Fungicide Scor


Fungal diseases affect fruit trees, berries, vegetables and flowers. To protect the landings from such lesions apply fungicide Speed. Proper use of the fungicide involves compliance with safety regulations and prescribed dosages.

Features of the fungicide

Drug Scor is produced in Switzerland. His full counterparts of domestic production - Discor, Keeper, Chistotse.

Skor are used alternately with the fungicides Chorus and Topaz, since they have different active ingredients. As a result, the pathogenic fungus does not have time to adapt to the drug.

Fungicide Scor has the form of an emulsion, packaged in containers of different volume from 1.6 ml to 1 l. The active ingredient is difenokonazol, which belongs to the class of triazoles.

The drug penetrates the plant tissue and inhibits the activity of the fungus. The speed is notable for its good speed, it blocks the reproduction of the fungus already 2 hours after use.

Sphere of use Scorum includes pre-sowing seed treatment and preventive spraying of fungal diseases. The tool is effective for the protection of vegetables, fruit trees, berry and flower beds.


The use of fungicide Skor has the following advantages:

  • there is no accumulation of harmful substances in the fruit;
  • affects mushrooms of various types;
  • effective against young and mature mycelium;
  • inhibits sporulation;
  • shows the greatest efficiency at temperatures from +14 ° C to +25 ° C;
  • after spraying the plants lay more flower buds, the number of shoots and leaves increases;
  • suitable for seed treatment before sowing;
  • compatible with insecticides that have been certified in the Russian Federation;
  • in the soil it decomposes into simple components;
  • does not oxidize in air;
  • It can be used for 6 consecutive years, after which it should be abandoned for one year.


When using the drug Scor take into account its disadvantages:

  • no more than 3 treatments are allowed per season;
  • over time, the fungus becomes resistant to the active substance;
  • processing is not carried out in the period of flowering and the formation of ovaries;
  • does not relieve plants from rust, downy mildew;
  • at temperatures below +12 ° C and above +25 ° C, the efficiency of the solution decreases;
  • high price.

Instructions for use

To prepare a solution of the drug, Skor requires a container that is filled ¼ volume with water. With constant stirring, inject the emulsion, then add water to the required rate. Spraying is carried out through a fine spray.

Fruit trees

The drug Scor is effective in Alternaria, scab and powdery mildew, which appear on apples and pears. Spraying helps protect cherries, cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches from coccomycosis, cluster sporitis and leaf curl.

Important! Fungicide Skor is not used against moniliosis. When its signs appear, additional processing by Horus is required.

For spraying prepare a working solution consisting of 2 ml of suspension per 10-liter bucket of water. To process a young tree, you need 2 liters of solution. On an adult tree prepare 5 l.

During the season, up to 3 treatments are carried out: before the formation of buds and after the harvest. The tool is valid for 2-3 weeks.


The vineyard is treated with a fungicide Skor to protect against oidium, black rot and rubella. Spraying requires 4 ml of suspension, which is diluted in 10 liters of water.

The consumption rate is controlled visually. According to the instructions, 1 liter of the fungicide solution is enough to spray 1 square meter. m. For the season, the procedure is carried out 2-3 times.

The drug is valid for 7-10 days. Re-processing is allowed after 2 weeks.

Berry Bushes

Raspberries, gooseberries, currants, blackberries and other berry bushes are prone to spotting and powdery mildew.

If dark spots appear on the leaves, they are treated with a solution consisting of 3 ml of suspension per 10 liters of water. To get rid of powdery mildew, one ampoule with a capacity of 2 ml is sufficient.

Tip! From the powdery mildew on the berries, the use of the drug Scor alternates with Topaz.

The resulting solution shrubs process on the sheet. On 1 square. m leaf surface consume 1 liter of the prepared solution. Consumption rate assessed visually.

According to the instructions, the action of the fungicide, Skor, lasts for 14 days. If the signs of the disease persist, repeat the treatment 21 days after the first spraying.


Tomatoes, potatoes, beets and carrots often suffer from spotting caused by a pathogenic fungus. To protect the plants, a solution is prepared containing 3 ml of the preparation. Scorpion per 10 liters of water.

