Cucumber Director F1


Summer residents choose varieties of cucumbers for planting very carefully. Good recommendations from vegetable growers received a hybrid of Dutch selection "Director f1". The variety was developed by scientists of the agrofirm Nunems (Nunhems B.V.). Combines the best qualities of parental lines - cucumbers "Hector" and "Merengue". During the development of a new hybrid, breeders took into account all the requests of farmers. The article focuses on the moments important for summer residents - the description of the cucumber variety “Director”, the reviews of the grown hybrid, the photo of the plant and the fruit.

Main characteristics

What you should know about the cucumber "Director" to correctly plan the care of plants? Of course, the main parameters:

  1. Maturation term. According to the description of the variety, cucumbers “Director f1” are middle-ripened. Rather, to the medium-early varieties, if we consider the time of harvesting the first harvest. Cucumbers can be consumed within 40-45 days after the first shoots. Some growers are happy to grow a hybrid twice a season.
  2. Type of plant. Partenocarpic semi-determinanty. Such information is very necessary. Summer residents immediately know that the cucumber “Director f1” does not need to be pollinated by bees, and the length of the stem of the plant is average. Therefore, it can be safely grown in a greenhouse without fear of thickening and lack of ovaries. In addition, the number of cultivated cucumbers does not depend on temperature fluctuations.
  3. Bush. Medium with well developed lateral shoots. They also form a lot of ovaries. Ovaries are tubercular, in a leaf sinus 2-3 flowers of a female type are located.
  4. The leaves are medium dark green, although they can grow to large sizes.
  5. Fruit. Small in size (up to 10-12 cm), weighing up to 80 g, cylindrical in shape. Cucumbers with fragrant juicy pulp, very tasty, without bitterness with small seeds inside. There are no voids in the fruit. They are covered with a smooth dark green peel, which is fully consistent with the description of the variety of cucumbers "Director" (see photo).
  6. Productivity The indicator is considered the most expected in the cultivation of hybrids. According to farmers, from one bush you can get from 20 to 25 kg of delicious cucumber varieties "Director f1".
  7. Disease resistance. The variety is well resistant to diseases of the culture, so it is successfully grown in the fields without enhanced chemical treatments.
  8. Transportability and storage capacity is very high. Cucumbers are stored in a cool room for up to 7 days without loss of commodity and taste.
  9. Application. Universal. It is used fresh for salads, in canning, pickling and pickling. In any form, the taste and quality of cucumbers are excellent.

In their reviews, many vegetable growers note the high yield of the cucumber “Director” and post a photo of the results to prove it.

Briefly about the characteristics of the variety on video:

Advantages and disadvantages

What you should know before planting a cucumber with the name "Director" on the site. Of course, its pros and cons. All of them are indicated by the manufacturer in the description of the variety “Director”. The second important source is the reviews of gardeners who have grown cucumber "Director f1". Among the advantages of the hybrid, they note:

  • power and height of the bushes, which are easy to care for;
  • taste and commodity characteristics of cucumbers;
  • the duration of fruiting and the ability to grow in the second turn;
  • cucumber disease resistance;
  • shade tolerance, which expands the possibilities of placing ridges;
  • growing in any type of soil with the same yield index;
  • regenerative abilities - fast plant recoverability after damage.

Among the shortcomings, gardeners call a large number of stepsons, who have to be removed on time. This procedure takes time, but it saves the root system from excessive load, and the owners of the beds from reducing the yield of cucumber.

Features of growing

Agrotechnika varieties are not significantly different from the cultivation of other types of cucumbers. But gardeners should know all the subtleties of growing the hybrid “Director” and its requirements for care.

According to the description of the variety, the Director f1 cucumber is grown in two ways:

  • rassadnym;
  • bezrassadnym.

The variety grows well in direct sowing. With this method, you need to prepare the bed in advance:

  • remove all plant residues in the autumn, fertilize and dig deep;
  • in the spring to spill a hot solution of potassium permanganate and dig again, now shallow;
  • level the ground and form ridges with rows between rows for easy cucumber care.

Sowing in the ground

Sow cucumber variety Director f1 in the ground with dry or soaked seeds. If the seeds are soaked, then you need to wait peking. This selects suitable planting material. The minimum value of the indicator of soil temperature at which sowing a cucumber "Director" is allowed is the value of + 14 ° С.

Important! When choosing a place for cucumber ridges, consider the requirements of crop rotation.

Hybrid "Director" grows well after legumes (except beans), cabbage species, potatoes, onions.

