Tomato Gazpacho: reviews, photos, yield


To enjoy the taste of ripe tomatoes until next season, growers grow varieties of different ripening periods. Mid-season species are very popular. They are inferior to the early harvest time, but are valued for the opportunity to preserve the fruit longer and make high-quality harvesting. Mid-ripening varieties include the magnificent tomato "Gazpacho", the characteristics and properties of which we will consider in the article.

Features of mid-season tomato

Choosing a new variety always causes some difficulties. Varieties of tomatoes vary in many ways. Growing conditions also leave their mark. Ground tomatoes are much tastier, greenhouse tomatoes are better able to withstand diseases, early ones do not always have a rich taste, and late ones often have to be picked unripe in cold summer. But there are universal varieties of tomatoes, which relieve vegetable growers from many problems. "Gazpacho" is in the list of species that for a long time remain the dacha favorites, thanks to their qualities.

In the description of a variety of tomato "Gazpacho" attention should be paid to the following characteristics:

  1. The type of bush. Determinant, undersized, strong, medium-rich. Height of an adult plant does not exceed 45-50 cm.
  2. The ripening period is medium. Tomatoes ripen in 115-120 days after germination. A very convenient time for the compilation of a varied menu and culinary preparations.
  3. The quality of the fruit. Tomatoes "Gazpacho" cylindrical shape and red saturated color. Covered with smooth shiny skin. The taste of the fruit is sweet, very pleasant and memorable. The flesh is juicy, fleshy, allows the use of tomatoes for making fragrant juice. Tomato weight ranges from 75 to 90 grams.
  4. Productivity varieties high. With good care, more than 4 kg of ripe, tasty Gazpacho tomatoes are collected from one plant (see photo).
  5. Stability and transportability of the variety deserves the attention of farmers. Tomatoes do not lose product quality for a long time, if you create optimal conditions for storage.
  6. The method of growing. The variety of tomatoes "Gazpacho" is recommended for open ground, but many farmers grow it in greenhouses. Most importantly, the result does not disappoint.
  7. The resistance of tomato "Gazpacho" to diseases and climatic extremes is quite high.

The described qualities of the variety will be very pronounced with careful observance of the agrotechnical cultivation of mid-season tomatoes, which will be described below.

Preparation and cultivation of seedlings

If you decide to grow a variety of tomatoes "Gazpacho", then from the seedless way is better to refuse.

This will allow early planting of already grown seedlings in the ground and in time to harvest.

In their reviews, vegetable growers note that it is better to plant Gazpacho seedlings on a permanent place no later than the first decade of June. Therefore, the date of sowing is appointed in the middle or end of March, so that the seedlings have time to grow. Too early sowing is also undesirable. Tomato saplings can outgrow, and will be poorly acclimated. The optimum age of tomato seedlings of the mid-ripe variety "Gazpacho" for planting in the soil is 55-60 days.

Should carefully consider the acquisition of seeds. Although the seeds of the Gazpacho tomato variety are able to remain viable for up to 7-8 years, it is better not to use planting material older than 4-5 years. Well, if the tomato seeds are collected on their own site. In this case, you can be sure that the most healthy and productive bushes have been selected for collection.

According to gardeners, Gazpacho tomato seeds can be sown both dry and pre-soaked. This is not reflected in the yield indicator. For soaking use:

  1. Ash infusion. In 1 liter of hot water stir 2 tbsp. spoons of wood ash and insist two days.
  2. Solution "Fitosporina-M". This drug will not only improve the germination of tomato seeds "Gazpacho", but also protect against fungal infections.

Before sowing tomato seeds, you need to prepare the mixture and container. A good option is to collect all the components for the soil in advance (in autumn). It will be necessary to mix peat (2 parts), compost (1 part), sod land (1 part), sand (0.5 parts), some complex mineral fertilizer (2 tablespoons) and wood ash (1 cup). According to responses of summer residents, this composition will increase the yield of tomato "Gazpacho", and the bushes will be covered with ripe fruits as in the photo.

To properly care for the seedlings, vegetable growers sow Gazpacho tomatoes in special containers or plastic containers. When growing seedlings they need to dive, so the container should be comfortable. The containers are washed with a disinfectant, dried and filled with primer.

