Tomato Chelyabinsk meteorite: reviews + photos


Tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite is a new variety bred for cultivation in regions with a harsh climate. The variety has universal application and brings a high yield in dry and cool weather. It is planted in the middle lane, in the Urals and in Siberia.

Botanical description

Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Chelyabinsk meteorite:

  • tall bush from 120 to 150 cm;
  • rounded red fruits;
  • mass of tomatoes 50-90 g;
  • sweet taste;
  • resistance to adverse conditions;
  • ability to form ovaries in drought and cool weather.

Tomatoes are used for consumption without processing, preparing sauces, snacks, salads. In home canning, pickled fruits are pickled, pickled and salted.

Due to the dense skin of the tomatoes can withstand heat treatment and long-term transportation. With canned wholegrain tomatoes do not burst and do not fall apart.

Getting seedlings

Variety of tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite grown seedling method. At home make planting seeds. After germination, tomatoes provide the necessary temperature and other care.

Preparatory stage

Tomatoes are planted in the prepared soil, obtained from fertile soil and humus. It is cooked on its own or purchased in a garden store. Conveniently planted tomatoes in peat tablets. Then 2-3 seeds are placed in each of them, and after their germination the strongest tomatoes are left.

Before planting, the soil is treated by exposure to high temperatures. It is placed in a microwave or oven. 15-20 minutes soil steamed for disinfection. Another treatment option is to water the soil with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Tip! To improve the germination of tomato seeds, Chelyabinsk meteorite is placed for 2 days in warm water.

In the presence of a colored shell, the seeds do not need to be processed. Planting material of this type is covered with a nutrient mixture. When sprouting, tomatoes will get the necessary nutrients from it.

The moistened soil is distributed into containers 12 cm high. Between the seeds of tomatoes leave 2 cm. From above pour a layer of fertile soil or peat 1 cm thick.

Containers of tomatoes kept in the dark. They are covered with glass or film. At temperatures above 25 ° C, tomatoes sprout faster. When sprouts appear, the plants are moved to a window or other illuminated place.

Seedling care

To develop tomato seedlings, the Chelyabinsk meteorite requires the following conditions:

  • daytime temperature from 20 to 26 ° C;
  • night temperature 14-16 ° C;
  • constant airing;
  • continuous illumination for 10-12 hours;
  • watering with warm water.

Tomatoes are watered by spraying the soil with a spray bottle as it dries. For irrigation apply warm distilled water. Moisture is applied every week.

With the development of tomatoes 2 leaves produce their pick. If the plants were planted in separate containers, then a pick is not required. Tomatoes are transplanted into containers filled with fertile soil.

If the seedlings look depressed, it is fed with minerals. On 1 liter of water add 5 g of superphosphate, 6 g of potassium sulfate and 1 g of ammonium nitrate.

2-3 weeks before the transfer of tomatoes to a permanent place they are left for a few hours on the balcony or loggia. Gradually, the residence time of tomatoes in the open air increase. This will allow tomatoes to quickly adapt to natural conditions.

Landing in the ground

Tomatoes should be planted 1.5-2 months after germination. Such seedlings reached a height of 30 cm and has 6-7 full leaves. Plants are transplanted in April - early May, when the soil and air warms up sufficiently.

A variety of tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite grown in greenhouses or under other shelter. In the southern regions allowed landing on open areas. Higher yields are obtained indoors.

Tip! Place for tomatoes is chosen in the autumn, taking into account previous crops.

For planting tomatoes will not fit areas where peppers, potatoes and eggplants grew a year earlier. Re-planting of tomatoes is possible after 3 years. The best precursors for tomatoes are legumes, cucumbers, cabbage, root vegetables, green manure.

The soil under the tomatoes dig in the fall and fertilized with humus. In the spring they perform deep loosening and make indentations. Variety Chelyabinsk meteorite planted in increments of 40 cm. Between the rows make a gap of 50 cm.

