Tomato Morozko: characteristics and description of the variety


The choice of varieties of tomatoes for growing on the site is a responsible and important matter. Depending on what characteristics the plant possesses, one can foresee the level of employment of the vegetable grower. In addition, gardeners are trying to plant different types of ripening at the same time in order to delight the home with delicious tomatoes throughout the season. The first to give a crop are early ripe varieties, the “Morozko F1” tomato is considered to be a worthy representative.

Characteristics and features of an early ripe hybrid

The variety of tomato "Frost" - an early ripe hybrid, universal type of cultivation. Regardless of which soil is more suitable for the region, you can get a good harvest of tasty tomatoes. The hybrid is intended for cultivation in the Central Black Earth region, but with good care it shows excellent results in other areas.

In the first place, growers are interested in the characteristics and description of the tomato variety “Frost”.

Variety refers to the hybrid. This information tells the gardener that you should not collect the seeds yourself. In the second year, the tomatoes will lose their main characteristics. Therefore, you need to immediately tune in that it is necessary to acquire the seeds of tomato "Frost F1" every year.

Important also considered data on the type of bush. According to the description of the variety, tomatoes "Frost" are determinant plants. The vegetable grower does not have to put support and tie up a bush. The grade forms 5-6 brushes and stops the growth. Some growers independently limit the growth of the bush after the fifth inflorescence. The maximum height in the open field is 80 cm, in the greenhouse the bush is drawn up to 1 meter. In the northern regions of the plant will have time for a short summer to return the crop when grown in a greenhouse. And in the middle lane grows well in the open.

Fruiting begins early and in unison, differs frequent bookmark flower buds. From germination to fruit picking, it takes 90 days. Bushes are compact, they do not thicken in the greenhouse. Very advantageous feature for closed ground. Tomatoes are well ventilated, less sick.

The leaves of the “Frost” tomato variety are rather large, dark green. Stem mild.

Yield variety "Frost" is high, but the parameters may vary from the quality of care and conditions of the growing region. One bush gives up to 6-7 kg of nutritious fruits. The main condition for the gardener is to accurately fulfill the requirements of agricultural engineering.

According to reviews of summer residents who grew Frost tomatoes, the plants tolerate weather variations perfectly. Even in a damp, cool summer, the yield of the variety is not reduced, and there is no danger of the spread of phytophthora. The hybrid is very resistant to a terrible disease, as well as to TMV.

Tomatoes "Morozko" are of high commodity qualities. Fruits do not crack, are well stored and carry transportation. If you create favorable conditions in the vegetable store, then the early variety is stored indoors for up to 60 days without loss of commercial quality. Great for commercial cultivation, so tomato is in demand by farmers.

Flavor characteristics

Tomatoes of excellent taste with a slight sourness, fragrant and juicy. Suitable for use in any form. The variety is used by housewives to make fresh salads, mashed potatoes, juices and canning.

The mass of tomatoes ranges from 100 g to 200 g.

Among the disadvantages of tomatoes "Frost", growers emit:

  1. The need for pasynkovaniya. This technique significantly increases the yield of the variety, but requires additional time. Indoors, you can do without staking, which will lead to a prolongation of the fruiting period.
  2. The requirements of the variety to the duration of lighting. According to the description, tomatoes "Frost" is necessary to provide a 14-hour light day.
Important! Despite the fact that the hybrid is unpretentious growing conditions, neglect the requirements of tomato agrotechnics should not be.

Seedling preparation

Tomato seedlings "Frost" should be planted in a permanent place in 50-55 days after germination. Therefore, depending on the climatic conditions of the region, it is necessary to independently calculate the date of sowing seeds for seedlings. In addition to the usual recommendations, vegetable growers take into account the personal experience of the weather vagaries of their area.

