The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Spark


The Colorado potato beetle is a round-shaped insect with characteristic black and yellow stripes. Pest activity lasts from May to autumn. To combat the pest there are various methods. The most effective are chemicals that can neutralize the Colorado potato beetle. Such a remedy is the Spark of Triple Effect from the Colorado potato beetle and other varieties of this drug.

Forms of release

The drug "Iskra" has several forms of release, depending on the active ingredients. All of them are used to handle landings from a Colorado beetle.

Golden Spark

Means "Iskra Gold" is designed to protect plants from the Colorado potato beetle, aphids, thrips. The tool has a long exposure and after use retains its properties for a month.

Important! “Iskra Gold” is effective in hot climates.

The active ingredient here is imidacloprid, which, when interacting with insects, causes paralysis of the nervous system. The result is paralysis and death of the pest.

Spark Gold is available as a concentrate or powder. Based on them, a working solution is prepared. For processing potato plantations, the following concentrations of substances are used:

  • 1 ml of concentrate per bucket of water;
  • 8 g of powder per bucket of water.

For each weave landings up to 10 liters of the prepared solution is required.

“Spark Double Effect”

The drug "Spark Double Effect" has a rapid effect on pests. The product includes potassium fertilizer, which allows potatoes to restore damaged leaves and stems.

The drug is available in the form of tablets that dissolve in water to form a working solution. Processing is done by spraying the crop.

The composition of the tool "Spark Double Effect" includes the following components:

  • permethrin;
  • cypermethrin.

Permethrin is an insecticide that acts on insects by contact or after ingestion through the intestines. The substance has a fast action on the nervous system of the Colorado beetles.

Permethrin does not decompose under sunlight, however, it quickly disintegrates in soil and water. For humans, this substance is low hazard.

Cypermethrin is the second component of the drug. The substance paralyzes the nervous system of the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle and adults. On treated surfaces, the substance remains for 20 days.

Cypermethrin exhibits the greatest activity during the day after use. Its properties are retained for another month.


According to the instructions for use for processing potatoes for every 10 square meters. m planting requires 1 liter of the drug solution. Depending on the area occupied by potatoes, the required amount of solution is determined.

“Spark Triple Effect”

To combat the pest using the drug "Iskra Triple Effect." It contains cypermethrin, permethrin and imidacloprid.

The tool is available in packaged form. Each pack contains 10.6 g of substance. The specified amount is used for processing 2 acres of potatoes. Due to the action of the three components provides long-term protection of plants from the Colorado potato beetle.

The Spark Triple Effect also contains potash supplements. Due to the receipt of potassium, the immunity of plants, which are restored faster after an attack by pests, is increased.

The tool begins to act in an hour. The effect of its use persists for more than 30 days.

Iskra Bio

The preparation "Iskra Bio" is designed to combat the caterpillars, larvae of the Colorado potato beetle, spider mites and other pests. According to the description, the partial effect of the drug is noted on adult beetles.

The product can be used in hot weather. If the ambient temperature rises to + 28 ° C, then the efficiency of the components increases.

Important! “Iskra Bio” does not accumulate in plants and root crops, therefore it is allowed to carry out processing regardless of the time of harvest.

The action of the drug is based on avertine, which has a paralytic effect on pests. Avertin is the result of soil fungi. The tool does not have a toxic effect on humans and animals.

After processing, Iskra Bio destroys the Colorado beetles within 24 hours. The drug is used at temperatures above + 18 ° C. If the ambient temperature has dropped to + 13 ° C, then the tool ceases to act.

Tip! For processing potatoes preparing a solution consisting of 20 ml of the drug and a bucket of water. The resulting solution is sufficient for spraying one hundred landings.

Order of use

The drug is diluted in the required concentration, and then proceed to the treatment of plantings. A sprayer is required for operation.

The solution will be applied in the morning or in the evening, when there is no direct exposure to the sun. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in case of strong winds and during precipitation.

Important! "Spark" from the Colorado potato beetle is used throughout the growing season of potatoes. Re-processing is allowed to take two weeks.

When spraying, the solution should fall on the sheet plate and be evenly distributed on it. First, the drug is dissolved in a small amount of water, after which the solution is brought to the required volume.

Security measures

In order to achieve the best result without harming the environment, the following safety measures are followed when using the Iskra preparation:

  • use of protective equipment for the hands, organs of vision and respiration;
  • do not eat food or fluids, stop smoking during processing;
  • for the period of spraying on the site should not be present children and adolescents, pregnant women, animals;
  • wash your hands with soap and water after work;
  • ready solution is not subject to storage;
  • if necessary, the drug is disposed of in places remote from water sources and sewage;
  • the drug is stored in a dry place inaccessible to children, away from sources of flame, medicines and food;
  • if the solution comes into contact with the skin or eyes, the contact area is washed with water;
  • in the case of penetration of the drug into the stomach, perform washing with the help of an activated carbon solution and consult a doctor.

Gardeners reviews

Svetlana, 42, Kemerovo Last year, the Colorado potato beetle appeared in the garden. To combat him decided to immediately use chemical methods. In the store, I was advised to "Spark Double Effect". The tool was effective, got rid of the beetle within a week. The main thing is to detect the pest in time, then less power will be needed to destroy it. Anna, 35, Samara According to numerous reviews from friends, she decided to try the Iskra drug from the Colorado potato beetle. Almost 3 hours passed for all the work Also decided to try the tool on the weevil. The next day, not a single bug was found anymore. Ivan, 50, Yekaterinburg I take more than half of the area in the garden for potatoes, so I decided to take care of protection against the beetle in advance. For this, I purchased the Iskra Dual Effect drug. After processing, the number of beetles significantly decreased.


Colorado potato beetle is one of the most dangerous pests in the garden. As a result of its activity, the crop is lost, and the plants do not receive the necessary development. The Colorado potato beetle prefers young shoots, and its maximum activity is observed during the flowering period of potatoes.

The drug "Iskra" includes a complex of substances whose action is aimed at getting rid of pests. The tool can be used during the growing season of potatoes.