The plants are moved without breaking the earthy clod, and covered with soil, which must be tamped. Tomatoes plentifully watered. Mulching with straw or peat helps to maintain soil moisture.

Order of care

According to reviews, the Chelyabinsk meteorite tomatoes produce a high yield with constant care. Tomatoes need watering and fertilizing. Plants stepchild and tie up to the support.


Tomatoes are watered with warm weekly warm water. Moisture is introduced in the morning or in the evening when there is no direct sun exposure. Under each bush make 3-5 liters of water. After watering, the soil must be loosened to improve the absorption of moisture and nutrients by the tomatoes.

Before flowering tomatoes are watered every week. Under plants make 4-5 liters of moisture. When the formation of inflorescences begins, tomatoes pour 2-3 liters of water every 3 days.

When fruiting, the irrigation intensity is again reduced to once a week. Excess moisture leads to cracking of the fruit and the spread of fungal diseases.

Top dressing

Tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite is fed several times during the season. Use both mineral substances, and organic fertilizers.

For the first treatment, a solution based on mullein is prepared in a ratio of 1:15. Fertilizer is applied under the root of plants to stimulate green mass. In the future, such feeding should be abandoned in order to avoid increased planting density.

The following top dressing of tomatoes demands entering of mineral substances. Add 25 g of double superphosphate and potassium salt to 10 liters of water. Solution watered planting under the root.

Important! Between dressings make a gap of 2-3 weeks.

Additional dressing required tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite during flowering. Plants are treated on the sheet with a solution of boric acid, obtained by dissolving 2 g of the substance in 2 liters of water. Spraying increases the ability of tomatoes to form the ovary.

Instead of mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers are used. Universal feeding is the use of wood ash. It is embedded in the soil or insisted for watering.

Forming a bush

According to its description and characteristics, the variety of tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite is tall. To harvest high yields, it is formed into 2 or 3 stalks.

Shoots growing from the leaf sinus, cut off by hand. On bushes leave 7-9 brushes. Proper formation of the bush prevents excess thickening.

Protection against diseases and pests

With increased humidity, tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite are susceptible to fungal diseases. When dark spots appear on the fruits and leaves of the plant, they are treated with copper-based or fungicide preparations. For the prevention of disease regularly air the greenhouse with tomatoes and monitor the level of soil moisture.

Tomatoes attract aphid, gall midge, whitefly, scoop, slugs. From pests used insecticides and folk remedies based on onion peel, wood ash and tobacco dust.

Gardeners reviews

Svetlana, 37 years old, Omsk I was interested in a tomato Chelyabinsk meteorite on the reviews in the network. The variety has attracted its description and unusual name. The seedlings rose well and did not stand out among other varieties. Fruit ripening in the open ground was very fast. The bush grew to 1.4 m, had unusual potato leaves. The flesh of the fruit is juicy and very tasty. Fruiting occurred until late autumn. Next year I will plant a variety in a greenhouse. Matthew, 54, Chelyabinsk After buying seed varieties, the Chelyabinsk meteorite first learned about tomatoes with potato leaves. The bush has reached 2 m in height. On the hands formed 8-10 fruits. Tomatoes are about the size of a chicken egg and have a smooth skin. He picked tomatoes green and left to ripen at home. Fed up 3 times per season with superphosphate and potassium. Inna, 46 years old, Kazan, Tomatoes plant Chelyabinsk meteorite in a greenhouse and on open beds. Under shelter variety has a higher yield. The height of the bushes is about 120 cm. The mass of fruits is from 100 to 150 g. According to taste, I consider the variety to be one of the best. Tomatoes are well suited for canning. After heat treatment, the fruit is not cracked.


Tomatoes Chelyabinsk meteorite attract gardeners high yield and unpretentiousness. The bush is tall, and therefore needs to be putted. The fruits have a small mass, suitable for canning and inclusion in the daily diet. Caring for tomatoes implies watering, feeding, protection from diseases and pests.