The plantation for planting in open ground is 50x50 cm. For parthenocarpic and tall cucumbers, it is important not to disturb the recommended distance. This will allow the plants to grow properly and produce a high yield. On 1 square. m square should be placed no more than 3 cucumber bushes. The seeds are submerged by 2 cm. 2 cucumber seeds are placed in one well, and in the phase of this leaflet the weaker specimen is pinch off.

Sowing on seedlings

Seedlings method allows to get a crop of cucumbers much earlier than when sown in the ground. To seedlings hybrid "Director" grew strong and healthy, you must adhere to certain requirements.

  1. Seed preparation. According to the dacha residents, cucumbers of the “Director” variety have excellent germination (see photo).

    But some still soak them in a growth promoter or disinfectant solution of potassium permanganate. If the planting material is purchased in a license package, then the necessary preparation has already been carried out by the manufacturer.
  2. Soil preparation. The “Director” cucumbers are well suited for ready-made soil mixture for seedlings that can be bought. The second option is to prepare the soil yourself. It will take sod land and humus in equal quantities. Then ash (0.5 cups), potassium sulphate (5 g) and superphosphate (10 g) are added to the bucket of the mixture. After mixing, the soil is spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate and calcined to disinfect.
  3. Preparation of tanks. Cucumber seedlings can not tolerate transplants, so gardeners try to do without picking. For seedlings prepare individual plastic cassettes or containers, peat tablets or cups. The plastic container is washed with a disinfectant solution and dried. Suitable drug "Extrasol-55."
  4. Sowing. Soil mixture filled containers, leaving up to the top of 1 cm. The soil is slightly compacted and moistened. Make the hole depth of 2 cm and spread the seeds of cucumber "Director".

The optimum temperature for germination of cucumbers of the “Director” variety is + 22 ° С ... + 26 ° С. Also shoots need to provide good lighting.

As soon as the first true leaf appears on the seedlings, the cucumbers are fed with complex fertilizer, for example, Kemira-Lux or Radifarm. When forming 3-4 leaves, the seedlings of the “Director” can be transplanted to a permanent place. Before planting, saplings are treated according to the “Epinay” or “Zircon” sheet.

Landing in the ground and the rules of care

For open ground, the recommended plantation planter “Director” is 30 cm between plants and 1 m between rows. Place the plants in a staggered manner to maintain the optimal number of cucumbers per 1 square. m square.

The most necessary measures for the care of a cucumber "Director f1" according to the description and reviews of experienced gardeners:

  1. Competent watering. Do not allow the soil to dry out. Water cucumbers need to carefully under the root of warm settled water. In the greenhouse, they monitor the condition of the soil and water it when the top layer dries. Outdoors, you can practice daily watering, but in the evening.
  2. Regular feeding. Cucumbers are recommended to feed once every 2 weeks. The “Director” responds well to organic matter - an infusion of bird droppings or cow manure. If these components are not present at the site, then urea, superphosphate, and ammonium nitrate are used. In addition to root dressings, leaf irrigation with complex fertilizers for vegetables is important for the culture. Mineral fertilizers are applied taking into account the vegetation period of the cucumber.
  3. The formation of the bush. For the purpose of formation on the plant, pin the main whip. This is done after 8-9 sheets. The second necessary action is the removal of the stepsons on the cucumbers. According to the description of the cucumber variety “Director” and the responses of gardeners, this procedure should be done at least once a week (see photo).

    In the greenhouse, cucumbers are formed on the trellis.
  4. Prevention of diseases and invasions of pests. The main condition is the thorough fulfillment of agrotechnical requirements. Regular treatment with fungicides cucumber "Director" does not require. At the stage of breeding, the variety received sufficient protection against diseases.


Careful study of the description of the cucumber "Director f1", reviews of the variety and photos, will help to grow a high yield with minimal costs.

Tatyana, Krasnodar KraiSort cucumber "Director f1" planted after reading the reviews and saw the photo of the fruit. I always dreamed of growing cucumbers without bitterness and resistant to lack of moisture. I do not have the opportunity to come often to the country. Hybrid pleased. Of course, an irregular peacock reduced productivity, but the quality of the fruit turned out to be excellent.

Anton, Svetlograd A very successful variety for commercial cultivation. I have been engaged in cucumbers for a long time, and the “Director” with competent agricultural technology gives 30 kg per bush. The quality is excellent, keeping quality and portability are high. For the sale of nothing more is needed. I recommend to all farmers.

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