Remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Taboo


Almost every gardener who grows potatoes uses one or another insecticide. The Colorado potato beetle is the most important enemy on the way to a good harvest. To get rid of these pests, you must choose a very powerful tool. To such concerns the drug "Taboo."

Means description

The main active ingredient of the drug is imidacloprid. He is able to penetrate into all the cells of the plant, after which the use of potato leaves will be dangerous for beetles. Once in the body, the substance immediately acts, affecting the pest's nervous system. Now the Colorado potato beetle is completely immobilized and gradually dies.


The drug is available in containers and vials of different sizes. For a small amount of potatoes, 10 or 50 ml bottles are suitable, and for planting a huge area there are containers of 1 liter or even 5 liters. Calculate the amount of the drug is easy. For processing about 120 kg of tubers you will need 10 ml of the product.

Instructions are attached to the preparation. It is necessary to strictly follow the preparation method described in it. The described recommendations will help protect plants from the attack of the Colorado beetles, as well as wireworms. The action of the drug continues until no less than 3 pairs of leaves appear on the bushes.

Instructions for use of the drug "Taboo" from the Colorado potato beetle

Taboo is a fast-acting tool that remains active for up to 45 days from the time it is processed. To do this, follow the instructions for preparing the solution. Before using the drug, care must be taken to protect hands and mucous membranes. Now you can begin the process of preparing a mixture:

  1. The spray tank is one third filled with water.
  2. Then turn on the mode of mixing.
  3. Pour the drug at the rate of 1 ml per liter of water.
  4. Add water to the tank was full.
  5. Stir the mixture again.
  6. For 24 hours, the solution must be used.
Attention! During the procedure, shake the solution periodically.

Before processing potatoes, it is necessary to manually select planting material. To do this, the potatoes are sorted, throwing away all the damaged and diseased tubers. Remember that the quality of the planting material directly affects the yield of potatoes.

Further, processing is carried out in a similar way:

  1. Selected potatoes are sprinkled on any suitable material (thick film or tarpaulin).
  2. Using a spray, the agent is applied to all tubers.
  3. Then the potatoes are left to dry completely.
  4. After that, the tubers turn over and repeat the work done.
  5. Once the tool is completely dry, you can start planting.

Coloring pigment, which is part of the product, allows you to evenly apply the drug to all tubers. Due to this, each potato is completely covered with a layer of substance that will not flake off and will not be erased from its surface.

Wire guard protection

If the Colorado potato beetle attacks the shoots of potatoes, the wire is directed specifically at the tubers themselves. To protect the plant, it is necessary to carry out additional tillage before planting potatoes. To do this, spray each well. Due to this, a protective layer is formed around the root system.

Moisture helps imidacloprid spread around the tuber, and then the plant will gradually absorb the substance from the soil. Thus, the substance enters all parts of the plant. Now, as soon as the beetle bites off a piece of the leaf, it will immediately begin to die.

Attention! The drug "Taboo" is harmless to pets, bees and worms. The main thing is to comply with the dosage means.

Important features and storage conditions

Experienced gardeners emit the following advantages of this substance:

  • effectiveness lasts up to 45 days;
  • during this time there is no need to carry out additional pest control procedures;
  • ready solution is well distributed throughout the tuber;
  • It also protects bushes from cicada and aphids. As you know, it is they who carry various viral diseases;
  • the agent can be used in parallel with other drugs. But before that it is necessary to check their compatibility;
  • pests have not had time to develop addiction to Imidacloprid, therefore, the effectiveness of the tool is quite high.

Substance must be in the original packaging. Keep "Taboo" should be away from children and pets. The temperature regime should not be below -10 ° C, and the maximum temperature in the room should not be above + 40 ° C. After use, residues should be disposed of.


As we have seen, the Taboo remedy for the Colorado potato beetle does an excellent job with the task. It is very important to follow the instructions during the preparation of the solution, as well as adhere to safety precautions.


Pavel Sergeevich, 49 years old, Volgograd. I have heard many times encouraging reviews from familiar gardeners about Taboo. Also tried this tool, and was very pleased. True, after 1.5 months the bugs still appeared. I had to additionally spray the tops. But the instructions stated that the drug is valid for 45 days, so no complaints. I prefer every year to change the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle so that they do not get used. Perhaps, in a couple of years I will buy this drug again. Antonina Viktorovna, 46, Samara Honestly, I was always afraid to process the tubers themselves before planting. Then they explained to me that the substance goes into the tops and practically does not harm the potato itself. Now I sometimes use similar substances. "Taboo" also had to try. Excellent poison, bugs have not been for a long time.