Adjika Abkhazian classic: recipe


Condiments have a special place in cooking in different countries. The fallen in love dish ceases to belong to one region, spreads around the world and becomes very famous. Among them is the famous Adjika Abkhazian.

The flavor of the seasoning will be recognized by anyone who has tried it at least once. The recipe of this Abkhaz adzhika has one feature. The basis for the seasoning was prepared by hand rubbing the ingredients on a flat pebble with another stone. This is how the amazing dish with spicy taste appeared. At the time of cooking, the dried pieces of hot pepper were carefully ground with garlic and coriander seeds, gradually adding salt and blue fenugreek. This herb has a lot of names, it gives a nutty flavor to any dish it is added to. Therefore, it can replace the usual hazelnuts, pre-fried and chopped or walnut. Sometimes fenugreek can be replaced by hay or shambhala.

By the way, fenugreek seeds are the main component of the hop-suneli seasoning. And one more nuance. Pepper in the Abkhazian villages was not just dried, but smoked, hanging it over the hearth. It produced a dry basis for the preparation of Abkhazian acute adzhika.

Then with this basis or preparation it was possible to do various transformations. It was added greens minced, even more chopped garlic and hops-suneli. Variations as much as the housewives. But the result was a spicy, amazingly smelling Abkhazian snack.

A warning! If adzhika is prepared with nuts, then you should not make a large amount. The nuts have a short shelf life.

Cooking classic seasoning from Abkhazia

How to cook a modern version of adjika from Abkhazia at home? After all, this seasoning is so widely used that there is not a single dish that would benefit from a duet with adjika. We turn for help to the culinary. Adjika in Abkhazian traditional recipe includes all the basic principles of seasoning, although each chef may have a slightly different taste:

  1. Ingredients need to grind. Currently, this function is performed by a blender, meat grinder or kitchen mortar. It is worth saying that pounding in a mortar is used even in fashionable restaurants. This technique leads to the release of essential oils and makes the Adzhik Abkhazian very fragrant.
  2. Traditional adjika is not subjected to any processing and is served raw.
  3. The recipe of the Abkhaz adjika does not imply the addition of tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and other vegetables.

However, in order for the Abkhaz adjika to have a long shelf life for the winter, modern interpretations also allow such components and cooking of vegetables.

The proportions of ingredients for recipe adzhika classic:

  • pepper we take bitter dry 0.5 kg;
  • coriander seeds (cilantro), dill, parsley;
  • peeled garlic - 1 kg;
  • hops-suneli - 500 g;
  • salt is suitable coarse in the amount of 1.5 cups.

When choosing ingredients for Abkhaz seasoning, pay attention to the flavor.

Herbs, spices, everything must smell breathtakingly, otherwise the seasoning will turn into ordinary spread. This adjika from Abkhazia has a special taste and smell.

The cooking process begins with the preparation of hot peppers. It needs to be doused with boiling water and then cleaned. Peeling means removing the seeds. If this is not done, then it will be difficult for the city dweller to eat Abkhaz adjika. Such processing is subjected to dry peppers, and the drier it is, the better.

If you purchased fresh, then it is washed with water and laid out in one layer on a wide dish so that the fruits do not touch each other. In this position, leave the pepper for 3 days.

Important! The sun's rays should not fall on the folded pods.
  1. After the allotted time, the pepper is cleaned from the stalks, cut and the seeds are removed. All these operations are done in gloves.
  2. Garlic is ground, after removing the husk.
  3. Coriander seeds (cilantro) and other plants should be crushed in a mortar. The released essential oils will add a special flavor to the seasoning.
  4. All the components are passed through the meat grinder together again to achieve a homogeneous mass.
  5. Last add salt and mix.

Now the mass is left for 24 hours, then laid out in small containers for convenient use. Such a recipe from fresh pepper is not suitable for preserving the Abkhaz adjika for the winter. Seasoning stored only a few days.

Abkhazian green seasoning

It turns out that an aromatic snack from Abkhazia can be green.

This is one of the variants of the Abkhaz adjika with fresh spicy herbs. The remaining ingredients (pepper, garlic and salt) are required, only hot peppers take green. Abkhazian green adjika turns out to be very tasty, well suited to cheeses, fried chicken and fish.

How many ingredients we need to prepare:

  • green hot pepper - 3 pods;
  • young garlic - 3 large heads;
  • greens need a lot - 3-4 bundles of each type (celery, coriander or cilantro, parsley, dill);
  • peanut butter and salt - 2 tablespoons.

Often prepared green Abkhaz adjika with walnuts to emphasize the original taste of the dish. Therefore, for our recipe will need walnut oil. Original additives for seasoning on request - fresh mint and thyme.

We start with pepper. The best option when it is prepared in advance. Green peppercorn dried on a string for a month. Then it is washed or soaked in boiling water, the stalks are cut. The next stage depends on how acute the adjika should be. If you need to make a very burning option, the seeds are not removed. If you want a gentle acuity, then the seeds must be cleaned.

Important! In order not to burn the skin or accidentally touch your eyes, wear gloves when working with Perchin. Then wash your hands with soap.

Rinse herbs with clean water, peel garlic cloves.

Add these ingredients to the pepper and twist everything together in a meat grinder. To avoid lumps, repeat this procedure a couple of times. Fold the mass in a dish and add coarse salt and peanut butter.

Banks prepare in advance. They should be clean and dry, just like the covers.

Spread green adjika into jars, seal and transfer to a cool room.

Your Abkhazian winter warming adzhika is ready for winter.

Useful tips for hostesses

Abkhaz adjika, the recipe of which you choose, will be a real decoration of the dining table. Try to follow simple recommendations to please guests and home wonderful seasoning:

  • You should not add other vegetables to the seasoning, it will completely change the taste and aroma of the national dish.
  • If you need to process the pepper, but there are no gloves, then periodically grease your hands liberally with vegetable oil - sunflower, olive.
  • Do not use the grinder to grind grass seed. So, you will lose an important component of the Abkhaz adzhika - the aroma of essential oils. Pound them with a mortar and pestle.
  • Finely ground salt, like iodized salt, is not suitable for the preparation of adjika from Abkhazia.
  • Add a little adzhika during the cooking of soups. They will get a spicy rich flavor.

It is not necessary to cook adjika in large quantities. If you have not done the harvesting for the winter, the ingredients are available at any time of the year. Make the right amount when needed.