Aktara from the Colorado potato beetle: reviews


Everyone who planted potatoes at least once, faced such a scourge as the Colorado potato beetle. This insect is so adapted to the various conditions of life that even many poisons are unable to overcome it. That is why experts from the field of agronomy have developed a special drug Aktar, which will protect your crop from permanent pests and allow you to grow high-quality and healthy plants.

Description and properties of the drug

The uniqueness of Aktara is that it can be used not only to protect potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle, but also currants from aphids, as well as from various pests that impair growth and destroy roses, orchids and violets. Aktara is a neonicotinoid type insecticide.

Almost a day with this drug against the Colorado potato beetle, you can forget about this pest. So, after 30 minutes after treatment, the pests will no longer eat, and the next day their death occurs.

If you bring the Aktara remedy under the plant root, then the defense will last for 2 months, if the drug is sprayed, the plant will be protected for 4 weeks. In any case, at the time you save the plants from painful insects.

In what form is produced

The drug is available in several forms: liquid concentrate, as well as special granules. So, the granules are packed in a small bag in 4 g. Experts say that there will be enough sachet to process all greenhouse tomatoes.

The suspension concentrate is available in 1.2 ml ampoules, as well as in 9 ml bottles. Such packing is convenient for processing houseplants or small summer cottages.

For enterprises that are engaged in the cultivation of agricultural products, special packaging is produced in 250 g.

How to use a remedy against pests

Means Aktara from the Colorado potato beetle, the instructions for use of which is quite simple, has reviews not only gardeners-amateurs, but also serious experts in the agricultural sector.

Attention! The most important point is to start processing on time.

Simply put - as soon as pests are found on the plants, immediately open the packaging and proceed to processing.

Choose a day without wind, and also see the forecast so that it does not rain. Spraying is carried out in the morning and in the evening. Choose a good spraying agent so that it does not crash and is not clogged. At the end of the work, the sprayer is rinsed with plenty of water.

So, it is necessary to prepare a solution, do it only in open space. In 1 liter of warm water, dilute 4 g bag of the drug. The working fluid is prepared exactly in the sprayer itself, which is filled with water for. If you are sprinkling potatoes, then you need to add 150-200 ml of the product; if currants are being processed, then 250 ml, you will need 600 ml for the flower cultures.

Using the drug Aktara, you get a lot of advantages:

  • protection against more than 100 pests;
  • active penetration through the leaves. The drug is absorbed after 2 hours and the rain does not have time to wash off the protection;
  • practically does not penetrate the fruits themselves;
  • the agent can be mixed with other drugs, as well as added to the fertilizer. The drug is incompatible only with alkali based products;
  • activates the development of the root system;
  • the drug is harmless to insect predators that feed on pests.

But most importantly, it is protection from the Colorado potato beetle. Aktara is a reliable tool that will protect your harvest from unexpected guests.

Experts also recommend alternating the drug with other means of protection so that some types of pests do not develop resistance to the drug.


Reviews of Aktare means speak about its reliability and long-lasting effect. It is also used before planting, dipping tubers or bulbs into the solution. Experts say that you can not be afraid of an overdose of harmful substances, since the drug is completely decomposed in just 60 days.

However, experts note that the drug is moderately dangerous for people and has a class III toxicity. This suggests that when working with the tool, you must use gloves and a respirator, as well as special clothes that you wash after each treatment. In addition, you should also wash all the tools that were involved during the work, as well as the need to take a shower and brush your teeth.

Tip! If you plan to process indoor flowers or some other plants, they must be taken out on the air.

The following point also applies to safety measures: to avoid poisoning or accidental ingestion of the drug in the stomach, do not use various food containers or usual containers for storing food or water to dilute it.

Note also, despite the fact that Aktara does not pose a particular danger to birds, fish, earthworms, it is still undesirable to pour its remnants near water bodies or clean springs. However, the drug is harmful to bees, so they are released only 5-6 days after treatment of plants. Numerous reviews about the drug also indicate that it is impossible to walk cattle on the plot treated with Aktar, and you also need to ensure that the substance does not get into their feed.


Aktar is recommended by experienced gardeners, as well as experienced agronomists:

Dmitry, 68, near Moscow I use Aktar only to fight the Colorado potato beetle. They already adapted to everything, nothing takes them. But this tool showed itself from the best side. My potatoes are now always safe and sound. Well and so on trifles sometimes a currant and flowers are sprayed. Only you need to be always careful, prepare in advance uniforms: gloves are mandatory, a respirator, you can mask. The drug must be diluted and immediately used. And a fine day, choose so that without the wind, well, and the rains, as it will. In principle, Aktara is quickly absorbed, so the rains are not terrible. Larisa, 34 years old, Krasnodar Territory Aktara practically saved orchids from certain death. Before that, no drug could cope, because there are many pests, and the effect of the drug is short. Just the reviews influenced my choice, now I recommend it. The tool has a long-lasting effect, it has destroyed all these terrible insects that literally ate my beautiful flowers. Helena, 38 years old, Tomsk. I have been using Aktar for several years in a row. Beautiful thing, once discovered it for her reviews. I spray potatoes in the country and flowers are potted. I usually bring them to the cottage and there I am already conducting all the procedures. And, by the way, there is enough of this substance much, and the price is affordable. I'm happy.