Killer - a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle


The Colorado potato beetle damages potato plantings, and can spread to other cultures. The most effective are chemicals intended to kill insects. One of these tools is the killer of the Colorado potato beetle. The active ingredients of the drug have a paralyzing effect on pests.

With the observance of safety measures, you can get rid of the Colorado beetles for a long period of time. Chemicals should not interact with food and liquids.

Description of the Colorado potato beetle

Colorado potato beetle is one of the most dangerous pests in the garden. This is a representative of the leaf beetle family, imported from Colorado and became widespread in Eurasia. In Russia, the Colorado potato beetle appeared in the forties of the twentieth century.

Pest is easily recognizable by the characteristic color of black and yellow. The size of the beetle is no more than 12 mm. The body of the insect is oval, with stripes on the back and black spots on the head. The larvae of the beetle are gray or black and yellow.

Important! The life cycle of the Colorado potato beetle is one year. Some individuals live up to 3 years.

The Colorado potato beetle spends the winter at a depth of up to 0.3 m. If the soil is sandy, then the pest penetrates to a depth of 0.5 m. Then its population does not die during frost. Depending on the ambient temperature and precipitation, the Colorado potato beetle comes to the surface in May or a few weeks earlier.

Due to the developed wings of the Colorado potato beetle can make long flights. Typically, the pest appears from neighboring sites or as a result of mass migration.

Harm from the Colorado potato beetle

The female of the Colorado potato beetle from early spring until the onset of autumn lays eggs on the lower part of the leaves of plants. 2-3 generations of beetles may appear over the summer.

The larvae begin to hatch within 5 to 14 days, which largely depends on the temperature. Larvae go through several stages of development. During this period, they need intensive nutrition, so they intensively eat the upper parts of the shoots.

Then the larvae go to the ground, where pupation and formation of the adult individual takes place. The Colorado potato beetle feeds on plants for a period of up to 20 days. In the heat of the insects fly in search of a source of food. As a result, the area of ​​their settlement is several tens of kilometers.

Important! The Colorado potato beetle feeds on tops of solanaceous plants, however, it is most often found on potato plantations.

Pest can be found on eggplants, peppers, tomatoes. Insect shows activity from April to the end of the summer season. If the potato leaves are not sufficiently formed, the beetle moves to other cultures.

Important! The greatest danger is the larvae of the beetle. One individual can eat up to 6 cm2 of foliage per day.

In the spring, the Colorado potato beetle eats young shoots, in the middle of summer it switches to inflorescences. At the end of the season, the lower parts of the potato are affected.

Features of the drug

The killer is a drug of complex action, able to cope with various pests. The tool is suitable for processing plantings from the Colorado potato beetle, whitefly, ticks and aphids.

Important! Killer comes in the form of a concentrate, which is diluted in water. The drug is sold in 1.3 ml glass ampoules or 10 ml bottles.

Means is intended for processing of potatoes, vegetable and fruit and berry cultures. It is allowed to use it in an open ground, and also in greenhouses and other closed designs.


Compared to other means of the Colorado potato beetle, the Killer has the following advantages:

  • destroys insects in a short time;
  • has no phytotoxic effect;
  • retains properties when exposed to rain;
  • not addictive in insects;
  • can be used in hot weather;
  • effective at all stages of development of the Colorado potato beetle (eggs, larvae and adults).

Active ingredients

The composition of the drug Killer includes the following substances:

  • cypermethrin in the amount of 50 g per liter;
  • chlorpyrifos at a dosage of 500 g per liter.

Cypermethrin is a chemical substance consisting of 8 isomers. Each of them has a certain effect on insects. The combination of these components has a devastating effect on the Colorado potato beetle.

The substance infects the nervous system of pests due to contact-intestinal effects. As a result, the life of the Colorado potato beetle ceases, and the insect dies.

Important! Cypermethrin exhibits maximum activity during the first days after use.

Its effectiveness remains high for a month. The substance retains its properties under the influence of the sun and high temperatures.

Chlorpyrifos is detrimental to the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. When ingested, the substance paralyzes it and causes death. Chlorpyrifos affects the Colorado potato beetle through the respiratory system.

Chlorpyrifos is resistant to environmental factors. The activity of this component can last for 70 days. In the ground, the substance is stored for up to 4 months.

