Tomatoes Pink spam: reviews from photo


Pink varieties of tomatoes are always in great demand among gardeners and large farmers due to their fleshy juicy structure and sweet taste. Especially consumers liked the hybrid tomato Pink spam.

The long-known and popular variety Bullish heart resembling Pink spam in size and color of fruits has become the basis for breeding an early ripe hybrid.

Features grade

Description of the variety Pink spam characterizes it as an indeterminant one, which gives rich harvests in the greenhouse and on open beds - with each square meter you can receive up to 25 kg, for comparison - Bullish Heart gives about 3.5 kg. Although in the southern regions the tomato grows well in the open field, as a hybrid variety, it is better adapted to greenhouse conditions. The height of the bushes reaches one and a half meters, you need to pinch the top of the shoot. The leaves of tomatoes are medium in size, simple. The bush is formed in one or two stems, the rest of the shoots are removed.

The beautiful heart-shaped fruits of tomatoes of a rich pink color, brighter than that of the old variety, have a smooth thin skin that is not prone to cracking. Sort Pink spam, according to reviews, has good transportability, but does not withstand long storage. Fruits are multichamber, in a mature form can weigh up to 200 g. The excellent taste of tomatoes allows them to be used fresh and in home-made preparations.

Virtues of tomato

Among the advantages of tomato Pink Spam f1 reviews indicate:

  • high stable yields;
  • much earlier ripening than that of the old variety - about 100 days from the moment of emergence;
  • prolonged fruiting - it lasts from June to the most frost;
  • a significant percentage of fruit sticking - each ovary forms up to several tomatoes;
  • strong skin without cracking;
  • pleasant sweet taste;
  • rapid ripening of tomatoes at home;
  • rich composition of trace elements;
  • good resistance to viral and fungal diseases.

Some of the disadvantages of tomato Pink spam f1 does not detract from its merits. These include:

  • lack of high keeping quality;
  • the need for tying high bushes;
  • more complex agricultural techniques;
  • low immunity against late blight.

Seedling preparation

The development of tomato and its fruiting depend on growing conditions. The most convenient way to grow this hybrid variety is seedling.

Seed treatment

Planting seeds for seedlings should be made two months before transplanting into the ground. Usually this period falls on the middle or the end of March, depending on the type of region. However, first the seeds of the hybrid should be processed:

  • hold for half an hour in a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  • rinse with water;
  • put to accelerate growth for an hour in a stimulant - it can be prepared from a teaspoon of honey and a glass of water;
  • spread out on paper to dry.

Soil composition

In order to seedlings of tomatoes Pink spam turned out quality, reviews are advised to ensure the correct composition of the soil. It can be purchased at the store, but it is best to take the land from the site on which the tomato will grow, and on its basis to prepare the substrate:

  • the mixture should contain equal amounts of peat, sand and garden soil;
  • adding a small amount of wood ash will reduce acidity and disinfect the soil;
  • Additionally, the substrate can be disinfected with potassium permanganate.

Sowing seeds

Dried tomato seeds should be placed on the surface of the substrate and sprinkled with a centimeter layer of soil. After this, the crop boxes are covered with a transparent film or glass and placed in a warm place. The germination of seeds of a hybrid variety depends on their freshness, which must be considered when buying.

When the first shoots of tomatoes appear Pink spam, reviews from the photos show that the transparent coating needs to be removed and boxes of the seedlings of tomatoes should be placed in a sufficiently lit place, but without direct sunlight. The most comfortable temperature for the growth of seedlings +23 degrees. Periodically, the soil should be carefully moistened with a spray bottle, preventing water from falling on the still delicate leaflets of tomatoes.

Seedling care

Two leaves, appearing on the shoots, are the signal for the start of the hybrid pick. Planting plants can be in peat pots. They are convenient because they can then be planted immediately into the ground with bushes.

Important! So that during the picking there is no bend of the roots, it is necessary to transplant the sprouts of tomatoes with a lump of earth.

Watering tomatoes should be regular, as the soil dries. It is necessary to produce it only at the root. Sprouts also require regular feeding. For the first time, the tomato Pink Spam characteristic and description of the variety are recommended to be fed 1-2 weeks after transplantation, and then to provide additional food approximately every two weeks.

