Growing carnations Shabo from seeds at home


Shabo's carnation is the most recognizable and beloved by many gardeners of the variety of carnations. This is a hybrid look, memorable for its aroma and grace. Grown in any region and in almost every plot.

Even fastidiousness in the care does not stop summer residents. The color scheme of the plant is so diverse that it is difficult to list all the variations. There are monochromatic and mixed flowers, in which shades flow from dark to light. Some simultaneously combine several tones in one petal.

To place a beautiful plant in a bed, it is necessary to grow carnation seedlings garden "Shabo" at home. The point is not quite simple, but the result will make you forget all the worries. In our article we will describe in detail the step by step process of how to plant a clove of Shabo seeds.

Description and characteristics

Slow development from planting to flowering is the main reason for growing Chabot carnation from seeds. It takes about half a year from the date of sowing to cutting a bouquet. Some gardeners practice planting a flower by cutting, but most prefer planting seeds to grow garden shabo.

The plant does not belong to a separate type of carnations, but is considered the most popular and recognizable.

Carnation Shabo garden is different:

  1. Compact rhizome without branches. The depth of the rhizome is from 10 to 20 cm.
  2. The leaves are grayish or pale green in tint arranged in pairs on the shoot.
  3. Shoots up to 50 cm tall, knotty and thin. There are new hybrids of Shabo with a small height of escape and abundant flowering.
  4. The flowers are large (diameter 6-8 cm) terry with a persistent pleasant aroma. Coloring is very diverse.

The carnation garden Shabo is valued for the ability of long flowering and for the fact that this flower is long cut. Flowering Shabo begins in July and lasts until frost. In the southern regions of the carnation calmly remains to winter in the ground. In order for the plant to endure wintering in the areas of the Middle Band, it needs to provide shelter.

If a novice in horticulture wants to grow a garden chabo carnation from seeds at home, it is better to take a variety mixture for sowing. Experienced color lover can be advised to work with new products. There are modern hybrids that bloom 1-2 months earlier, but require competent care. And if you know how to grow Shabo carnation from seeds, you can get acquainted with new varieties. They are still little tested, so the strategy of their cultivation still requires study. Let us proceed to the description of how to plant a clove variety Shabo on seedlings.

Sowing seeds and growing seedlings

Let us consider in more detail the cultivation of carnation garden shabo from seeds at home.

For self-sowing of Chabo carnation, seeds can be obtained in two ways:

  • buy a bag in the store;
  • grow and harvest yourself.

The first option is more reliable, but you need to purchase seeds from a trusted manufacturer. Planting material retains the ability to germinate for 2-3 years, and the germination rate is a record 85% -95%. But despite this, attentiveness is always needed.

Important! Look at the package date of collection of seeds, and not packaging.

Independently to obtain seeds from plants grown on the site is much more difficult. If the carnation grows in the south, it will not be a problem. But when growing a carnation of garden Shabo from seeds in the regions of the middle band, the collection of planting material will require additional efforts. The plant blooms in the second half of the growing season, so seed ripening occurs during a period of moisture and inconstancy of temperature. In order for the seeds to ripen, the plants need to provide certain conditions - heat and lack of moisture. Experienced gardeners transplant a carnation in a tank and transfer it to a room where the seeds ripen within 1.5-2 months. As soon as they are easily poured from the seed, they are considered fully matured.

The seeds are very small, so you should put on a cloth or gauze bag on the seeds for the collection of planting material. 1 g contains up to 550-600 seeds. Grow about 450 plants. This amount is subject to rejection and unlisted copies.

When the seeds are harvested, the next question arises. When to sow cloves varieties Shabo seedlings? Sow culture in the winter months, starting in December and ending in mid-February. Optimally - January or February. In December, more seedlings will be needed due to a very short daylight hours. The date when sowing Chabot carnations can be shifted by the end of February, if modern hybrids are grown with an earlier budding period.

Land preparation

To grow quality seedlings of Chabo carnation, you need to prepare the soil. The soil in which the flowers grow in the garden is not suitable for the normal development of seedlings. Therefore, gardeners have two options:

  • buy ready-made primer for seedlings of flowers marked "universal";
  • pre-cook the mixture at home.

Components are prepared for planting Shabo carnation on seedlings:

  • garden land or turf - 1 part;
  • humus - 1 part;
  • peat - 1 part;
  • sand - 0.5 parts.

Additionally, make perlite to improve the quality of the soil. And if you add a hydrogel, it will help reduce the amount of watering.

All parts are mixed and proceed to preplant preparation. The soil is shed with a solution of potassium permanganate or Fitosporina-M. Then it is calcined or frozen in the frost.

