Cucumber Elegant


Cucumbers - the most important part of the summer-autumn blanks for any hostess. And the banks lined up in long rows with various types of cucumber twists are truly a symbol of the Russian hospitality. Perhaps that is why it is so important, despite the abundance of cucumber varieties and hybrids currently offered, to choose the one that you want to plant more and more, and not worry about the problems with its cultivation, but only to collect all new and tasty cucumber blanks recipes . Cucumber Elegant in many of its characteristics is just such a trouble-free variety.

Description and characteristics

Grade cucumber Grace has long been grown by gardeners in their backyards and still has not lost its significance, despite the abundance of new varieties appearing each year, varieties and hybrids. And this is something that means yes! It was bred in the far 60s in VNIISSOK by the breeder O.V. Yurina. In 1971, it was included in the state register of Russia for use in almost all regions of Russia from the central regions to the Far East. The description of a grade of cucumbers Graceful includes the following characteristics:

  • Grade Elegant refers to the early ripening, which means that the first cucumbers can begin to be collected already after 38-40 days after the shoots appeared;
  • The variety is universal under growing conditions - it means that it will grow equally well both in open ground and in greenhouses. But the peculiarity of cucumbers of this variety is increased cold resistance, so it can be used both for early sowing and for cultivation in the open field in northern areas in conditions of a short summer;
  • Variety of cucumbers Graceful is bee-pollinating and at the same time produces a large number of male flowers. Variety can serve as an excellent pollinator for other varieties, for example, mainly female type of flowering;
  • The plants of the cucumber variety Exquisite are medium-length, they form from 5 to 7 lateral shoots;
  • The variety is also characterized by increased resistance to diseases: bacteriosis, powdery mildew and olive spot.

Fruit characteristics

The very elegant cucumbers have an ellipsoid, elongated shape, juicy-green. The length of greengrass from 8 to 14 cm, weight from 120 to 150 grams. Cucumbers are usually flattened, with small tubercles and white pubescence. The peel is thin with white stripes and a light top. The flesh of cucumbers is crispy, juicy, without bitterness. Tastes are high. Purpose of a grade universal - is applied both to salads, and to salting and conservation. Commodity yields are not very high - about 5-7 kg per square meter.

Advantages and disadvantages

The variety of cucumbers Graceful has the following advantages: unpretentiousness to growing conditions, early ripening of fruits, high taste, cold resistance, low cost of seeds, even when their fruits ripen, their seeds remain tender and cucumbers do not turn yellow.

There is a variety of cucumbers Graceful and disadvantages: a relatively low yield, especially compared to the newest hybrids, a large number of fruits with white barrels that can not look very nice in the workpieces, according to some reviews, the peeling of the skin occurs when overripe, other sources reject this disadvantage .

Landing features

Graceful cucumbers can be planted in two ways: sow directly in the ground or grown through seedlings.

Cucumber seeds are sown in seedlings in late April or early May.

Important! Pre-seed is better to soak in a growth stimulator and germinate before the appearance of the first shoots.

Then the seeds are planted one seed in each individual container, because cucumbers do not like their roots to be disturbed during transplantation. With the appearance of about 4 leaves, the age of the seedlings by this time will be about 25 days, it is planted in the ground, trying not to destroy when planting an earthen coma. Seedling cucumber variety Graceful planted in such a way that one square meter had no more than three plants.

When sowing in the ground, you must wait until the soil warms up to + 15 ° C. Seeds are sown to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. The soil for sowing cucumbers has traditionally been prepared since autumn, since it is necessary that it be loose and fertile, with a high content of humus. To this end, a sufficiently powerful layer of organic matter is laid down to a depth of 10–20 cm, which, by sowing, already has time to begin to decompose and release heat and nutrients. After sowing, the soil is kept constantly wet, watered daily if necessary. It is possible before the emergence of cucumber shoots to cover the bed additionally with any covering material to preserve heat and humidity.

When shoots appear, it is advisable to put supports or tapestries so that cucumber plants can grow vertically. This saves space and allows you to form cucumber bushes Elegant, and facilitates the care and harvesting.