In the period of growing seedlings all factors play an important role:

  • seed quality;
  • selection of the sowing date;
  • soil structure and composition;
  • the thoroughness of preplant preparatory activities;
  • density and seeding depth;
  • observance of care points;
  • hardening seedlings;
  • term of planting seedlings on a permanent place.

The list is large, but for experienced growers all points are well known. And for beginners, our recommendations, photos and reviews of gardeners about growing frost tomato seedlings will be helpful.


Frost tomato seeds are sown in seedling containers or boxes of a convenient size. Further picking is carried out in separate pots. This allows the root system to develop well and prevents the seedlings from being pulled out. Therefore, before sowing, you should take care of the seedlings in advance. The containers must be disinfected with a disinfectant solution and dried. According to reviews of vegetable growers, tomato seeds of the Morozko F1 variety are best sown in plastic containers with opaque walls. A container is placed under the container to collect irrigation moisture, and drainage holes are made in the cells themselves so that the roots do not suffer from excess water.


To sow tomatoes "Frost" need to fertile and loose soil, always decontaminated. If the soil mixture is not prepared in advance, then you can buy ready-made soil for seedlings.

The soil is prepared independently from:

  • rotted manure or compost (5%), middle peat (75%) and sod land (20%);
  • mullein (5%), lowland peat (75%), ready-made compost (20%);
  • rotted manure (5%), compost (45%), sod land (50%).

The components must be thoroughly mixed and calcined. Additionally, you can shed "Fitosporin-M" to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Landing process

Fill the container with soil and moisten. Then form grooves into which frost seeds of tomato are placed at the same distance with tweezers.

Important! Do not place the seeds of the variety very densely so that the seedlings do not fall ill with the “black leg”.

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil, then slightly tamp and dampen.

Cover the container with a film, place in a warm place, where the temperature is maintained at + 22 ° C.

2-3 days after the germination of seedlings remove the film.

Care of seedlings and adult plants

Move seedlings to another place with good lighting. At the same time, one should not forget to regularly rotate the container relative to the light source so that the seedlings do not bend. The air temperature during this period is also reduced to + 18 ° С during the day and + 15 ° С at night.

Dive seedlings in the phase of two leaves.

Watered seedlings varieties "Frost" with warm water, always treated with drugs to prevent diseases and the invasion of pests.

Seedlings are planted in a permanent place 50 days after germination. 2 weeks before this period, tempering procedures are intensified so that by the time of planting the plants are accustomed to the desired air temperature. In their reviews, gardeners note that the yield of tomato "Frost" increases if the soil is heated before planting seedlings with a film (see photo).

Then holes are made in the shelter and seedlings are planted in them.

In greenhouses, the density of planting can withstand no more than 3 plants per 1 square. square meter.

If the variety "Frost" is grown vertically, shoots are formed using stepchildren from 4 inflorescences. Further staving in closed ground is not required, but in the open is mandatory. But if you want to harvest earlier, then the greenhouse bushes also stepchildren. According to reviews of vegetable growers, the variety of tomatoes "Morozko" does not require tying, which facilitates the care of plants.

Feed tomatoes with complex mineral fertilizers and organic according to the standard scheme for early varieties. Plants respond well to autumn composting in the soil.

Important! When growing tomatoes "Frost" be sure to observe the crop rotation on the site.

Watering is stopped a few days before harvest to increase the concentration of sugar in the fruit. Harvest stored in a cool place.

Farmers' reviews of early ripe tomato

Irina Samoilova, Belgorod This year she planted a hybrid “Morozko” for the first time. Has amazed with his endurance and disease resistance. The summer was wet, and only 2-3 shrubs damaged the phytophthora. Further disease has not spread. The harvest is good both in open ground and in the greenhouse. The taste also fell in love and in the blockage the fruits do not crack. Sergey Trofimov, Krasnodar Territory An excellent variety for sale. Does not require special dressings and prophylaxis. All items do the standard scheme. Watering mechanized. Tomatoes are stored well, although an early variety, so all costs are paid off.