Tomato Juggler F1: characteristics and description of the variety


Tomato Juggler is an early ripe hybrid recommended for planting in Western Siberia and the Far East. The variety is suitable for outdoor cultivation.

Botanical description

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Juggler:

  • early maturation;
  • from the emergence of shoots to harvest takes 90-95 days;
  • determinant type of bush;
  • height 60 cm in open ground;
  • in the greenhouse grows up to 1 m;
  • the tops are dark green, weakly crimped;
  • simple inflorescence;
  • 5-6 tomatoes grow in a brush.

Features of fruit varieties Juggler:

  • smooth and durable;
  • flat-round shape;
  • unripe tomatoes of light green color, as they ripen they turn red;
  • weight up to 250 g;
  • high taste qualities.

The variety is drought tolerant. In open areas, the Juggler variety brings up to 16 kg of fruit from the square. m. When planting in the greenhouse yield increases to 24 kg per square meter. m

Due to early ripening, the Juggler's tomatoes are grown for sale by farms. Fruits tolerate transportation. They are used fresh and for canning. Tomatoes do not crack and retain their shape during heat treatment.

Getting seedlings

At home, get a seedling of tomatoes Juggler. In the spring, seeds are planted, and after germination they provide the seedlings with the necessary conditions. In the southern regions they practice planting seeds immediately to a permanent place after warming up the air and soil.

Planting seeds

Planting tomato seeds Juggler begin in late February or March. First, prepare the soil by mixing an equal amount of fertile land, sand, peat or humus.

In the gardening shops you can buy ready-made pochvosmes intended for planting tomatoes. Conveniently planted tomatoes in peat pots. Then tomatoes do not need a pick, and the plants suffer less from stress.

Before planting tomatoes Juggler soil is disinfected by exposure to low or high temperatures. The soil is left for a few days on the balcony or put in the freezer. For disinfection, you can steam the soil in a water bath.

Tip! A day before planting, the seeds of tomatoes are wrapped in a damp cloth. So stimulate the emergence of seedlings.

Moist soil poured into containers. Seeds are placed with a step of 2 cm. Peat or fertile ground with a thickness of 1 cm is poured on top. When using separate containers, 2-3 seeds are placed in each of them. After germination, the strongest plant is left.

Landings covered with film or glass, then left in a warm place. After the appearance of sprouts capacity is kept on the windowsill.

Conditions for seedlings

For the development of tomato seedlings provide certain conditions. Tomatoes need a certain temperature, moisture and good light.

Tomatos Juggler provide daytime temperatures of 20-25 ° C. At night, the allowable temperature drop is 16 ° C. The room with plantings is regularly aired, but the plants are protected from drafts.

Tomatoes watered with warm settled water. The most convenient way is to use a spray bottle and spray the soil when the top layer dries. If the plants look depressed and slowly develop, then prepare a nutrient solution. For 1 liter of water use 1 g of ammonium nitrate and 2 g of superphosphate.

Important! Tomatoes Juggler provide bright ambient light for 12-14 hours a day. If necessary, artificial light is installed over the seedlings.

With the development of 2 leaves, tomatoes dive in separate containers. 3 weeks before planting, they begin to prepare tomatoes for natural conditions. For several hours, tomatoes are left in the sun, increasing this period daily. The intensity of irrigation is reduced, and the plants provide fresh air.

Landing in the ground

Juggler Tomatoes are grown in open areas. Under the shelter of a plant bring a higher yield. The variety tolerates temperature extremes and changes in weather conditions.

Tomatoes prefer areas with constant sunshine and light fertile soil. Soil for culture is prepared in the autumn. Beds are dug up, bring rotten manure or compost.

In the greenhouse, 12 cm of the top soil layer is completely replaced. Fertilize soil can be superphosphate and potassium salt. Each substance take 40 g per 1 square. m

Important! Tomatoes are planted after onions, garlic, cucumbers, root crops, legumes, green manure. Places where tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers grew were not suitable for planting.