Cucumber care

Being a very unpretentious variety, Cucumber Graceful does not require any special techniques in cultivation, but still the basic rules of care must be observed. Since cucumbers are 90% water, the most basic thing you need to successfully grow cucumbers is regular and timely watering. In hot sunny weather, it will be necessary to water cucumber bushes every day.

Comment! Water cucumbers should be extremely warm water.

For good and abundant fruiting cucumbers variety Graceful also requires regular feeding every 10-12 days. It is best to alternate feeding with complex mineral fertilizers containing trace elements with organic fertilizers.

For plants of cucumber variety Exquisite, grown in the greenhouse, it is necessary to provide free access for bees and other insects for good pollination. Although the Cucumber variety Graceful is partially self-pollinating, that is, it has flowers that have both a pistil and stamens. Thus, the harvest even without insects will still be, but to increase it, it is desirable to attract bees and bumblebees by spraying the bushes with honey or sugar syrup.

Tip! To prepare a sweet syrup, 200 g of sugar or 100 g of honey dissolve in half a liter of water.

If there are still few insects, for example, in the early stages of growing cucumbers in greenhouses, in these cases they often resort to artificial pollination. There is nothing difficult in it. To do this, the male flowers (with stamens) are freed from the petals and the anthers are hand-held several times by the pistil in the female flowers, as in the photo below.

The main technique for the formation of the highest possible yield, as well as for the prevention of various diseases, is the formation and pruning of cucumber bushes Graceful. After all, in cucumber plants, the root system is rather weak, and often cannot cope with the supply of all the ovaries with nutrients and water. Some of them may therefore dry out and wither. To prevent this process, it is necessary to remove excess parts from the bush in advance. Since the Grade Grade variety differs in medium growth, both pruning and shaping are minimal, compared to other more vigorous grades.

Starting from 4-6 leaves from below, the main stem is pinched, and the sprouting lateral shoots are directed to the supports, pinned to the ground and partially sprinkled with soil to obtain additional roots. The shrub cucumber variety Elegant forms usually 5-6 lashes, and this technique is enough to fully ensure maximum yield of this variety of cucumbers.

If possible, pick cucumbers every day to stimulate the formation of new ovaries. With good care, cucumber picking can occur throughout the summer.

Reviews gardeners about the grade Elegant

Cucumber Grace really enjoys popular love for many years, as evidenced by the many positive reviews and photos of cucumbers grown.

Larisa, 46 years old, Novgorod. It was decided this year to plant not hybrids, but some sort of cucumber, chose Graceful. The seeds gave even friendly shoots. Nursed, as usual, watered, fertilized. I can’t say that the harvest was impressive, but I liked the taste of cucumbers, they are sweet, juicy, without bitterness at all. Stored in the refrigerator for a long time. I lay for almost two weeks and did not even turn yellow. It's nice that you can save the seeds and sow your own next year, unlike hybrids. Alexander Vasilievich, 52, Orel I have been planting Graceful cucumbers for many years now and I am not going to abandon them. I have never been let down yet, and I have always been with cucumbers, although the year is not necessary for a year and the weather is unpredictable in summer. What I particularly like about them is their property to keep the seeds tender, even if the fruits have already outgrown. Sometimes it does not work to call on the dacha once again and they are left without attention for a whole week, or even more, other varieties can already nibble seeds, and peel, except for peeling, and in Graceful seeds, and peel are tender. In addition, the seeds are inexpensive, and if you are reluctant to bother with collecting your seeds, you can always buy them. Olga, 38, Barnaul I used to plant a cucumber Graceful every year. The most common middle grade, nothing outstanding. Cucumbers are small with pimples, tasty. But now there are so many interesting varieties and hybrids, and Elegant it is average for most indicators. But my neighbor still plants and all his praises. But as they say, the taste and color. Nikolai, 44 years old, Tyumen Yes, the variety is old, time-tested. Graceful people like me most because they ripen without looking at any weather conditions. And without any greenhouses there. Even with us, when it happens in the summer and the snow will fall, and you will only cover them warmer on top and that's it. The sun will peep out, they are again in growth went.

As you can see, reviews about cucumbers of the Grade Elegant variety are the most positive, it’s not for nothing that the variety has existed for so many years and many people continue to grow it with pleasure. Let him not have any super characteristics of the newest hybrids, but the harvest of cucumbers is guaranteed to you in any case.