Tools and equipment

Hinged equipment for the motor-block Neva


Many summer residents during the harvest period need a reliable and, most importantly, a hardworking assistant. But it is not necessary for this to attract workers. Today, special harvesters are used for harvesting, coping with all the work in a matter of hours. However, in a small area of ​​5-10 acres, this technique is too cumbersome. For digging up of root crops on small grounds use motor-blocks with nozzles, such as a potato-digger or a dump for the motor-block Neva.

Attaching equipment for the Neva, Salyut and Kaskad motoblock will do a great job of picking potatoes and other crops. Such tips on the equipment greatly facilitate the lives of farmers. With their help, the crop is harvested without much time and labor costs.

Potato Types

The principle of operation of potato diggers for the Neva motoblock and other devices is the same. When submerged in soil, large teeth pick up roots and pull them up, allowing them to be collected from the surface of the earth. There are two types of devices:

  • Simple. The design resembles a conventional shovel with two roundings and teeth located on top. The pointed part of the device sinks into the soil, lifting it along with the tubers. Excess soil falls through the cracks, and the tubers remain outside. Simple potato diggers are for light and heavy soils.
  • Vibration. Rumble devices are equipped with a ploughshare and a sowing lattice. Grids-grids are located on wheels. In the process of work, the potato digger plunges into the ground and is fed to the grid along with the tubers. Already on it the whole mass is sifted, leaving only the roots. Tubers that did not fall on the grid remain lying on the ground, from where they can simply be assembled by hand.

Most potato diggers have the same design, only the manufacturer is different. Almost all devices are compatible with the Neva (including the Neva mb 2 motor-block), Salute, Centaur and other motor-blocks. In general, the design allows you to dig a crop very quickly. With its help not only time is saved, but also forces.

Attention! Before you buy a nozzle, make sure that it is compatible with your walk-behind tractor or tractor.

Popular models potato diggers

Many devices are manufactured for a specific brand of motorblock, but they are compatible with other models. Therefore, when buying a nozzle, specify what it is designed to work with which units.

Design for motoblock KKM 1

The nozzle is suitable for devices vibrating design. In addition to potatoes, it can dig other roots, such as onions and turnips.

The nozzle consists of a grating for sowing and plowshares. It can work on devices Neva, Cascade and others. The nozzle is optimal for contact with soft and medium soils with low humidity levels (up to 25 percent). The design weighs about 40 kg. In an hour, the device processes 1-2 km, cutting by 20 cm. The processing area reaches 35-37 cm.

The cost of the nozzle depends on the region, on average, the price ranges from 10 to 13 thousand rubles. Often, devices of this type are subject to seasonal discounts (in winter the price is much lower).

Nozzle on the Neva

Rumble nozzle is available specifically for the Neva models. However, when purchasing belts, the hinged mechanism is compatible with other walk-behind units with a similar fastening element.

The weight of the device is 35 kg. The design is very compact, but it covers up to 36 cm of soil, cutting over a depth of 20 cm. The processing speed is up to 2 kilometers per hour. The cost of the device is one of the most democratic from 8 to 10 thousand rubles. Many companies when buying potato diggers along with a cutter for the motoblock and other accessories offer discounts or charge bonuses that can be spent on other purchases.

KVM 3 potato digger

This rumble design can be combined with any Russian and Ukrainian motor-blocks from 6 "horses" with capacity. Also, the nozzle works with some Chinese units. The design works well on both medium and solid soils. However, when harvesting on the second type of soil, it is necessary to attach an additional knife. This creates a powerful vibration for the filtering grid, which makes it possible to sift the soil effectively.

The weight of the device does not exceed 39 kg. The work speed is standard - up to 2 kilometers per hour. It has a wide capture angle of 37 cm. The average cost per device is 8 thousand rubles.

Nozzle on the Garden Scout motor-block

The vibration type device is started by the rear shaft. The potato digger has the widest coverage of the cultivated soil from the presented models - 40 cm. However, this affects the weight of the device, it is 42 kg. Also, the nozzle is famous for its large penetration depth of working knives - up to 28 cm. When harvesting such a device can handle up to 0.2 ha of soil per hour. The price of the design ranges from 10.5 to 13 thousand. It is much cheaper to buy a nozzle in stores in Russia, as the manufacturing plant is located in China.

Model Poltavchanka

One of the lightest and most compact models of Poltavchanka is optimal for work in small areas. It covers a distance of 39-40 cm, working at speeds of up to 2 km per hour. The processing speed of the structure is average. Thanks to the belt in the complete set, the potato digger can work with the Neva, the Favorite and other models.

The model does well on moderately severe soils with low humidity. A separate advantage of the device is the ability to adjust the level of the wheels. This allows you to immerse the teeth at different depths. The price of the device depends on the season and the city, the average cost is 10-12 thousand.

Other tips on the walker tractor

In addition to the potato digger, there are other nozzles that make life easier on the plot. The most important device among them is the adapter for the Neva motoblock. This device is a seat on wheels with a mount to the walk-behind tractor. Thanks to him, plowing and tillage can be done sitting on a comfortable chair.

In areas with weeds or lawns can not do without machine processing. The mower for the Neva motoblock perfectly copes with this. She quickly cuts off all the grass and hard weeds, making the lawn perfectly smooth and beautiful. Fastening device allows you to adjust the height of the knives.

Perhaps the most time-consuming and long process in the dacha works is the cultivation of the soil. Digging up beds and a potato field is very difficult. In addition, it is almost impossible to dig a heavy soil with a shovel. In such cases, the plow is indispensable for the Neva motoblock. With it, you can even handle very hard and dry soil without any problems.

After harvesting, winter comes and it is time for huge wet snow drifts. The snow blower for the motoblock Neva is a great nozzle for cleaning tracks and grounds around the house. With such a device, snow removal will be a very simple task. Nozzle will save not only time but also power.

Modern devices facilitate the lives of farmers and gardeners. Soil cultivation and harvesting are not hard work, but an interesting and productive occupation. Thanks to the attachments on the tillers, farming will be easier for you. With their help, you not only protect yourself from stress, but also save a lot of time.

When buying accessories for motoblocks, check not only the quality of the devices, but also their compatibility with your units.