, it’s not for nothing that growers try so hard to choose an extraordinary and speaking name for a new sort of tomato. After all, most often it turns out that it is the name of the variety that makes the advertisement itself, and not its description, and certainly not the reviews of the gardeners who raised this or that variety. After all, if you buy seeds of one sort or another in a store or on the market, then most often the main reason for choosing will be either an attractive picture on the package, or a fascinating name, and most often both.

Tomato Apparently, invisibly, by its very name, it does not say, but simply screams that it is necessary to try it, because there will be not just a lot of tomatoes, but a lot. And for the overwhelming majority of gardeners, the yield of a variety is indeed one of the most powerful arguments in favor of a particular variety. Moreover, Apparently-invisibly is a variety, which means it is already possible not to buy more of its seeds, but to grow these tomatoes from their seeds.

Attention! This saves not only money, but also power, and makes it possible to grow tomatoes that are best suited to the specific environmental conditions of your site.

In this article, an analysis of the characteristics of the tomato variety is given. Apparently invisible, and its description is given in comparison with the reviews of gardeners who have already grown these tomatoes in their plots.

Variety description

Tomato Apparently, invisibly, it was most likely bred by Siberian breeders in the early 2000s, since it is popular with the people and has been cultivated for quite a long time - since 2008-2010. At least, the seeds of these tomatoes are distributed mainly by the company “Siberian Garden”, which is known for the fact that it only has seeds of Siberian selection in production.

But, unfortunately, this variety of tomatoes has not been included in the State Register of Russia for all these years, possibly because of bureaucratic red tape, and, perhaps, there was no desire of the breeders themselves, who gave life to this variety. Anyway, accurate data on its description are not available, and its characteristics can be checked only by comparing them with information provided by gardeners in their feedback on this variety of tomatoes.

The affiliation of tomato Apparently invisible to the determinant varieties, no one seems to dispute. According to various sources, its height can reach from 50-60 cm when grown in open ground, up to 100 cm in greenhouse conditions. On average, the variety is more likely to be undersized tomatoes, powerful for sprouting, well leafy.

According to the manufacturer "Siberian Garden", only four brushes are formed on the main stem of the plant, after which the growth of the bush is completed.

Important! The first brush is able to form after the fourth true leaf. This fact alone is unique, but there is no reliable evidence to support it.

It is possible to continue the development of a bush only by transferring the main growth point to one of the most powerful lower stepsons and thus forming an additional crop. Most often, the determinant undersized bushes do not stepchild at all, due to which their yield is achieved. But in the case of a variety. Apparently, invisibly, it turns out that it is possible to form its bushes not only in three or four trunks, as is customary with respect to determinant tomatoes, but also in two trunks.

Judging by the reviews and photos of people, they grew a tomato of this variety in the open ground, under film shelters, and in polycarbonate greenhouses.

Comment! Oddly enough, in some cases in greenhouse conditions, it shows lower yields than in open ground.

In terms of ripening tomatoes, there are very large discrepancies in the reviews themselves and in the description of the variety by the manufacturer. Tomato Apparently, invisibly declared, as an early ripe variety, but most gardeners agree that tomatoes ripen quite late from the end of July, and in most cases in August, even when planted in a greenhouse. That is, a more realistic time of ripening of tomatoes of this variety is about 120 days from the moment of full germination.

As for yield, here the name of the variety fairly accurately characterizes the possibilities that tomato plants are capable of. Apparently, invisible. Indeed, there are so many tomatoes on the bushes that sometimes it is difficult to discern leaves and stems behind the fruits. On average, about 1.5 kg of fruit can be harvested from one plant even without special care. But it is possible to obtain better results - up to 4.5 kg of tomatoes from one bush when using the correct form and full care.

Resistance to various adverse growing conditions and diseases is average. Many say that tomatoes of this variety have not been subjected to diseases, while others determine their stability at the level of most average tomato varieties.

Characteristics of tomatoes

Perhaps for this variety of tomatoes, the description of the tomatoes themselves recedes into the background, because the main thing is their number. But the fruits themselves are also able to interest gardeners, especially since in their description there are also discrepancies between those characteristics that were declared by the producer on seed packages and actual data provided by those who grew these tomatoes.

The shape of tomato varieties Apparently invisibly rounded, not much different from other traditional varieties.

