Tomato Gift to woman: reviews, photos, yield


Speaking about large, juicy, sweet tomatoes, gardeners-gardeners immediately recall the variety of tomato Gift to a woman. This unique look is distinguished by special fruits, very beautiful in appearance and amazing in taste.

How did the variety appear

When describing the variety of tomato Gift for a woman, be sure to bear in mind that this hybrid was specially bred by breeders from Russia. This suggests that this plant survives well in our climate and is adapted to most of the common diseases. Creating this variety, breeders have provided the same opportunities for its cultivation as in greenhouse conditions, and in open beds.

Description of individual features

The amazing hybrid with a loud-speaking name has attracted the attention of many gardening enthusiasts lately. Such curiosity is not surprising. Tomato Gift to a woman is characterized by high yields, despite the fact that he has large fruits. This hybrid belongs to the type of medium early ripening. Determinate shrubs with a very strong stem, which is located on a moderate amount of foliage. The leaves themselves are dark green in color and medium in size. Outwardly, they are unremarkable and have a simple form. In the description of tomatoes Gift to woman, special attention is paid to yield. On one brush of the branch, 4-5 medium-sized fruits are formed.

Determinantary bushes of medium height up to 70 cm. After the appearance of 2, 3 inflorescences, the height growth at the bush stops. The yield of one bush is from 10 to 30 tomatoes.


According to reviews and photos of the yield of tomato Gift for a woman, about 30 fruits are collected from one bush per season. Given the fact that the tomatoes themselves are not small, this figure is quite high. Reviews about tomatoes Gift to the woman say that they are great for long-term storage, do not spoil for a long time and do not crack during transportation.

Fruit Description

In the description of the tomato gift to a woman, additional emphasis is placed on the appearance of the fruit. When mature, they are red with a pink tinge. Their shape is proportionally flat. But there is a blurred ribbing. Tomato pulp is not too dense and juicy enough. Inside the tomato seeds are present in small quantities. The skin of this variety is thin, but quite strong. The average weight of one fruit is about 200 grams.

Tomatoes Gift to woman have a very rich taste without the presence of wateriness and acid. Especially this species is distinguished by the fact that a large amount of sugar is present in ripe fruits, approximately 3% of the total composition of useful substances.

By taste, the fruits of this variety are more attributed to salad types. They are not particularly good when used in blanks, and these tomatoes are too large for rolling with whole fruits. But they are very tasty when consumed fresh, when used in salads or cooking as zazharki, sauce, gravy. Moreover, these tomatoes make a wonderful, thick and very fragrant freshly squeezed juice.


From the characteristics and descriptions of the variety of tomato Gift for a woman, you can select its main advantages:

  1. High yield.
  2. Unique taste.
  3. Great for growing for sale.
  4. It has resistance to the most common diseases.

In addition, experts do not name any deficiencies in this species simply because they do not exist.

Individual features of growing

The cultivation of this variety can be carried out both by seedling and by sowing seeds into the soil.

Comment! Breeders note that when growing this species by planting in the ground under the shelter, its yield is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is better not to neglect the seedling method.

Reviews about tomatoes Gift for a woman recommend seeds, before sowing in boxes, briefly soak in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Keeping seeds in solution should be no more than 30 minutes. After draining the solution, the seeds must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and left to dry on paper.

For sowing seeds of this variety should prepare a soil of a special composition. From the reviews and photos of tomato cultivation. A gift to a woman can be seen that garden soil and humus are included in such a ground. They should be in equal proportions 1: 1. When sowing the seeds of the recesses is not necessary, they need only a little to sprinkle with earth. Sowing of this variety is made in the first half of March.

Germination begins fairly quickly, if the box will be kept at a temperature not lower than +25 degrees. Special attention during this period should be paid to humidity. She should be moderate. Pour the land with seeds is not worth it, as well as overdry.

After the first shoots appeared, they need to provide a large amount of light. To do this, boxes put on the windowsill under the sun's rays or install additional lighting in the form of a lamp.

Already after the first leaflets appear on the sprouts, they can be dived, and after this procedure they can be fed. Only it should consist of complex fertilizers.

What to do when planting seedlings

Reviews and photos about the yield of tomato Gift for a woman is amazing. However, to maintain it at such a high level even at the stage of transplanting seedlings into the ground, it is necessary to carry out some manipulations.

In order for all the seedlings to settle down in the ground, you can start to accustom it to the street climate about a week before planting. In this case, you can take out the boxes with the seedlings on the street and leave them there for some time.

Transplanting occurs when at least 50 days have passed since the day of emergence. If you plan to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, they can be planted in the ground at the end of May.

The soil must be loosened beforehand, and a good layer of humus should be placed on the bottom of the hole. If not, you can prepare another fertilizer: superphosphate or wood ash.

A warning! The amount of superphosphate or wood ash per 1 well should not exceed 1 tablespoon per bush.

To plant bushes of this tomato should be at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

A distinctive feature of this variety is the compactness of the bush and the absence of the need for pinching. The removal of the lower leaves on the seedlings will increase the amount of air received by the plant.

Those who have long been engaged in the cultivation of pink varieties of tomatoes, note that this type requires more attention and special care. That is why it is recommended not to plant it in large quantities, but to provide maximum care for several bushes, which in the end will give excellent yield.

In the process of the emergence and ripening of fruits, the bushes of this variety must be tied up. After all, due to the fact that large fruits appear a lot, the branches very often break.


People who have already planted tomatoes of this variety say that this species grows best in low greenhouses than in high ones. Moreover, greenhouse conditions are required for them only in the first half of the growing season. After the formation of the fruit, the greenhouse can be removed altogether, since aging best of all occurs in natural conditions. In the same period, pink varieties of tomatoes require a certain feeding: infusion of mullein or chicken manure.

Tip! Fertilizers such as mullein or chicken manure should be handled with care, as they are a concentrate. Plants they need to fertilize only in the diluted state, 1 part fertilizer per 10 parts of water.

The amazing properties of this hybrid is that it can begin to grow in earlier terms. Only this will require a heated greenhouse. With such a greenhouse, seeds can be sown on seedlings as early as February.

It was noted that the variety Gift Woman has good resistance to drought and heat, but watering should be done regularly.


Stepan Bobrov, 38 years old, Dorogobuzh. I grow a variety of tomatoes in the garden A gift to a woman for several years. I tried different ways of planting: seedlings and sowing directly into the ground. In both cases, the harvest was very good. The only thing that can be attributed to the shortcomings is the need for enhanced care of these plants and the mandatory conduct of feeding. Although if you compare the effort with the obtained results, it is worth it. Zhanna Samoilova, 29, Podolsk bought the seeds for the first time, so to speak, for testing, because this variety was highly recommended. Of course, I had to tinker with fertilizers, preparing the ground, and watering every day, but the excellent taste of tomatoes and the large amount they collected in August were very pleasing. I do not know if they are suitable for seaming, but here in the preparation of dishes, and simply fresh, very tasty. Large fruits, pinkish in color turned out to be very fragrant and tasty.