Tomatoes The juggler is ready for planting if they have about 6 leaves and have reached a height of 25 cm. Between the tomatoes in the garden leave 40 cm. Plants are removed from the containers and placed in the wells. Roots need to fall asleep ground and seal it. After planting, tomatoes are watered with 5 liters of water.

Tomato care

According to reviews tomatoes Juggler F1 bring high yields with constant care. Plants are watered and fed. Tomato bush stepson to eliminate thickening. For the prevention of disease and the spread of pests landing sprayed with special preparations.

Watering plants

The intensity of watering tomatoes depends on their stage of development and weather conditions. According to its characteristics, tomato Juggler is able to endure a short drought. Tomatoes are watered in the morning or in the evening. Pre-water defend in barrels.

Tomato irrigation scheme Juggler:

  • after planting, tomatoes are watered abundantly;
  • the next application of moisture occurs in 7-10 days;
  • before flowering, tomatoes are watered after 4 days and consume 3 liters of water per bush;
  • when forming inflorescences and ovaries, 4 l of water are brought under the bush weekly;
  • after the appearance of the fruit, the frequency of watering is 2 times a week using 2 liters of water.

Excessive moisture contributes to the spread of harmful fungus and cracking of fruits. Its deficiency causes shedding of the ovaries, yellowing and twisting of the tops.


Feeding tomatoes Juggler involves the use of mineral and organic substances. Between treatments make a break for 15-20 days. During the season, spend no more than 5 dressings.

15 days after planting, the tomatoes are fed a mullein solution in a ratio of 1:10. Under the bush pour 1 l of fertilizer.

For the next feeding, you need superphosphate and potassium salt. In 5 l of water dissolve 15 g of each substance. Phosphorus stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the root system, potassium improves the taste of fruits. The solution is made under the root of tomatoes.

Tip! Watering can be replaced by spraying tomatoes. Then the concentration of substances decreases. On a bucket of water take 15 g of each fertilizer.

Instead of minerals, take wood ash. Its ground up in the process of loosening. 200 g of ash placed in a 10-liter bucket of water and insist day. Means watered landing at the root.

Forming and tying

Sort Juggler needs partial pasynkovanii. The bush is formed into 3 stalks. Be sure to eliminate stepchildren thickening landing.

According to its characteristics and description of a variety of tomatoes, the Juggler is short, but it is recommended to tie the plants to the support. In the greenhouse, a trellis is organized, consisting of several supports and a wire stretched between them.

Disease protection

Sort Juggler is a hybrid and is resistant to diseases. Due to early maturation, the shrub is not subject to phytophthora. For prophylaxis, plants are treated with Ordan or Fitosporin. The last spraying is done 3 weeks before the fruit is picked.

Gardeners reviews

Larisa, 42 years old, St. Petersburg Last year I chose the F1 Juggler tomato for planting, according to reviews. Seeds quickly picked up, the seedlings turned out strong, not sick and not stretched. In May, planted tomatoes in the greenhouse. Variety liked abundant fruiting. Bushes were covered with small fruits. The taste is good, variety juggler tomatoes are suitable for canning and cooking salat.Mikhail, 35 years old, Perm. I recommend the Juggler grade for planting on beds without shelter. Seeds have good germination. Bushes grow up to 0.5 m in height, which greatly simplifies the care of tomatoes. I feed tomatoes with bird droppings in the spring, in the summer I add wood ash. Variety Juggler is very productive. Most of the fruits used in homemade blanks. Maria, 28 years old, EkaterinburgJuggler - a good hybrid variety of tomatoes, intended for cultivation in the Ural region. The bush is very compact, but you still have to tie it up and pinch it. Maturation early compared with other varieties. Tomatoes of small mass, which is convenient for canning. Sort Juggler withstood difficult weather conditions, for the season did not undergo diseases.


Characteristics of tomato Juggler allow you to grow it in open areas. The variety is resistant to diseases, brings a high yield under adverse climatic conditions. Tomatoes have good taste and universal use.