But with the color of the ripe fruit there are already big discrepancies: they are described as bright pink on packages from the manufacturer of seeds of this tomato “Siberian Garden”, and in many gardeners the tomatoes of this variety turn pink after ripening. But other gardeners, who are also quite a few and who also raised this variety, have ripened red tomatoes, without any hints of pink tint. Moreover, other characteristics of tomatoes, including yield, coincided.

Comment! Some believe that different colors may be caused by differences in the chemical composition of the soil on which the tomatoes were grown.

In any case, experts still have to understand this phenomenon, and, perhaps, this is the explanation of the fact that this variety has not yet been included in the State Register. After all, if he has such differences in characteristics, then it is too early to talk about the sustainability of the variety. But for ordinary gardeners, the fact remains that by sowing this variety, you can get seeds of both red and pink flowers.

With the size of the fruit there are also significant differences in the description of the manufacturer and the data obtained from gardeners. The manufacturer claims that the tomatoes in this class are large-fruited, and the average weight of one fruit is 300 grams. But almost everyone who grew these tomatoes agree that their weight rarely exceeds 100-120 grams. In some isolated cases, people write that the mass of tomatoes reached 200 grams, but no one could grow 300-gram tomatoes of this variety.

The flesh of the fruit is quite dense. The tomatoes themselves are smooth, without ribbing. The density of the skin is sufficient so that the tomatoes do not crack on a bush or in banks.

According to the taste characteristics they fully deserve a good rating, but they do not hold out for a great taste. According to many comments, this variety is great for all kinds of blanks. It makes delicious tomato juice, as well as a variety of sauces, adzhiki and lecho.

Attention! Tomatoes have a very convenient size for roll-in, and they are also good in salty and fermented form.

They are stored well, but it is better not to delay this. After all, tomatoes ripen for a long time, so you can always make time to harvest, and after a while remove a new crop from the same bushes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The variety, even in the form by which it is known to gardeners now, has many advantages that make it worthy for cultivation in different climatic regions of Russia

  • The abundance of fruits, which all together create high yields;
  • Unpretentiousness to care and growing conditions;
  • Small height of the bush, which is convenient to care;
  • Spaniness of fruiting, which is convenient for home consumption.

But at a grade, there are also obvious shortcomings:

  • There is a mismatch with many of the declared characteristics - therefore the likelihood that the “cat in the bag” will grow, at least in the first year of cultivation;
  • Mediocre taste of the fruit (although very good for canning).

Reviews gardeners

According to the reviews of gardeners, most are quite favorably related to the variety of tomatoes Apparently invisible, forgiving him some flaws and discrepancies in the characteristics for the sake of a fairly large crop.

Anna, 35 years old, Nizhny Novgorod We have grown this variety for four years and are not going to give it up yet. His name already says everything about himself, there are always a lot of tomatoes. And regardless of the vagaries of the weather, even in a relatively cool summer, he was not sick and gave a decent harvest. We do not form it in any way, do not stepchild, the only thing is that I tear off all the leaves from the bottom of the bush to the first brush. The bushes are low, it is very convenient to cover them with a spanbond if a cold snap suddenly descends. And this is already very relevant in August, when it becomes cold at night. Mikhail, 39 years old, Kaluga. Sort Apparently, invisibly, I decided to try it as an experiment this season, my acquaintances very much praised it. Its characteristics seemed quite ambiguous to me - tomatoes, of course, are tied up a lot and ripen up to 10-15 pieces on one brush, but their size is far from the promised 300 grams. I got them less than three, or even four times. The taste of ordinary tomatoes - nothing special. They matured, by the way, about three weeks later than the early-ripening Sanya tomatoes, so I would rather classify them as middle-ripening. As for yield, I formed bushes in two trunks, and as a result, I had 7 on one trunk, and 8 brushes on the other. So consider it turns out about 2 kg from a bush - very good for such undersized bushes. Larisa, 49 years old, Togliatti We grew these tomatoes in the open ground, turned out to be pink, although my friend, who gave me these seeds, asserts that she has them red. I really liked the yield, they gathered the fruit almost to frost. Well kept, dense, ideal for canning, but for salads there are much more delicious tomatoes.


Tomato Apparently invisibly famous, above all, an abundance of fruit, as it should be in name. The remaining characteristics are quite average, but given his unpretentiousness, it is not surprising that he is very popular among summer residents. After all, planting it, in almost any conditions, you are guaranteed to get a good harvest.