Cultivation from alissum seeds Snow carpet


Alyssum is a spectacular perennial covering the beds with a solid carpet. There are more than 100 varieties of this flower. One of the most sought-after varieties is the Snow Carpet, which blooms profusely in late spring.

Description of alissum

Alyssum Snow carpet is a groundcover annual, reaching a height of 10-15 cm. Its shoots branch out strongly and during growth occupy all the free space in the garden.

Alyssum produces small white flowers, collected in hemispherical brush. Each flower consists of 4 rounded petals and a yellow core.

Color varieties Snow carpet - white. The leaves are bright green, oblong, they are almost invisible because of the lush inflorescences. The plant is a honey plant and has a pleasant aroma. Honey smell attracts butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

Important! Flowering alissum begins in late June and lasts until the onset of frost.

Pollination occurs with the participation of insects. In the fall, oblong boxes filled with seeds are formed. The variety Snowy has very small seeds, in 1 g there are more than 1000 pieces. After harvesting, seeds are used for planting for 3 years.

The first mention of the alissume found in the XVII century. In its natural environment, the plant lives in Europe, the Near and Far East, and North America.

The chemical composition of the flower is little studied. The seeds contain fatty oils and organic acids, flavonoids and alkaloids are found in the stems.

In folk medicine, alissum is used as a diuretic and diaphoretic. It is believed that drugs based on it help from the bites of rabid animals. In Altai, the plant is a part of fees that help with hernia and catarrhal diseases.

When applied topically, it has a bleaching effect. It is used to get rid of post-acne, freckles and other facial blemishes.

Photo alissuma Snow carpet:

Planting flower

Alyssum is grown from seed. Planting material purchased in a gardening shop or collect yourself. In the southern regions, seeds are immediately placed in the ground. In cold climates it is better to first get seedlings.

Choosing a place

Alyssum Snow carpet grows in sunny areas. In dry regions, the flower is planted in partial shade to protect it from the scorching sun.

Flower decorate borders and mixborders. Looks impressive alissum, planted in a street pot. When choosing a site for planting, you need to consider that the flower grows quickly, so it can inhibit other plants. It is planted on multi-level beds, lawns, under shrubs and trees. The flower fills the empty spaces in the garden.

In nature, alissum grows on rocky slopes. On the garden plot flower suitable for registration of alpine slides. The plant is planted between the plates and stones, well heated by the sun.

Tip! In autumn, the soil under the flower bed is dug up and fertilized with humus.

Alyssum is located on the dais. When planting in a lowland, there is a high probability of moisture accumulation and rotting of the plant root system.

Heavy clay soil does not pass moisture well. Improving its properties helps to make coarse river sand.

Growing from seed

Alyssum Snow carpet grown seedlings or planted seeds immediately in open ground. A more reliable option is to use seedlings.

Young plants are moved to a permanent place in the required order, observing the gap between the seedlings. Seedlings take root well and begin to grow.

Important! Alissum seeds are planted in light fertile soil with low lime content.

You can pre-steam the soil in a water bath or place it in a refrigerator. So get rid of pathogens and larvae pests.

The order of cultivation from the seeds of alissum Snow carpet:

  1. Shallow containers filled with soil, which is plentifully watered.
  2. Seeds are scattered over the surface and covered with a thin layer of earth.
  3. The containers are covered with film or glass and left in a dark warm place. Periodically moisten the soil and air landing.
  4. Shoots will appear in 7-10 days. Grown-up plants thin out, between them leave 3-5 cm.
  5. After the appearance of 1 leaf, the plants are watered with a solution containing a complex fertilizer.
  6. With the development of 2 leaves, seedlings are seated in separate containers.

If weather conditions allow, you can do without picks and immediately transfer the plants to open ground. Alyssum is transplanted at the end of May, when the spring frosts take place.

Between plants leave 20 cm, because the flower quickly occupies free space. A planting well is prepared on the garden bed where the seedling is placed together with the earth clod. The plant is not buried, its roots are covered with soil and watered abundantly.

