Alex Grape


Many summer residents prefer early ripe grape varieties, as their berries manage to accumulate solar energy and achieve high sugar content in a short period of time. Breeders Novocherkassk bred grapes Alex, a description of the variety of which, as well as photos and reviews indicate its undoubted merits.

Alex's table grapes were obtained by crossing two varieties and successfully combined their best characteristics - early ripeness and frost resistance of one and high yield of the other.

Variety description

An important feature of the Alex variety is its frost resistance, the vine tolerates temperatures down to -25 degrees without consequences. It is this quality that makes Alex grapes popular among gardeners in the western regions of the country, and in the north it is grown in covering conditions. On uncovered soils, grapes are able to produce from 1 hectare, on average, to 135 centners. Crop harvested in late August or early fall.

Shoots of grapes Alex early evenly distributed on the bushes, which grow very quickly. Among all the shoots, the number of fruitful is more than 70%. Large, five-lobed Alex leaves with yellowish veins on the upper side have a rich green color, and from the lower side - a lighter shade and slight pubescence. The flowers are bisexual and do not need additional pollination.

Large, light-green berries of the Alex grape are collected in large clusters up to 35 cm long and weighing up to 1 kg or more. They are characterized by:

  • cylindrical shape;
  • dense juicy pulp;
  • pleasant nutmeg taste;
  • excellent sugar content - up to 20%;
  • low acidity - up to 6%;
  • the possibility of long-term conservation on the bushes;
  • resistance to cracking after rains;
  • excellent presentation;
  • the possibility of long-term transportation without loss of consumer qualities;
  • high tasting score - more than 8 points.

Features of growing

To obtain consistently high yields of Alex grapes, gardeners' reviews recommend taking into account some of the features of planting and caring:

  • Alex variety grows well on light, fairly moist soil;
  • grapes form a powerful root system that rapidly forks, which should be considered when planting;
  • bushes grow well in elevated sunny areas with well-drained soil;
  • since the Alex variety is frost-resistant, it grows well in lowlands;
  • bushes grow rapidly, so you can not allow them to shade;
  • the rapid growth of the bushes and the formation of large bunches require regular grape-garter;
  • 40 shoots are considered the optimal load on a bush, but leaving 30 of them, you can get a higher yield and large berries;
  • Graft seedlings bear fruit better;
  • Although the Alex variety shows resistance to many diseases, it needs preventive treatments.

Planting grapes

In order for the grape Alex to give good yields, it is necessary to provide him with comfortable growing conditions.

Site selection

Sort Alex is unpretentious in the choice of soil, he is suitable for almost any:

  • clay soils are important to ensure good drainage;
  • peatlands can be diluted with sand;
  • increased acidity can be reduced by liming;
  • sandstones fertilize with manure or compost.
Important! Vine does not tolerate stagnant water in the roots, so you need to determine the level of groundwater in the planting zone.

Sort Alex grows well in the lowlands. Usually for planting grapes choose the southern part of the site, otherwise you can deepen the seedlings in the trench to half a meter. Then their root system will be protected from freezing, which means that the vine will remain. Well planted bushes next to a wall or fence to avoid drafts.

Preparation of holes

The 3x0.75 m scheme is considered to be the best for planting Alex's grapes, otherwise the overgrown bushes will shade each other. A trench or hole for planting is prepared in two weeks:

  • their width and depth are 0.8 m;
  • the bottom centimeters by 10 are filled with crushed stone or expanded clay, which will provide drainage;
  • from above it is filled with the same layer of soil and is plentifully spilled with water
  • in the center of each pit fixed support for the vine;
  • compost or humus is laid together with mineral additives;
  • one third of the fossa is filled with earth and is shed again abundantly.

Planting grapes

If at planting all rules are observed, saplings will quickly take root and grow.

  • a mound from the ground gathers around the peg;
  • a sapling is installed on it, which is tied to a support;
  • roots gently straighten on the knoll;
  • soil is gradually added and compacted;
  • the vaccination site should be 3 cm above the ground;
  • okolostvolny circle is filled with a small layer of humus.
Important! When planting saplings of the Alex grape variety in the southern regions, they immediately spud up to 20 cm from drying.

