Fungicide Strekar


Diseases of fungal and bacterial nature can slow down the development of plants and destroy the harvest. To protect garden and agricultural crops from such lesions, Strekar, which has a complex effect, is suitable.

The fungicide is not yet widespread. The manufacturer recommends the use of the drug to growers and farmers.

Fungicide description

Strekar is a contact-systemic fungicide that protects garden crops from harmful bacteria and fungi. Fungicide is used for the treatment of planting material, spraying and watering during the growing season of crops.

One of the active ingredients is phytobacteriomycin - an antibiotic that is highly soluble in water. The substance penetrates into the plant tissue and moves through them. As a result, the immunity of cultures to various diseases is increased.

Another active ingredient is carbendazim, which can stop the spread of pathogenic microorganisms. Carbendazim has protective properties, it adheres well to the shoots and leaves of plants.

Strekar fungicide is used to protect and treat the following diseases:

  • lesions of fungal nature;
  • root rot;
  • blackleg;
  • fusarium;
  • anthracnose;
  • bacterial burn;
  • spotting on the leaves.

Fungicide Strekar is available in packages with a capacity of 500 g, 3 and 10 kg. The drug has the form of a paste, which is diluted with water to obtain a working solution. In 1 tbsp. l contains 20 g of substance.

Strekar is compatible with other fungicides and insecticides. The exceptions are bacterial preparations.

The protective effect of the solution lasts for 15-20 days. After treatment, the protective and therapeutic properties appear after 12-24 hours.


The main advantages of Strekar fungicide:

  • has a systemic and contact action;
  • effective against pathogens of bacterial and fungal nature;
  • does not accumulate in shoots and fruits;
  • long period of action;
  • promotes the emergence of new leaves and ovaries in plants;
  • increases yield;
  • wide scope of application: treatment of seeds and adult plants;
  • suitable for spraying and watering;
  • compatible with other drugs;
  • lack of phytotoxicity while maintaining the consumption rate;
  • possibility of use at any stage of development of cultures.


Disadvantages of Strekar:

  • the need to adhere to safety precautions;
  • toxicity to bees;
  • prohibited to use near water bodies.

Application procedure

Strekar drug is used in the form of a solution. The required amount of fungicide is mixed with water. Planting watered at the root or sprayed on the sheet.

To prepare the solution using a plastic, enameled or glass container. The resulting product is consumed within 24 hours after preparation.

Seed treatment

Seed treatment before planting avoids many diseases and accelerates seed germination. The solution is prepared the day before planting seeds on seedlings or in the ground.

The concentration of fungicide is 2%. Before dressing choose seeds without sprouts, cracks, dust and other contaminants. The processing time is 5 hours, after which the planting material is washed with clean water.


Indoors, cucumbers are susceptible to fusarium, root rot, and bacterial wilt. To protect the landings prepare the working solution.

For prophylactic purposes, the first treatment is carried out a month after the planting of plants to a permanent place. The solution is made by irrigation under the root. The consumption rate of pasta Strekar 10 liters is 20 g

The procedure is repeated every 4 weeks. Just enough to perform 3 treatments per season.

The solution is used for drip irrigation. The consumption of fungicide Strekar on 1 square. m will be 60 g.


The drug Strekar is effective against bacterial wilt, fusoriosis, root rot, tomato spot. In the greenhouse, tomatoes are sprayed with a 0.2% fungicide solution. For tomatoes in open ground prepare a solution in a concentration of 0.4%.

First, the treatment is carried out a month after disembarking at a permanent place. Re-spraying performed after 3 weeks. During the season, enough 3 treatments of tomatoes.


At increased humidity, onions are susceptible to bacterial and other rot. Diseases spread quickly throughout the plants and destroy the crop. Protect plantings help preventive spraying.

The consumption rate of the fungicide Strekar 10 liters is 20 g. Planting is sprayed during the formation of the bulb. Further processing is repeated every 20 days.


If the potato shows signs of fusarium, black leg, or bacterial wilt, serious remedial measures are required. Plantings are sprayed with a solution containing 15 g of paste per 10-liter bucket of water.

For preventive purposes, potatoes are processed three times per season. Between treatments stand 3 weeks.


Wheat, rye, oats, and other grains suffer from bacteriosis and root rot. Protective measures are carried out at the stage of seed dressing.

In the tillering stage, when the plants appear side shoots, perform spraying plantings. According to the instructions for use, 10 g of Strekar fungicide is required for 10 liters of water.

Fruit trees

Apple, pear and other fruit trees suffer from scab, bacterial burn and moniliasis. To protect the garden from diseases prepare a solution for spraying.

In accordance with the instructions for use Strekar fungicide is taken in an amount of 10 g per 10 liters of water. The solution is used in the formation of buds and ovaries. Re-processing is carried out in the autumn after harvesting the fruit.

Precautionary measures

When interacting with chemicals, it is important to observe safety precautions. Fungicide Strekar belongs to the 3rd class of danger.

The skin is protected with long-sleeved clothing and rubber gloves. It is not recommended to inhale vapors of the solution, therefore a mask or respirator should be used.

Important! Spraying is carried out in dry cloudy weather. Watering planting solution is better in the morning or evening.

From the place of processing remove animals and people who have no means of protection. After spraying pollinating insects released after 9 hours. The treatment is not carried out near water bodies.

If chemicals come into contact with the skin, rinse the area with water. In case of poisoning, you need to drink 3 tablets of activated carbon with water. Be sure to consult your doctor to avoid complications.

The drug is kept in a dry dark room, remote from children and animals, at a temperature of from 0 to +30 ° C. Do not store chemicals near medicines and food.

Gardeners reviews

Raisa, 54 years old, Saratov, has acquired the drug Strekar in a garden store. The tool is quite new, so I decided to try it for presowing treatment of seeds. I prepared a solution and put tomato seeds in it for a day. When growing seedlings, no signs of disease were observed. Natalia, 37 years old, Ryazan Last year, root rot became a real disaster for my tomatoes. Therefore, this season decided to pay special attention to preventive treatments. Chose a fungicide complex action. Of new products interested drug Strekar. She processed tomatoes several times per season: at the seedling stage, after planting in the ground and during flowering. It is very convenient that the planting can be watered with a solution, because there is not always time to spray. Strekar was very pleased with the fungicide, the tomatoes had never been sick for the whole summer. Vladimir, 42, Stavropol In summer he discovered signs of scab on an apple tree. While the disease did not spread throughout the garden, I decided to treat the trees with fungicides. Used drug Strekar in the form of a solution. Spraying helped stop the disease. In the future, I plan to use Strekar for prophylactic treatments.


Strekar is a two-component fungicide with complex effects on plants. Remedy effective against fungus and bacteria. It is applied by spraying a plant or added to water before watering. The consumption rate depends on the type of culture. To protect the seedlings from diseases on the basis of fungicide prepare a means for seed dressing.