Potatoes Lyubava


Lyubava potatoes are well adapted to the Russian climate. Its value lies in high yield, good taste of root crops and early ripening. Planting potatoes perform in the spring, and in the summer the plants provide care.

History of origin

The potato variety Lyubava was the result of a selection of Moscow and Novosibirsk specialists. Since 2000, a variety has been tested, which was included in the state register in 2003.

Description and characteristics

Lyubava potato is recommended for cultivation in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Tubers have table purpose.

Features varieties Lyubava:

  • early fruiting;
  • erect bushes of medium height;
  • small open leaves with wavy edges;
  • purple flowers;
  • friendly maturation of tubers.

Variety Lyubava brings reddish tubers of rounded shape with a rough skin. The average weight is from 110 to 210 g. The flesh is white, the taste is good. Starch content is 11-17%. Commercial quality is estimated at a high level.

The yield of the variety is from 288 to 400 kg / ha. Compared to the standard varieties Pushkinets and Beloyarsky early, from 1 hectare of potato plantations Lyubava is harvested 50-100 centners more yield.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of cultivation and disadvantages of the variety Lyubava are given in the table:



  • early harvest;
  • simultaneous maturation of tubers;
  • high yield;
  • trade dress tuber;
  • good taste.
  • low resistance to late blight tops;
  • high susceptibility to the golden nematode.


Potatoes prefer medium and light soil. The culture grows well on sandy and sandy soils, in loam and black soil. In clay soil, tubers develop slowly and rot.

Tip! The soil for potatoes Lyubava prepared in the fall. The land is dug up, cleaned of weeds, fertilized with humus and wood ash.

The best precursors for potatoes are beets, cabbage, cucumbers, siderats. Planting is not recommended after tomatoes, pepper, potatoes and eggplants.

Tubers are planted in April or May, depending on the weather conditions in the region. The soil should be well warmed to a depth of 10 cm. Healthy tubers weighing about 80 g are selected for planting, without any signs of decay or damage.

1.5 months before the start of work, potatoes of Lyubava are kept in a bright place to stimulate the appearance of sprouts. When the shoots reach a length of 1 cm, it's time to start planting. Immediately before planting, roots are treated with Epin or another growth stimulator.

Tubers varieties Lyubava planted in holes or furrows. If the soil is heavy, root crops deepen by 4-5 cm. The depth of planting in light ground is 10 cm. 30 cm are left between the tubers, rows are placed every 70 cm.


Before the emergence of shoots care for planting is loosening the soil. So the tubers will get more oxygen needed for the active growth of the root system. In the course of loosening, weeds are weeded. The procedure is best carried out after watering or precipitation.

When the first buds appear, they begin intensive watering of potatoes. Moisture is applied as the topsoil dries. It is necessary to constantly maintain the soil in a moist state.

Under each bush make 2-3 liters of warm distilled water. Lyubava potatoes are watered in the evening when there is no direct exposure to the sun. After irrigation, loosen the land between the rows.

Hilling and feeding

Due to hilling potatoes, Lyubava forms stolons where tuber development takes place. The soil supports the shoots and does not allow them to fall apart. When hilling the land from the rows between the rows of potato bushes. For manual processing, forks are used, to simplify hilling, special techniques are used.

Hilling is performed twice per season:

  • with a bush height of 15 cm;
  • 2-3 weeks after the first treatment, before flowering.

Regular feeding provides high yield varieties Lyubava. Processing is carried out 2-3 times per season, taking into account the condition of the bushes.

The order of feeding potatoes Lyubava:

  • when forming tops;
  • during budding;
  • 3 weeks before harvest.

The first feeding is necessary for the slow development of potatoes. The need to make fertilizer indicate thin stems and pale green leaves of plants. For irrigation, a solution enriched in nitrogen is prepared. It is best to use natural ingredients: bird droppings or manure.

For the second treatment of the Lyubava variety, a complex fertilizer is prepared, containing 15 g of potassium sulfate and 30 g of superphosphate per 10 liters of water. Bushes watered with a solution under the root. The treatment stimulates the formation of tubers, improves their taste and keeping quality.

Fertilizing with phosphorus and potassium is repeated after the end of flowering before harvesting. An alternative method of feeding is the use of any complex fertilizer for vegetables.

Diseases and pests

Lyubava’s most dangerous potato disease is late blight, which affects tubers and tops. It is determined by dark oily spots. Plants are also prone to rot, scab, Fusarium and other fungal diseases. Spores of harmful fungi get to the site along with poor-quality planting material and tools.

To protect plantings from phytophthora and other fungal diseases, bushes are treated with Bordeaux mixture or other preparations based on copper. Mandatory preventive measures include the careful selection of tubers for planting, digging up the soil, fertilizing and weeding.

Important! Insects cause significant damage to potatoes and are carriers of diseases.

Potato attracts Colorado potato beetle, nematode, wireworm. Against the Colorado potato beetle, spraying with solutions of Sumi-Alfa or Karate preparations is effective. The treatment is carried out with the appearance of the first larvae of the beetle.

The nematode has the appearance of a worm no longer than 1.3 mm long. The pest feeds on plant sap and provokes the appearance of malignant tumors. Preventive measures help protect the landing from nematodes. Be sure to respect the crop rotation and weed weed.


Harvesting varieties Lyubava spend in the early stages. Potato harvesting starts at 45-55 days after germination in the garden.

Tubers are dug up when the potato tops have turned yellow and dried. It is recommended to harvest at least 3 weeks after the onset of such symptoms. If you overdo the roots in the ground, their taste and transportability will deteriorate.

Tip! After digging, the tubers are left to dry until the end of the harvest.

Then for 2 weeks, the roots are kept in a dark barn. During this time, there will be signs of disease, which will allow the rejection of potatoes. Healthy tubers are stored in a cool dry place.

Productivity varieties Lyubava depends on the period of digging potatoes. If the work is carried out on the 45th day after the germination of the crop, then the yield will be from 140 to 200 kg / ha. When the second digging is carried out on day 55, 1–2 hectares of potato are obtained.


Potato Lyubava - proven crop variety. It is appreciated for its early ripening, good taste and commodity qualities. Regular care of plantings helps to get a high yield: loosening, hilling, watering and feeding. Due to the correct agricultural technology, the risk of developing diseases will be reduced.

Grade Reviews

Vasily, 48, Tomsk. Last year I decided to completely renew the potato varieties. I heard a lot about the Lyubava variety, so the choice fell on him. In a variety of pink tubers with a rough skin. The yield was average, but the taste is excellent. Maturation occurs quite early, at the end of August, you can start harvesting. Maria, 36 years old, Novosibirsk, Lyubava Potatoes have been cultivated in the country for several years. The grade pleases with good productivity. At an early stage of vegetation, tubers are formed very closely. Their number reaches 20 pcs. Under favorable weather conditions, you can get a high yield. Root crops are very tasty, they can be cooked and baked. Evgenia, 51 years old, Perm, I consider Lyubava a potato one of the best. I have planted it for many years, and the variety does not degenerate. Therefore, planting material can not be changed every year. On sale grade Lyubava can be difficult to find. The taste of potatoes is excellent, the tubers do not boil soft when cooking. In our clay soil, the yield is excellent.