If the bushes of grapes are planted in a trench, then a wire is drawn between them for the garter every 30-40 cm.

Reproduction by cuttings

Alex reproduces beautifully with cuttings, they quickly take root, and by the fall they already produce good shoots. To prepare the cuttings, you need:

  • after autumn pruning of the vine, select the woody part of a healthy shoot about 70 cm long;
  • the optimal cutting diameter should be about 10 mm;
  • on the handle should leave the heel of a thicker escape, from which then the roots will go;
  • shanks should be dipped in a weak solution of copper sulfate;
  • put them in a box of sand in a dark cool place until spring;
  • with the onset of March, select healthy strong cuttings and plant in sawdust;
  • Already in May, ready seedlings can be transplanted to the site.

As follows from the description of the variety and photos, Alex’s grapes can be propagated also by layering:

  • in the lower part of the vine choose two strong shoots;
  • they remove leaves and antennae; instilled in the previously prepared grooves to a depth of 30 cm;
  • cuttings water and mulch with sawdust or peat.

In the spring, new Alex varieties will grow from cuttings. Two years later, when they get stronger, you can separate them from the parent vine.

Bushes care

Agrotechnica cultivar Alex is in timely procedures for feeding, pruning and watering the bushes.

Spring care for Alex saplings early grapes is:

  • in breaking out extra shoots;
  • removing unnecessary kidneys;
  • pruning basal shoots;
  • garter to the trellis of young shoots;
  • correct color rationing;
  • complex feedings.

Summer jobs include:

  • systematically pinching the vine to prevent it from being pulled out;
  • removal of stepsons on the vine to ensure effective nutrition of fruitful shoots;
  • removal of leaves that shade the berries during their ripening period;
  • timely feeding;
  • daily inspections of the vine to identify pests;
  • preventive treatments for diseases.

In the autumn, the crucial moment comes when the vine has given all its power to ripen the fruit. After harvesting, you should prepare Alex grapes for winter:

  • to strengthen the protective forces to feed complex fertilizers;
  • treat against pests;
  • to conduct formative and sanitary pruning, removing all damaged branches after the fall of the foliage;
  • in the northern regions of the grape spud, and the vine is covered with spruce branches.

Prophylactic treatments

The thick skin of grapes sufficiently reliably protects them from various pests. The variety is resistant to many diseases. However, prevention of common diseases and pests is important. In the spring, when young shoots begin to grow, the bushes are sprayed with a solution of Bordeaux mixture.

The second processing of the grape variety Alex is carried out before the appearance of the ovaries. With the defeat of the bushes with a bacterial or fungal infection, all the sick parts of the grapes - shoots, leaves, clusters, should be collected and destroyed, as they are not treatable. The remaining healthy vines need to be sprayed with chemicals. It should also be carried out cleaning pristvolnyh circles from weeds, from which pests easily move to the bushes of grapes. Creating favorable conditions for their aeration will prevent mold and fungi.

Gardeners reviews

Khorokhorina Maria, 59, VolgogradIn our field, Alex’s grape demonstrates excellent shoot maturation. Harvest is collected early - in August. The grapes produce very large, up to 35 cm long, clusters. The berries are also large, fleshy and very sweet, have an excellent presentation. We believe that this is one of the best table varieties for our region. Alexander Sladkov, 67 years old, Klin. Alex’s grape vineyard is just right for our climate - it matures early and is resistant to cold. It has a wonderful taste. The grapes are stored for a long time, fresh fragrant clusters adorn the table until the frost. The most important thing is to organize proper care. Len'kova Zinaida, 48 years old, Belgorod Two years ago we learned about this variety and planted only two bushes. Large matte grapes with a characteristic nutmeg taste we liked. Moreover, the early variety and over the summer manages to fill with the warmth of the sun.Varenin Igor, 70 years old, Tambov Long ago I am engaged in viticulture. I try to select new varieties suitable for our climatic conditions. Alex grape variety chose reviews familiar gardeners and did not regret. Seedlings take root easily, do not require complex care, and the taste is excellent.


Alex's grapes will be a good variety for home viticulture and will delight the crops of juicy sweet berries, without requiring complex care activities.