In warm climates do without seedlings. Alissum seeds are planted in an open area in April-May, when the soil is warm enough. With this method of planting flowering period shifts. Seeds are buried to a depth of 1.5 cm and watered the soil. When shoots appear, they are thinned.

Another option for growing alissum. The snowy carpet of seeds is subwinter seeding. In November, planting material is placed on a bed and sprinkled with earth. During the winter, the seeds undergo a natural stratification. When changing temperature regimes, seed germination is stimulated, and seedlings grow strong and resistant to any weather conditions.

In spring, the emerged shoots thin out and leave the most powerful plants. Flower care is the same as in the seedling method. When the alissum grows, you can spread it on other beds.

Care alissum

Abundant flowering alissum provides the right care. The flower garden is watered in drought, the soil is loosened, and weeds are eliminated. The plant rarely suffers and is affected by pests; folk remedies and chemicals are used to get rid of them.


Flowers alissum Snow carpet need regular watering. In a drought, the plant drops buds and flowers. Abundant watering is performed only with good permeability of the soil. Heavy clay soil does not let moisture through, which leads to its stagnation and death of the flower.

The need for irrigation is determined by the condition of the soil. If at a depth of 3-5 cm the earth has dried, then it is time to introduce moisture. The flower bed is watered with warm settled water.

Tip! To keep the soil moist, after planting seeds or seedlings it is mulched with humus.

Moisture contribute in the morning or evening hours. It is best to water the flower garden by sprinkling. Strong streams of water wash out the soil and expose the root system of plants.

After watering, the soil is loosened to improve the absorption of flower moisture and nutrients. Be sure to weed weeds, especially after planting young plants. When the alissum grows, its shoots will inhibit the development of weeds.

Top dressing

Fertilization contributes to the continuous flowering of the alissum Snow carpet. Particularly important feeding when growing a flower on poor soils.

Young plants are fed with nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate the growth of shoots. In 10 liters of water add 1 tbsp. l urea or ammonium nitrate. The fertilizer is dissolved in water, and the resulting flower is watered on a flower garden.

Annual plant can be fed up to 4 times during the season. A universal option for fertilizing will be any flower fertilizer. Between treatments comply with the interval of 2-3 weeks.

Photo of alissum Snow carpet with heavy dressings:


Annual alissum pruned as the buds wilt. If the plant has dried up in a drought, then its branches also eliminate. After pruning and watering the plant produces new shoots and buds.

From the second half of September, seeds of alissum are harvested. To get more planting material, a piece of white cloth is placed on the ground. Dried flowers are rubbed by hand. Seeds are stored in a dry warm place or planted in the winter.

In the fall, flowers of alissum. Snow carpet is dug up from the root. If you do not collect the seeds, they will fall to the ground. Next year, new shoots will appear at the place of cultivation of alissum.

Diseases and pests

Alyssum is rarely affected by diseases. The factors provoking the development of diseases are increased humidity and stagnant moisture in the roots.

The plant infects late blight, which has the appearance of brown spots on the surface of shoots and leaves. The disease also spreads to the root system of the flower. When signs of illness appear, the flower bed is treated with fungicides Tanos or Ordan. An effective method of dealing with late blight is spraying alissum with copper oxychloride.

The flower is prone to powdery mildew, which is determined by the presence of a white or gray patina, resembling powder. The spread of the disease is the mycelium of the fungus, which penetrates the plant cells. Bordeaux liquid and chemical preparations Topaz, Flint Star are effective against powdery mildew.

Alyssum Snow carpet attracts cruciferous flea, which feeds above-ground part of plants. The size of the insect does not exceed 3 mm. Pest scare away odors. In 10 liters of water add 1 tbsp. l vinegar and spraying flower garden.

For alissum dangerous caterpillars, moths and cabbage moths. Against the pests of planting process infusion of pharmacy chamomile or tobacco. In order to keep the product on the leaves longer, crushed soap is added to it.


Alyssum - unpretentious plant that can fill the empty corners of the garden. Grade Snow carpet is actively growing in sunny areas and light soils. Its bushes are completely covered with snow-white flowers. Plant care is minimal and includes watering, loosening the soil and fertilizing with fertilizer.