If powdery mildew has appeared on vegetable crops, then according to the instructions for use, add 2 ml of fungicide. It is necessary for a large bucket of water.

10 square meters. m beds spend 1 liter of solution. The tool continues to operate for 1-3 weeks. For the season, 2 treatments are enough with an interval of 3 weeks.


In cold and wet weather, signs of spotting or powdery mildew appear on the roses. As a result, the decorative properties of the flower are lost and its development slows down. If you do not take timely action, the bush will die.

For the treatment of roses from spotting requires 5 ml of suspension in a large bucket of water. Against powdery mildew, 2 ml is sufficient. Consumption rate - 1 l per 1 sq. M. m surface of the leaves. Consumption assessed visually.

For the season, roses are treated twice. The protective effect of the fungicide is up to 3 weeks, then you can re-spray.


Perennial and annual flowers suffer from powdery mildew and gray mold. To get rid of powdery mildew, according to reviews and instructions for use, requires 2 ml of fungicide Speed. A solution containing 4 ml of concentrate per 10 liters of water is effective against gray rot.

The flower bed is treated by spraying. During the season, sheet processing is carried out 2-3 times. Fungicide Skor is valid for 3 weeks.

Seed treatment

Disinfecting seeds before planting reduces the risk of many diseases. At 1 liter of water, add 1.6 ml of the drug Scor. In the resulting solution immersed seeds of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers and other crops.

Planting material is immersed in the solution for 6-36 hours. It quickly protects both seeds and young plants from the spread of fungus. After processing, the seeds are washed with clean water and planted in the ground.


Fungicide Speed ​​is a substance of hazard class 3 for humans. The active ingredient is deadly to bees, fish and aquatic organisms.

Processing is carried out in a protective suit, be sure to wear a respirator. Smoking, eating and liquids is prohibited during the work. The maximum period of interaction with the solution is 4 hours. From the place of spraying remove people without protection and animals.

Spraying is performed in dry weather early in the morning or in the evening. Permissible wind speed - no more than 5 m / s.

It is important not to allow contact of the drug with skin and mucous membranes. If signs of discomfort appear, treatment should be discontinued. In case of poisoning, you need to drink 2 glasses of water and 3 tablets of activated carbon, induce vomiting. Be sure to go to the doctor.

Important! Fungicide Skor stored in non-residential premises, remote from children, animals, food.

It is allowed to carry out processing in house conditions on a balcony or a loggia. The door to the living room is closed, the gap is sealed with a piece of cloth. After spraying, keep the balcony closed for 3 hours, then air 4 hours. A day later, allowed to bring plants into the room.

Gardeners reviews

Evgeniy, 36 years old, Rostov-on-Don. Fungicide Scor is an effective remedy against fungal diseases. I use it to process fruit trees immediately after flowering. I try to alternate different means so that the pathogens do not have time to adapt to them. A few years ago, pear suffered from scab. Every year, I spray the trees with Skor, no warning signs appear anymore. Before starting work, I put on a long-sleeved shirt, plastic glasses and a hat.

Valentina, 58 years old, Krasnodar. Already for several years I have been using the drug Scor for the treatment of my garden. With its help, the apple tree was rid of scab, a rose from powdery mildew. If there are signs of illness, I prepare a solution for spraying. The solution has a strong smell, so it is better to use a respirator. After treatment, the disease recedes, and the plants begin to actively develop. In the spring I process trees before bud break. In addition, I spend spraying in the fall before leaf fall.

Love, 40 years old, KurskFungicide Scor - one of the best antifungal agents. For 10 liters of water, 2 ml of suspension is sufficient. Its disadvantages are: toxicity and waiting time up to 30 days. The tool protects peaches and nectarines from leaf curl. To do this, spray planting before flowering. Apple and pear process with the appearance of ovaries. In the future, I switch to biological agents. According to the instructions for use and reviews fungicide Skor requires additional means of protection. Be sure to use a respirator that protects the eyes and respiratory system.


Drug Scor - an effective remedy that saves plants from fungal diseases. It is used for processing trees, shrubs, vegetables, garden and indoor plants. For spraying prepare a solution containing a certain concentration of the fungicide. When interacting with the chemical, safety precautions are observed.