For half a month before transplanting in open ground, it is necessary to begin hardening the bushes, bringing them to fresh air. The exposure time of tomatoes should be gradually increased, starting with 10-20 minutes. When night frosts end, you can leave the seedlings on the street at night. Gradually it is necessary to accustom bushes of tomatoes and to direct sunlight. Around the 20th of May or a little later, if the danger of night frost has passed, tomato seedlings Pink spam can be transplanted to a greenhouse or to open ground. It all depends on weather conditions.

Agrotechnical events

In order for hybrid bushes to develop intensively, obtaining sufficient illumination and good breathability, the 60x60 scheme will be optimal for planting.

Planting bushes on the beds

The beds for tomatoes should be prepared already in the autumn - dug up and fertilized with manure. Tomatoes Pink spam like light loamy or sandy soils with low acidity. For planting tomatoes is better to choose a plot in the southern part of the garden. Cultures such as potatoes or eggplants are not suitable as precursors for tomato beds, as they are subject to the same diseases. As the reviews and photos show, Pink spam f1 tomatoes feel comfortable on the beds where the onions or cabbage are grown.

Organization of care for tomatoes

In the future, care for a hybrid is to create optimal conditions for its development:

  • watering the bushes is best done in the early morning or in the evening after sunset;
  • optimal irrigation regime - twice a week, at the root;
  • mulching beds will help retain moisture;
  • regular loosening and weeding of tomatoes will help to ensure free access of oxygen to the roots of tomatoes;
  • for more intensive branching of the roots, bushes must be spud;
  • after half a month after transplanting tomatoes into the beds, fertilizing with mineral and organic substances should be started - it is better to produce them during or after watering;
  • the top of the main shoot of the Pink Spam variety should be pinched to limit its growth;
  • the second stem is formed from the stepson under the lower ovary;
  • Bushes must be tied up, otherwise they will not bear the weight of the fruit.
Important! An excellent and inexpensive dressing for tomatoes will be infusions of chicken dung, onion peel, nettle.

Despite the resistance to pests, the tomato Pink spam must be processed on time with copper-containing preparations. They will protect tomatoes from late blight. For its prevention:

  • overmoistening of the soil should not be allowed;
  • it is necessary to air the greenhouse in time;
  • prevent thickening of the bushes.

Bright hybrid

Thanks to the tireless work of breeders, new varieties of tomatoes are being created, not only with various sizes and shapes, but also with color. Orange Spam stands out among them, the summer residents' testimonies testify to its early fruiting and excellent taste. Its indeterminate, tall bushes require mandatory support and garters.

They give the first harvest in 3-3.5 months after germination. The hybrid variety is used for protected ground, but grows well in open beds. It is characterized by high resistance against viral and bacterial diseases of tomatoes. In the maturity stage:

  • juicy, fleshy tomatoes acquire a golden orange color and a very pleasant taste;
  • each brush forms 6 tomatoes weighing up to 180 g, which have an excellent presentation;
  • Tomato yield is up to 20 kg / sq. m

Tomato Orange Spam, due to its bright appearance, is a wonderful table decoration and an excellent component of any vegetable salad.

Reviews gardeners about the variety

Makhova Rosalia, 45 years old, Stavropol. For three years I have been cultivating the Pink Spam variety. Tomatoes have a very pleasant sweetish taste, which is especially felt in the salad. Bushes are very tall and spreading, put the supports and tied up. The first ovaries of tomatoes produce large fruits, the upper ones are smaller. Variety is resistant to diseases. Marchenko Vitaly, 58 years old, RyazanTomamaty Pink spam, as the description of the variety indicates, is very similar to tomatoes Bullish heart, large and sweet. In the heated greenhouse, hybrids grew to 2 m, tied to a solid support. The variety gives a good harvest, tried to pickle tomatoes in a barrel and are very satisfied. Lyudmila Kondrashova, 50, Lipetsk For two years I have been cultivating Pink Spam. This year I decided to plant Orange Spam as well in order to compare their characteristics. Both varieties gave excellent results in taste and yield. Care rules are about the same. Resistant to pests. Excellent hybrids. Igor Denisov, 65, Klin After looking at reviews and photos of tomato yields Pink Spam, he decided to check what kind of variety. Very pleased with the result. The tomato showed excellent consumer qualities and high yields - up to 9 kg of fruits were obtained from the bush. From them we prepare different dishes, we preserve for the winter.


The variety of tomatoes Pink spam has won the hearts of many gardeners with a wonderful taste. A simple rules of agricultural technology will allow to obtain high yields.