When sown in boxes, the seeds are arranged in rows to provide a comfortable care environment.

Then lightly sprinkle with earth and cover with film. Before the emergence of tomato shoots, the temperature is maintained at 23 ° C-25 ° C. As soon as sprouts appear on the surface of the earth, the container is transferred closer to the light and the temperature is reduced to 16 ° С -18 ° С.

After 2 weeks, tomato seedlings need to dive. Plants are buried up to the cotyledons and for a couple of days they prune from the sun's rays. When transplanting try not to damage the roots.

Further care of the seedlings varieties:

  1. Very good lighting. Do not forget to turn the container around the axis so that the tomato seedlings do not bend. And still have to light up if there is no sun or the day is very short.
  2. Watering without fanaticism. Excessive zeal hurts Gazpacho tomatoes more than indifference. Moistening will bring trouble in the form of a “black leg” on the seedlings. Therefore, a little warm water will suffice when the topsoil dries out.
  3. Feeding. If the soil is purchased, then for the first time, the seedlings of the tomato “Gazpacho” are not fed. There are enough nutrients in the mix. If the soil was prepared independently, then after 2 weeks the seedlings are fed with complex mineral fertilizer. The solution is made weak, reducing the concentration by half than it is necessary for adult tomatoes.
  4. Hardening. Tomato saplings are constantly aired, and 2 weeks before planting, they begin to harden intensively at a permanent place. Intense, does not mean immediately. Gradually teach the plants to the temperature at which they will have to grow further. This also applies to solar lighting.

Vegetable growers consider seedlings of Gazpacho tomatoes ready for planting if they have a stem up to 30 cm tall and 6 full-fledged leaves of a dark green shade.

Landing in the ground and care

The first days of June, when heat is established, is the best time to plant a variety of tomatoes "Gazpacho." In the southern areas you can move the period for a whole month.

For the first two weeks, the plants do not need to do anything other than watering. Then, vegetable growers need to pay time and attention to tomatoes:

  1. Weeding, loosening, mulching ridges. According to responses of summer residents, when cultivating “Gazpacho” tomato these procedures should not be ignored.
  2. Feeding. The variety responds well to nutrition with mineral fertilizer complexes. During the growing season, 2-3 additional feedings are sufficient for the tomatoes to bear fruit well. At the beginning of growth, tomatoes use formulations with more nitrogen components. In the period of flowering and formation of ovaries - potassium.
  3. Prophylactic treatments. In order not to deal with pests and diseases, spend at least 3 treatments of tomato "Gazpacho" during the season. The first time in 2 weeks after planting seedlings, then at intervals of at least 14 days.

Among the pests that can harm the varieties of Gazpacho, it is worth noting Medvedka, the Colorado potato beetle, aphids and slugs. Vegetable growers to combat parasites are recommended to use drugs:

  • Actofit;
  • Bioslimax;
  • Natur Gard.
Important! When working with such substances should observe precautions.

Those who prefer natural remedies are suitable folk recipes. Garlic, nettle and soap extracts have proven themselves well.

Sometimes vegetable growers note poor germination of seed varieties, so there is an alternative solution - to collect tomato seeds on their own. To do this, choose the best fruits, which are located on the first or second tassels.

Important! Selected fruits of tomatoes "Gazpacho" should have all varietal characteristics.

Fully ripened tomatoes lay on a plate and left in the light. A week later, the fruit is cut, remove the seeds from the pulp and again leave for fermentation. Then the seeds are washed, dried in the shade and sent to storage.


Galina Yakusheva We have been growing Gazpacho tomatoes for sale for several years. Excellent grade. When transporting does not deteriorate, keeping quality is good. Maintains loading and unloading works without problems. Buyers really like the shape and taste of tomatoes. They are sweet, fleshy, suitable for canning and processing. Zamyatin seeds. The first time I received more negative emotions - the seeds did not come from me. But he decided to try again. Home-made ones like large-fruited tomatoes, but Gazpacho won general love the first time. Tomatoes juicy, neat, sweet and fleshy. Unpretentious to the growing conditions and almost not sick. If a phytophthora appears, then it is enough to remove the affected bushes in time to save the whole bed.