Tomato Pink Tsar: reviews, photos, yield


Tomatoes Pink King - a fruitful variety, ripening in medium time. Tomatoes are suitable for eating fresh or for processing. Large fruits are pink in color and taste great. The variety is suitable for growing tomatoes in open areas, in greenhouse and greenhouse conditions.

Character traits

Description and characteristics of tomato varieties Pink King:

  • indeterminant type;
  • medium early tomato ripening;
  • after seed germination, harvesting occurs in 108-113 days;
  • bush height up to 1.8 m;

Features of the fruit:

  • round shape;
  • raspberry color of tomatoes;
  • average mass of tomatoes is 250-300 g;
  • meaty sugary flesh;
  • high taste qualities;
  • beautiful presentation.

Productivity varieties Pink King - up to 7 kg per 1 square. m plantings. When ripe on the bushes fruits do not crack. Allowed to collect tomatoes in the stage of technical maturity. Tomatoes are stored for a long time, ripen at room temperature, carry long shipments.

According to reviews and photos of the tomato, the Pink King has a salad designation, the fruits are added to cold and hot dishes. In home canning tomatoes are used for juice, mashed potatoes, pasta. Perhaps canning slices, adding to lecho and other home-made preparations.

Getting seedlings

To get a good harvest, Rose Tomatoes are best grown by seedling. Seeds are planted at home, and when the seedlings grow, they are transferred to a permanent place. Seedlings require certain conditions, including temperature, humidity and light.

Planting seeds

To plant seeds of tomatoes Pink king is prepared in March. Pre-planting material is soaked in salted water. If the grains of tomatoes were on the surface, they are rejected.

The remaining seeds are wrapped in several layers of gauze, which is placed for 30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then the fabric is washed with running water and left for a day. As they dry, moisten the material with warm water.

Tip! Soil for planting tomatoes prepared in the fall. It is obtained by combining in equal proportions of fertile land, sand and humus.

It is convenient to plant tomato seeds in peat tablets. Then do not spend picking, which is stressful for plants. To avoid transplants will help the use of individual cups of 0.5 liters. 2-3 grains are placed in each container. In the future, you need to leave the strongest plant.

Wet soil is poured into containers. Pre it is kept for 1-2 months in the refrigerator or treated in a water bath. Tomato seeds are placed after 2 cm, chernozem or peat is poured on top with a layer of 1 cm.

Capacity should be covered with polyethylene or glass to obtain the greenhouse effect. Shoots appear faster when the tanks are in a warm and dark place.

Conditions for seedlings

Appeared seedlings of tomatoes rearranged on the window or provide planting coverage. With a short daylight at a distance of 30 cm from the seedlings install fitolampy. For 12 hours, landings provide continuous coverage.

The temperature in the room where the Pink King tomatoes are located should be:

  • in the daytime from 21 to 25 ° C;
  • at night from 15 to 18 ° C.

It is important to avoid serious temperature fluctuations. The room is regularly ventilated, but tomatoes should not be affected by drafts.

Tomatoes are watered 1-2 times a week, when the ground begins to dry. The soil is sprayed with warm sprayed water from a spray bottle.

When the plants will have 2 leaves, they are planted in larger containers. To pick tomatoes, they prepare a similar primer, as well as for planting seeds.

Before transferring to a permanent place, tomatoes should be hardened so that they adapt more quickly to natural conditions. First, open the window in the room where there are tomatoes. Then they are rearranged on the glazed balcony or loggia.

Planting tomatoes

About the readiness of tomatoes Pink King for planting in the ground shows their height of 25 cm and the presence of 6 full leaves. In May, the soil and air warm enough to plant the plants.

Tomatoes grow better after beets, carrots, cucumbers, onions, pumpkins and legumes. If the precursors of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers or eggplants, it is better to choose another place. Cultures are characterized by common diseases and pests.