Preparation of container

For convenient sowing of Chabot carnations on seedlings, seedling boxes of different sizes, plastic containers, flower pots, peat pots or tablets are used.
Important requirements for planting packages are:

  1. The height is not more than 6 cm. If you take a deeper container, then there is a danger of preventing watering of the seedlings and sprouting.
  2. Existence of drainage openings and drainage layer. Saplings do not tolerate stagnant water, so it is necessary to ensure the outflow of excess moisture. If this is not done, the seedlings will be prone to the spread of rot, wilting leaves.
  3. Mandatory disinfection. Use a solution of potassium permanganate, "Fitosporina-M". Some gardeners are limited to boiling water treatment.

The next stage in the cultivation of Chabot carnation from seeds at home is the proper preparation of planting material.

Seed preparation

Presowing treatment is needed for seeds that were collected independently. If they are bought in a specialty store, then the manufacturer has already taken care of this. Such a seed can immediately be placed in the soil.

To plant carnations Shabo seedlings on seeds from your site was successful and the seedlings are well grown, you need to prepare planting material:

  1. Initially, it is calibrated. This is necessary for the selection of suitable full-weight copies. Preparing a 3% -5% solution of edible salt, in which the clove seeds are placed. Stir several times and then take only settled to the bottom.
  2. The second stage is decontaminated from pests. To do this, conduct heat treatment. So called soaking for 1 hour in water heated to 50 ° C with the addition of potassium permanganate.
  3. Some gardeners additionally place seeds in a growth stimulant solution.

After such events, you can safely start planting cloves with seeds Shabo.


Sowing carnations Shabo on seedlings carried out on the technology for small seeds.

Tara is filled with soil mixture and slightly tamped so that the seed does not fall into the voids. For this it is convenient to use the bottom of the glass jar. Earth is not poured to the very top, leaving at least 1 cm from the side.

Important! Soil before sowing necessarily moistened.

Let us consider in detail how to sow Shabo carnation on seedlings in order to obtain the maximum germination percentage. Small seeds in the ground are not immersed, but simply scattered on the rammed surface. Then powdered with calcined sand. It is prepared in advance. It is necessary to pour sand in a thin layer on a baking sheet and calcined in an oven at a temperature of 65 º -100 º for half an hour. This technique protects the seedlings from being affected by the black leg.
How to sow seeds of carnation varieties Shabo for seedlings, if they were soaked in a growth promoter? Only after drying. Otherwise, they stick together, and you will not be able to evenly distribute them over the surface of the soil. After sowing, sand should be slightly tamped down and cover the container with glass or plastic. Thus create a greenhouse effect.

Many gardeners prefer sowing Chabot carnations into a snail. This is done in the same way as for the seeds of pepper, tomato or other crops. Read more about growing carnation garden shabo from seeds in a snail on the video:

Seedling care

After sowing has been performed correctly, it is necessary to provide seedlings of carnations Shabo and competent care. For seed germination, it will be necessary to maintain an air temperature value of about + 15 ° C. Carnation garden Shabo does not require bright light and heat in the first days. But the soil is needed commensurately wet. For this purpose, use the spray.

Important! Moisturize the soil only after the top layer dries.

If the favorable conditions are created for growing Shabo variety carnation from seeds, the first shoots appear after 4-5 days (see photo). The rest appear after 10 days. At temperatures above the required, germination slows down. When all the seeds have risen, the film is removed.

As soon as the seedlings have hatch, the main attention is paid to watering. Seedlings prone to blackleg. Therefore, waterlogging is unacceptable. Too diligent watering will lead to the death of seedlings. If a problem arises, the diseased specimens are removed and sprinkled on the soil with ashes or crushed activated charcoal.

Another important aspect. The depth of seeding is small, therefore, in the period of growing seedlings, soil priming is required.

Air temperature is maintained within 12-13 ° С.


When growing cloves Shabo requires double picks. The first time the seedlings dive when the first pair of leaves appears. This usually corresponds to a plant age of 3-4 weeks. At this stage, the transplant has a goal to plant seedlings according to the 4 cm x 4 cm scheme. Make a picking very carefully, taking care not to damage the delicate roots.

The second time transplanted exposed seedlings with 3-4 pairs of leaves. How to dive Shabo carnation a second time:

  1. It is best to plant plants in separate tanks.
  2. Add humus or nitrogen fertilizer to the soil to improve growth.

At the moment of the second picking, the seedlings are buried to the root collar. How to dive carnation Shabo can be seen in the photo.

Important! If the sowing was carried out later than the optimal period, then there is no need to deepen the seedlings.

In the phase 5 of the leaves, the seedlings are additionally pinched. This makes it possible to form a lush bush plant.

Video about the correct pick of Shabo carnation:

Flower growers are interested in the question of how to sow the seeds of carnation Shabo immediately in open ground.
In this case, the main problem is the long term growing season of the plant. To get flowering on time, it is necessary to sow in a greenhouse, greenhouse or greenhouse. Then the seedlings are transferred to the open ground, when the appropriate temperature is established. When planting a clove of Shabo cultivar in a greenhouse, when growing from seed, it can be solved only taking into account the climatic features of the region. The temperature for the seedlings is low, but the light day requires a long one. Therefore, they do not sow before March

Useful video about growing seedlings of garden cloves Shabo: