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Great attention of winegrowers, except for table varieties, enjoy technical. An ideal gardener and pollinator plots is the Alfa grape variety, common in many regions.

The main place of its cultivation in Russia is Primorsky Krai. Since 1937, the culture in the region has taken one of the first places in the cultivation of industrial grapes; more than 800 hectares have been occupied by its cultivation. The Alpha variety in North America was developed with the help of the parental species Riparia and Labruska. Grapes first attracted the attention of breeders among wild plant varieties. What are the characteristics of technical varieties were able to win the favor of winegrowers? The answer to this question is easy to get by reading the description of the variety, photos and reviews of the grapes "Alfa".

Main characteristics

Grape growers are not new. For decades, it has been grown by experienced and novice gardeners. It draws attention to the fact that it perfectly tolerates the cold season and preserves the pomp of the bush. It is difficult to find the best landscaper for arbors, balconies, buildings and the whole site. In addition, the Alfa grapes have a pleasant taste and good juiciness of the berries. The following parameters are important for gardeners:

The term of ripening crop. According to the description of the variety, Alpha grapes belong to the average ripening period. The berries are ready to pick through 110-145 after the start of the growing season. Usually the collection takes place at the end of September.

The yield of Alfa grapes, according to gardeners, is 10-14 kg per plant and 150-180 centners per hectare.

The bush is vigorous and powerful. Differs in the presence of a large number of stepsons. This leads to thickening of the vine. Therefore it is necessary to remove stepchildren at least 2 times per season. If this is not done, the density and size of the gron will decrease.

Creepers grow up to 9 meters, they are large leaves (up to 25 cm in length). The leaves have sharp teeth, characteristic of the Alpha variety, at the edges.
The clusters of Alpha are medium-sized, cylindrical, the weight of one ranges from 150-180 g. In some cases, gardeners note the formation of larger specimens on the vine up to 250 g. For a technical grape variety this is a good indicator. Hrona medium density.

Alfa bloom in mid-June. On the shoot there are 2-3 bisexual inflorescences. Often used by growers as a pollinator of other varieties.

Berries of grapes "Alpha" are round, dark blue, weighing 2-3 g each. A weak wax deposit is formed on the skin.

The taste of the berries is very pleasant, nutmeg, but sour. Therefore, "Alpha" is used to make wines and juices.

Attention! The only drawback is slightly increased acidity. For those who love sweet grapes, the variety “Alpha” is of no particular interest.

But he does not apply to table species. The pulp of the berries is juicy and slimy, with a slight taste of strawberries.

Frost resistance is the most worthy characteristic of grapes. The root system perfectly maintains the temperature of the soil -12 ° C, and the air to -35 ° C. For this quality, the Alpha variety is very fond of gardeners. It does not require additional shelter, which significantly saves time and energy in a busy autumn period. It also serves as a quality stock for varieties with low frost resistance.

Resistance to fungal infections. The variety does not require a large number of prophylactic treatments for infections and constant attention. But chlorosis is affected quite often.

Be sure to carry out pruning on 8-10 eyes. Otherwise, Alfa grapes will significantly reduce yields.

In the photo grapes "Alpha":

Landing algorithm

The main activities that will ensure good development and fruiting of Alfa grapes are planting and care. The end result depends on how well they are performed.
In addition to high frost resistance, Alpha grapes demonstrate the same degree of survival. Therefore, the variety is planted in spring (end of March-June) and in autumn (October-November).

First choose a place. It should be well lit and protected from the wind. The groundwater level is no higher than 2 meters. Otherwise, do not do without drainage. Great south-west side of the building.

Prepare planting material. Most often, gardeners propagate Alfa grapes by rooting cuttings. The grade possesses the good characteristic - trouble-free merging with a stock. Saplings necessarily harden and perform all the procedures recommended for growing cuttings.

For grafting choose the vines closest to the ground. Before planting, the seedling is soaked in water for better rooting and root development.

The soil for planting is suitable with any composition, but fertilized. Be sure to add sand to the ground. Too wet the ground before planting a seedling is not worth it, so the event is not appointed after the rain.

Prepare landing pits. For fertile soils, a cube 80 cm in size is enough, for sand you will need to go deeper to 1 m. Leave a distance of at least 1.5 m between the holes, and 2 m between rows.

Important! The greater the depth of the pit, the better the Alpha seedlings are rooted. It is necessary to remember that a pit is prepared for autumn planting in the summer, and for the spring - in the autumn. The soil should be settled. At the bottom is placed a drainage layer, then humus and soil. The last two layers are mixed.

In the center of the pit put a peg - support, lower the seedling to the root collar, covered with soil.

A grape sapling must be watered and mulched. The young plant is sheltered for the winter, it still does not have the strength to resist frost. Do not expect a harvest in the first year after planting. At this time there is still a residual rooting, hardening and strengthening of seedlings. Despite the fact that the grapes "Alpha" according to the description of the variety and reviews are unpretentious, you need to take care of it. Especially in the first stage of development. Therefore, the next step for the gardener is to provide the grapes with decent care.

Grape care

In order to keep the Alpha grapes in good condition and to get the result stated in the description, it is required to fulfill the requirements of the agrotechnical variety:

Water it. The first time they spend abundant water-charging irrigation after removing the spring shelter. This is important to do especially in those years when there was little snow in winter and rain in spring. In the following months, the bushes are watered in the early morning or evening once a week. For one plant you need 1-2 buckets of distilled warm water. Sprinklers or sprays for these purposes do not use, you need to supply water to the roots. Adult plants increase the dose of watering, for one bush spend 2-4 buckets.

Feed up. Saplings of Alfa grapes differ in intensive growth. Without a group of fertilizers, the plant is difficult to sustain the initial responsible period. Before normalization of the natural process of symbiotic nutrition, the grapes are fed with nitrogen, carbon and potassium. Organic supplements are also suitable:

  • infusion of bird droppings (in good breeding);
  • herb infusion;
  • infusion of ash wood.

Also used drugs "Biovit", "Gummy Plus", Vermishtim "," Optim-Gumus ". They are made according to the instructions and not earlier than 7 days after the main ones.

Crop and delete stepchildren.

Grape bushes thinned throughout the summer. Pruning is done competently on 8 -10 eyes. To skip events is not recommended, otherwise the bushes are overgrown.

Protect from diseases and pests. Fungal lesions of the variety are not terrible. But the rest of the diseases and pests are as common as in other species.

The main pests attacking the grape "Alpha":

  1. Flea grape. You can destroy the flea with the help of insecticides “Karbofos” and “Fufanon”.
  2. A grape mosquito. For grapes, its larvae are dangerous; galls are formed at the site of their introduction. Apply the same insecticides as against flea.
  3. Grape cushion. It is problematic to destroy adult individuals of the pest, therefore spring treatment of the vine with “Preparate 30” or “Nitrafen” is carried out. To once again not to process the grapes, the pillow can be removed manually. Only have to do it regularly.
  4. Wasps. They love ripe grapes. The danger is that Drosophila breeds in places of damage by wasps and fruits rot. The fight is carried out using flavored traps or insecticides.

Among the diseases on the grape varieties "Alpha" are found:

  1. Chlorosis, oidium, varieties of rot. It is difficult to deal with such problems, so regular preventive measures are needed.
  2. Anthracnose. Sprays are saved by “Ridomil”, “Antraknol”, Bordeaux mixture.

Preparing for winter grapes "Alpha" is in the shelter of the vine. Despite the high frost resistance, the vine near the ground can freeze.


Gardeners reviews about the variety are different. It depends on the region and growing conditions. But the bulk of them are positive. Along with a description of the variety and photo of grapes "Alpha".

Tatyana, VoronezhVinograd grades "Alpha" helps me to decorate the site. In addition, I use it in the form of a graft and a landscaper. Berries do not attract me with their taste, but the wine turns out good. I can’t provide special care - I rarely go to the site. The main thing I try to do thinning. The rest is very unpretentious and fruitful vinog.Pavel, Novoshakhtinsk I grow Alfa grapes for winemaking. I have nothing to plant on trees, but it suits me as a pollinator. Be sure to spend spraying against diseases and pests at the same time throughout the vineyard. Therefore, I do not draw up a schedule for taking care of Alpha.

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