Place for planting tomatoes prepared in the fall. They dig up the soil, fertilize 200 g of wood ash and 6 kg of compost per 1 square meter. m. In the greenhouse, they first replace the upper soil layer, where the larvae of pests and tomato disease spores overwinter.

In the spring, the soil is loosened and landing holes are made. 40 cm is left between tomatoes. When planting in rows, a gap of 60 cm is made.

Tip! Before planting, tomatoes are plentifully watered and taken out of containers along with a clod of earth.

Plants are placed in the hole, the roots are covered with soil and watered. Tomatoes better to tie to the support. Over the next 10-14 days do not introduce moisture or fertilizing, so that plants adapt to new conditions.

Grade Care

They take care of tomatoes by watering and fertilizing. According to its characteristics and description of the tomato variety Pink Tsar belongs to tall plants. That the bush did not grow and did not lose productivity, its stepson. Tomatoes form in 2 stalks. Excess stepchildren eliminate, until they have grown to 5 cm. Be sure to tie up the bushes to the support.

Watering plants

When watering tomatoes take into account what stage of development they are. Before the appearance of buds, tomatoes are watered after 4 days. Under each bush enough 2 liters of warmed, separated water.

When flowering and forming ovaries tomatoes Pink King needs more water. It is made weekly, and use 5 liters of water per plant.

Tip! The intensity of irrigation is reduced during the formation of the fruit. Excess moisture causes cracking of tomatoes. During this period, enough 2 l weekly.

Mulching with straw or humus helps keep the soil moist. The layer of mulch is 5-10 cm.

Top dressing of tomatoes

According to reviews, yields and photos of tomatoes, the Pink King reacts well to fertilization. Tomatoes are fed with organic or mineral substances. It is best to alternate several types of dressings. Fertilization is necessary before flowering, with the appearance of ovaries and fruiting tomatoes.

For the first treatment, cook mullein diluted with water 1:10. 0.5 liters of fertilizer is poured under each tomato bush. In the future, from such feeding is better to refuse, because mullein contains nitrogen. When excess nitrogen is actively formed green mass to the detriment of the fruiting tomatoes.

Tip! When forming ovaries and fruits in tomatoes, fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium are used.

10 g of water requires 30 g of superphosphate and potassium sulfate. Fertilizer is poured at the root, trying not to touch the leaves and stems of tomatoes. Effective folk remedy is wood ash, it is added to the water for a couple of days before watering or buried in the ground.

Disease protection

If agricultural machinery is not observed, the pink king tomatoes become susceptible to diseases. To prevent their spread helps correct watering, eliminating excess tops, airing the greenhouse.

Herbal remedies include Phytosporin, Zaslon, etc. To prevent planting, tomatoes are sprayed with onion or garlic infusion.

Gardeners reviews

Nina, 44 years old, Kursk. For a long time I chose to plant varieties of tomatoes on my plot for reviews, crop yields and photos. Tomatoes Pink King attracted their trade dress. Part of my crop is sent for sale, especially in demand raspberry varieties. Tomatoes turned out to be very fruitful, the taste is excellent, without sourness. Well suited for salads and preparing for the winter tomato juice. Among the shortcomings, I note the imperfect form of the fruit: there are cracks in the lower part. Otherwise, this is a great variety for sale and personal use. Roman, 58 years old, Syzran. Raspberry varieties have become mandatory for planting in the country. This year was selected for reviews and photos of the tomato Pink King. The bush is high, you definitely need to tie it up and cut off the extra shoots. Maria, 62 years old, Bryansk I have been planting tomatoes The Pink Tsar is not the first year, I always get a good harvest. Fruits collected until the end of September. The whole bush is just covered with large tomatoes. Part of collecting green to unload the bush. Tomatoes with thick skin, long stored. For the prevention of phytophthora, I regularly process plantings with Fitosporin; I try not to use chemicals.


Variety Pink King is grown for the sake of tasty large fruits. Tomatos provide care, which consists in watering, feeding and the formation of the bush. Fruits withstand prolonged transportation, so the variety is chosen for growing for sale.