Fungicide Poliram


Long rains, dampness and fogs are favorable conditions for the appearance and reproduction of a parasitic fungus. With the arrival of spring, the virus attacks the young leaves and covers the entire plant. If you run the disease, you can lose almost the entire crop. Timely prevention is the best method to combat pathogenic fungi that infect shrubs and fruit trees.

Among gardeners, the fungicide Poliram has gained confidence, which has a wide range of applications. We will get acquainted with its features, instructions for use and reviews of summer residents.

Features of the fungicide

Poliram fungicide is an effective drug of contact action, which is used as a prevention of fungal infections. It is designed for fruit trees, grapes and vegetable crops.

Purpose and form of release

The drug protects plants from the following diseases:

  • late blight (brown rot);
  • mildew (downy mildew);
  • rust;
  • anthracnose (bitter rot);
  • scab;
  • various spotting (Alternaria and Septoria);
  • peronospora (downy mildew).

Fungicide Poliram is produced in the form of water-soluble light brown granules, which are packaged in plastic bags of 1 and 5 kg. Some online stores offer to buy small bags of 50 and 250 g. The average price per kilogram of substance is 1000 rubles.

If Poligram failed to find the fungicide, it is possible to purchase its analogues: Polycarbocin, Copper Oxide and Mancozeb. According to responses of summer residents, they have similar properties.

Attention! The drug is intended solely for carrying out preventive spraying of plants.

Mechanism of action

The tool belongs to the chemical group dithiocarbamate. The active component of the drug is metiram, the concentration of which in dry matter is 70% or 700 g per kilogram. It has a strong effect on the vital processes of a parasitic fungus, prevents the synthesis of enzymes. The active substance blocks the development and spread of pathogenic microorganisms.


Like any drug, Poliram combines both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of fungicide use:

  • no toxic effect on the cultivated plants;
  • can be used during budding and flowering;
  • convenient and easy to use: the granules dissolve quickly, they are easy to dose and they do not fly in the air;
  • due to the suppression of the enzyme system of fungi, the probability of their adaptation to the action of the fungicide is small;
  • suitable for many cultures;
  • gives a quick effect.

Many gardeners prefer the drug Poliram.


The negative qualities of a chemical agent include:

  • short term exposure, protective properties are quickly lost;
  • inconvenient packaging, can easily tear;
  • uneconomic, in comparison with other drugs greater consumption of the substance;
  • unstable to precipitation, as it has a surface effect;
  • harmful to humans and mammals.

Each gardener must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of fungicides and, depending on the purpose of the application, choose the most suitable one.

Preparation of working solution

Preventive spraying drug Poliram begin to carry out in early spring at the beginning of the growing season. For the whole season, 4 sprays are carried out with an interval from 8 to 10 days.

The fungicide working fluid should be prepared on the day of use, as it loses its properties during storage. For this, the sprayer is half filled with water and the granules are dissolved in it. Then, constantly stirring, add liquid to the desired volume. The result should be a homogeneous solution. Poliram dose of the drug and the processing time is selected depending on the type of culture.

Important! The last spraying of a vegetable or fruit tree should be done 60 days before harvesting.


Potato beds can be affected by late blight and Alternaria in many regions of the country. Diseases cover both bushes and tubers. Crop losses can go up to 60%. The fungicide Poliram will help protect the plant from these fungi.

To prepare a working fluid, 40 g of dry matter must be dissolved in 10 liters of water (a bucket). Potatoes are sprayed four times: before the closure of the tops, during the formation of the buds, after flowering and during the appearance of the berries. The instructions say that the fungicide Poliram retains its effect for three weeks. On average one square meter consumes 50 ml of solution.


Tomatoes are also vulnerable to Alternaria and blight. To save infected plants is very difficult. Most of the harvest will still die, so preventive procedures should be given special attention.

To provide plants with reliable protection against pathogens, 40 g of the fungicide Polisram should be diluted in 10 liters of water and the bushes should be carefully treated. Spraying carried out three times with an interval of 19-20 days. Consumption - 40-60 ml per 1 m2.


The most harmful diseases of grapes are anthracnose and mildew. If you get lazy in the spring and do not carry out preventive procedures, you can go without a harvest. The fungicide Poliram is excellent for processing grapevine.

The working fluid is prepared from 25 g of the drug and 10 liters of water. According to the instructions for use, the vineyard is sprayed four times: during the formation of inflorescences, after flowering, during the period of the appearance of the berries and when the fruits reach 50 mm. At 1 m2 on average, 90 ml of solution is required. The protective effect of the fungicide is maintained for 20 days.

Fruit trees

Fungicide Poliram is widely used for the prevention of rust, scab and Septoria, which usually infect pears and apples.

First, knead the solution: 20 g of the granules are poured into 10 liters of water and stirred until the particles are dissolved. Over the entire growing season, the orchard is sprayed four times: the blooming of leaves, the appearance of buds, after flowering and when the fruit reaches 40 mm in diameter. Depending on the size of the fruit tree, it consumes from 3 to 7 liters of working fluid. The protective effect of the fungicide lasts 37-40 days.

Compatibility with other drugs

Fungicide Poliram is forbidden to mix with substances that have an acid reaction. It can be combined with pesticides Acrobat, Fastak and Strobe.

Before mixing the tank solution, each preparation should be checked for compatibility with the polymeric fungicide. If a precipitate has fallen to the bottom, these substances cannot be mixed.

Security measures

Fungicide Poliram belongs to the 2 class of danger. It is harmful to humans, but has no toxic effect on plants. The drug is deposited on the surface of plant tissue and washed off with water. It is necessary to avoid hit of substance in reservoirs.

When working with the drug Polisam must adhere to the following rules:

  • wear gloves, special clothing, a respirator and goggles;
  • do not smoke, drink or eat during work;
  • after completing the procedure, wash your hands with soap and water, go to the shower and put on clean clothes;
  • open packaging must be tightly closed and put away in a package;
  • Do not prepare the solution in food containers.

Polars can be stored for no more than 24 months.

Important! In order for the fungicide not to lose its properties, it is necessary to protect it from moisture, direct sunlight and heat.

Reviews of summer residents

Alena, 35, Yekaterinburg At one time, anthracnose became a regular guest on my site. To save the grapes, I decided to conduct a spring prevention of the disease. I bought the fungicide Poliram in a plastic bag weighing 20 g and processed the grapevine according to the attached instructions. The result did not impress me, maybe I did something wrong, or the drug was expired. But anthracnose reappeared, and I had to purchase another product. Sergey, 50, IvanovoUsed the drug Poliram to protect the orchard from fungal diseases. I did not like the fact that this requires about 4 sprays, the procedure takes a lot of time. But it was worth it, apples and pears delight juicy fruits and bright greens. Now I will apply a fungicide every year.


Fungicide Poliram gives good results in prophylactic treatments of various cultures. This is a promising drug that deserves attention. If you follow the instructions and safety rules, the tool will only benefit.