Armenian adjika for winter


For each recipe there is a desire not only to diversify familiar dishes, but also to preserve the nutritional value of products as much as possible. Some options are striking a combination of availability of components, ease of preparation and amazing results. One of the unique, all your favorite dishes can be called Armenian adjika. Certain spices and greens give a special piquancy to the dish. Therefore, to prepare a real spicy adjika with tomato flavor is not obtained by everyone.

Greens in Armenian cuisine are of great importance, not a single dish is complete without it. The "green" basis for the Armenian adjika is cilantro. If you have other favorite plants for such blanks, then their number should be much less.

Usually the adjika Armenian word conjures up a very spicy dish. But modern housewives have learned how to cook this snack with varying degrees of spice, so that all the home-made ones can enjoy the excellent taste of the tomato dish. It should be clarified here that the classical adjika is really hot and cooked without tomatoes. For its preparation use rubber gloves to protect the skin and eyes from the action of hot pepper. The basis of the dish is hot peppers. Additionally, you will need garlic, salt, a mixture of herbs - hops-suneli, coriander, fennel seeds. To slightly reduce the sharpness of the dish, it is permissible to replace part of the bitter pepper with paprika. All components are thoroughly ground in a blender. If a meat grinder is used, the mixture is passed through it 2-3 times. Salt can only be added at the end of cooking.

Nuances for home cooks

What influences the taste and appearance of adzhika? First of all it is a way of grinding ingredients. The best options are the meat grinder and blender. If you want to try a new recipe in small quantities, then in this case, and grater.

The second characteristic is a variety of pepper and a set of spices.

It is best to take for cooking adzhika in a classic recipe those varieties of pepper that you know or grow in your area. Usually from the bitter varieties choose Habanero, Jalapeño, Poblano or Anaheim. The last sort of pepper will suit those who are not very fond of spicy adjika.

Among the types of garlic for adzhika should choose purple.

And we will focus on another important part - spices. The classic recipe involves the addition of coriander seeds, but other variations - this is modern art. Here it is important to keep on the logical approach and moderation. A small amount of hops-suneli and shamballa combines well with the main ingredients.

Important! Shambhala must grind before adding to the mixture.

The next ingredient is salt. There are not too many options here, but experienced chefs advise taking sea food.

Opinions vary about vinegar. It is appropriate for home cooking adjika with sweet pepper or fresh herbs. In this case, it will increase the shelf life of adzhika. By the way, the only additive in adjika, which is recognized in the Caucasus, can be called sweet pepper. He is considered a product that improves the taste of traditional adzhika.

Armenian version of adzhika

The recipe of the Armenian adjika is not fundamentally different from the classic one. To get a fragrant snack you will need 5 kg of tomatoes (whole), a pound of bitter pepper, 1 kg of garlic, 50 g salt is enough. But it is better to salt to your taste.

Important! Salt tomato juice before putting hot pepper and garlic, otherwise they will clog the taste of salt.

Making an Armenian snack is easy:

Wash tomatoes, cut into pieces, twist in a meat grinder. Salt it.

Wash bitter pepper and cut the stalk. Twist the rest of the seeds too. At the same time, you can add peeled garlic to the meat grinder.

Fold all ingredients in enamelware and mix. Now we need to leave the Armenian sharp adjika in the same fermentation tank. The process takes 10-14 days. The main thing is not to forget to mix the mass every day. After fermentation, the dish is ready for tasting.

But what does the recipe for Armenian adjika with greens look like?

Indeed, in the previous version, even cilantro is missing. Prepare a spicy snack with greens. To do this, take 2 kg of hot pepper, add 300 g of tomato paste, a bunch of cilantro and 3 g of coriander (seeds). The variant according to which the Armenian adjika is prepared for the winter. Even in the recipe includes Bulgarian pepper (3 kg) to reduce the sharpness, onions for vegetable flavor, a glass of peeled garlic and vegetable oil. Salt for the mixture taken to taste, optimally 1 tablespoon.

Starting culinary magic:

  1. Prepare the dishes for rolling - we sterilize the lids and jars in the oven or in a water bath.
  2. Wash and clean the peppers - hot and sweet. Both species rid of seeds and stems. Use gloves for hot peppers. Twist in the meat grinder first.
  3. Onion and garlic after cleaning skip through a meat grinder, but separately.
  4. Cilantro cut smaller, chop the coriander seeds in a kitchen mill.
  5. Heat the pan with butter, put onions and warm up for 5 minutes. Now add garlic to the pan.
  6. After 5 minutes, comes the turn of the peppers. Now extinguish the whole mass to a golden hue.
  7. The next step is to add tomato paste, ground coriander, salt and cilantro. The whole mass remains on fire for 20 minutes.

Now we will spread the Armenian adjika into banks, wait until the product has completely cooled down and put it in storage in a cool room.

Cooking the dish sharper

The main ingredients are prepared in the same composition and quantity as in the previous recipe. The only difference is that you will need less hot pepper, only 300 grams.

Additional components are listed separately:

  • 30 grams of hops-suneli;
  • 3 kg of fresh tomatoes;
  • 0.5 cup of sugar;
  • 2 tablespoons of salt;
  • 100 ml of vinegar.

Phased cooking Armenian adjika at home:

Tomatoes grind to the consistency of mashed potatoes. We put to boil on the stove.

At this time, we prepare both types of pepper - my, clean from the stalks and seeds, grind, put in a bowl with tomato.

Cook the mixture, stirring regularly for 10 minutes.

Now pour in vegetable oil and continue to torment Armenian adjika for 1 hour.

At this time we are preparing a gas station. It includes chopped herbs, garlic, salt, sugar, hops-suneli. Cilantro can be varied basil, parsley and dill.

When the Armenian adjika is ready, add the dressing and vinegar, leave the mixture to cool.

Then put them in jars (sterilized!) And ship to a cool place.

Spicy Armenian adjika is ideal for different uses - in the form of a snack, sauce, as a component of sandwiches. An important advantage of the dish is considered to be easy preparation and versatility. Having tried the dish once, your home can not refuse it.