Due to the complex effect of active substances, the impact is on both the larvae and the full-fledged individuals. Therefore, the drug has a fast action and retains its properties for a long time under the influence of external factors.

Killer destroys the Colorado potato beetle within 2 days. The protective effect lasts for three weeks.

Time of processing

The killer is used in two ways:

  • potato tubers are processed before planting;
  • Spraying of bushes during the growing season of plants.

Potato tubers are processed prior to planting. To do this, they are sprayed with a solution based on the drug. Then the tubers are mixed.

During the growing season is allowed to hold a one-time processing. At the same time they are guided by the time of harvest. It is not allowed to perform work for 45 days and in less time before harvesting potatoes.

Important! The killer is incompatible with copper-based preparations and alkaline insecticides.

For spraying choose the morning or evening, when there is no direct exposure to the sun. The treatment is not carried out with strong wind and precipitation.

Consumption rates

When using the killer, the proportions of the substance are strictly observed. The drug is not used in pure form, on the basis of its preparation.

Important! One vial of 1.3 ml needs 8 liters of water. The resulting solution is used to process 100 square meters. m planting potatoes.

The consumption of a substance depends on the processing method. If you need to pickle planting material, then 0.5 ml of the drug should be 10 ml. The indicated amount is sufficient for processing 25 kg of tubers.

Precautionary measures

When carrying out work, it is necessary to observe the prescribed precautions:

  • Perform all actions according to the instructions. In the mandatory supplement to the drug indicated its dosage, side effects, storage rules, combination with other means.
  • Observe the established proportions. If the dosage of the drug is less, the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle will not have the desired effect. Exceeding the norm of a substance can cause harm to humans, animals and plantings themselves.
  • Do not use drugs that are stored in violation of the rules. You should also abandon the use of funds, the shelf life of which has already expired.
  • Dilute the killer before using it. Storage of the drug is hazardous to the environment. If you leave the solution, then over time its effectiveness will decrease significantly.
  • The use of protective equipment for the respiratory system, vision, skin. For this purpose, masks, gloves, protective suits are used.
  • If the substance comes into contact with the skin, the contact area is washed with water. If your eyes or digestive system are damaged, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • In the course of the work it is forbidden to smoke, eat food and liquids.
  • When processing should not attend children and animals.
  • After completion of the work, the suit and the rest of the protective equipment are treated in order to eliminate the residues of the preparation.
  • If the solution is not fully used, it is forbidden to pour it into the sewer system or leave it on the site. Remains means better to bury in the wasteland.

Basic analogues

  • Destroy. Effective remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, which is produced in suspension. Active components are aimed at neutralizing the activity of the nervous system. The drug begins to act within 24 hours and remains active for another 20 days. Destroy is not destroyed at high or low temperatures.
  • Prestige. Means for processing potato tubers before planting. After 50 days, its active ingredients break down into non-toxic constituents. To eliminate the Colorado potato beetle, a working solution is prepared on potatoes.
  • Aktara. The drug has an enteric-contact action. Its components enter the body of the Colorado potato beetle and begin to act after a few hours. Aktara retains properties at all temperatures, has an economical consumption and long-lasting effect.
  • Commander Low toxic insecticide, which allows to get rid of pests during their mass distribution. The drug tolerates cooling and is not washed off by rain. To achieve the desired result, one treatment per season is sufficient.
  • Spark. The drug is available in tablets, which are diluted with water to obtain a solution. Means gets into insects in the contact or intestinal way. The effect of the drug lasts for 2 weeks. Processing is carried out by spraying potato plantations. Spark has moderate toxicity.
  • Intavir The drug in the form of tablets, effectively acting against the Colorado potato beetles. The action begins during the first day and lasts 2 weeks. Processing is done by spraying. Allowed to carry out the procedure twice per season.


The drug Killer is an insecticide that can cope with various garden pests. The tool is used to combat the Colorado potato beetle. This pest begins to show activity in early spring, during the summer it eats potato tops and other plants. If you do not take timely action, the yield of potatoes will decrease.

Use the killer must be in strict accordance with the instructions. When working with the solution used remedies. Be sure to follow the prescribed dosage. Potato processing takes place in two stages. Before planting the drug is disinfected tubers. During the growing season of potatoes, a single spraying is sufficient. The impact is carried out at any stage of the development of the insect.