The recipe for sauerkraut homemade very tasty


Delicious sauerkraut will complement the daily menu in the form of a salad, side dish or dressing for cabbage soup. Especially delicious cake, cooked with its use. The absence of heat treatment allows you to save the beneficial properties of vegetables.

Initially, cabbage sour in wooden barrels. Glass jars are also suitable for homemade souring, less often plastic or enameled ware is used. For the winter, the fermentation recipes are chosen taking into account the ingredients and the time of the leaven.

How tasty to ferment cabbage

Simple recipe

The easiest recipe for sauerkraut does not require the preparation of brine. The appetizer is very tasty when using the minimum set of products and spices.

  1. Cabbage (3 kg) finely shred in any convenient way.
  2. Grate on a carrot medium size (2 pcs.).
  3. Vegetables put in a large container to a layer of carrots on top.
  4. To pickle add salt (30 g).
  5. Layers of vegetables need to tamp to make juice. Its excess is collected in a separate container.
  6. The container is covered with gauze, and a flat plate with a load is placed on top. The fermentation process most quickly takes place at a temperature of 17-25 degrees.
  7. Homemade fermentation takes a week. Periodically you need to remove foam from the surface of vegetables. For this gauze is washed in cold water.
  8. When the vegetables are fermented, they can be laid out on the banks and pour the remaining juice.
  9. Store the workpiece in the refrigerator or cellar, where the temperature is maintained at +1 degree.

Ferment in the bank

The most convenient way to ferment in banks. The procedure does not require additional containers, it is enough to use a regular three-liter jar. To prepare the brine, you need an ordinary iron or enamel pan.

For homemade starter, all components should be taken in a certain amount to completely fill one jar. How to ferment cabbage in such a way and how many vegetables will be needed, you can learn from the recipe with a photo:

  1. 2.5 kg of cabbage cut into strips.
  2. Carrots (1 pc.) Grind grated.
  3. Mix the vegetables and put them in a jar without tamping them.
  4. For the marinade, boil 1.5 liters of water, add salt and sugar (2 tbsp.). The most delicious pieces always contain spices. Therefore, in the marinade add bay leaf and 3 peas allspice.
  5. When the brine has cooled to room temperature, fill it with a jar.
  6. Cabbage in a pot of kvash 3 days. Before it you need to put a deep plate.
  7. After 3 days, you need to transfer fermented vegetables to a balcony or other cooler place.
  8. For final readiness cabbage takes another 4 days.

Brine recipe

Using brine, which requires spices, allows you to get a tasty snack the very next day. The recipe for instant sauerkraut includes the following:

  1. Cabbage with a total weight of 2.5 kg finely chopped.
  2. Carrots (2 pieces) need to be grated on a coarse grater.
  3. Prepared vegetables are mixed, add a few peas allspice and 2 bay leaves.
  4. Then the vegetable mixture is placed in a jar or other container, but not tamped.
  5. To obtain brine, boil 0.8 liters of water, add sugar and salt (1 tbsp.).
  6. While the brine has not cooled, it is poured into a container of vegetables.
  7. Under the bank put a deep plate and leave it in the kitchen.
  8. Vegetables boil during the day, after which it can be used as food or left for the winter.

Recipe with apples

Very tasty sauerkraut for the winter is obtained by adding apples. It is prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. First, take a cabbage (3 kg), which is shred straw.
  2. Salt (1.5 tsp) and sugar (1 tbsp.) Are added to a container with cabbage.
  3. Vegetable mass must be crushed by hand, in order to produce juice.
  4. Two sweet and sour apples should be peeled and coreed.
  5. On a coarse grater, rub carrots (1 pc.).
  6. All components are mixed and placed in a three-liter jar.
  7. A jar of vegetables is left to boil for two days in a warm place.
  8. Then you can put homemade cabbage in the refrigerator for permanent storage and use in winter.

Beetroot recipe

Sauerkraut goes well with many vegetables, including beetroot. As a result, the dish gets a bright color and good taste. Sour beetroot is often used for winter harvesting.

  1. Cabbage weighing 3 kg is ground in any suitable way.
  2. 2 pcs. Beets and carrots rubbed on a coarse grater. Vegetables can be cut into strips or cubes.
  3. Vegetable mass is placed in a jar in layers. First place the cabbage, then beets and carrots.
  4. Then you need to chop the garlic (2 heads), which is also placed in a jar.
  5. For 1 liter of water, 100 ml of vinegar, sugar (0.1 kg), salt (1 tbsp. L.) And vegetable oil (100 ml) are prepared. After boiling, these components are added to hot water.
  6. Vegetables pour marinade, which is previously cooled to room temperature.
  7. On the vegetable mass put oppression.
  8. After 3 days, delicious blanks can be laid out on the banks for the winter.

Recipe with horseradish and pepper

The combination of horseradish root and hot pepper helps to make the taste of the dish more sharp. Get such a snack can be subject to a specific recipe. The specified number of components will allow you to fill 2 cans with a capacity of 3 liters each.

  1. Cabbage (4 kg) should be finely chopped into medium sized pieces.
  2. Then cut beets into thin straws (0.15 kg).
  3. Garlic and horseradish root (50 g each) are ground in a meat grinder or blender.
  4. Separately crushed small hot pepper (1 pc.).
  5. Finely chopped greens (parsley, dill, cilantro).
  6. The prepared components are mixed and placed in a container for the leaven.
  7. Then proceed to the preparation of brine. For it, boil 2 liters of water, where salt and sugar are added (100 g each).
  8. Still not cooled with brine pour vegetable cutting.
  9. Kvass cabbage 2-3 days, then move it to a cool place.

Cranberry Recipe

Cranberries have a high content of vitamins and minerals. This is one of the secret ingredients for getting delicious homemade products. The procedure for cooking cabbage, fermented with cranberries, is given in the recipe:

  1. A head of cabbage weighing 2 kg chopped in any convenient way.
  2. Two medium-sized carrots are cut into strips or grated.
  3. Vegetables are mixed in one container, adding cumin, several bay leaves and allspice of allspice.
  4. The resulting mass is placed in a jar or other container for the leaven, slightly stamping it with a wooden spoon.
  5. Put cranberries (100 g) on ​​top.
  6. Then they are engaged in the preparation of brine. It is obtained by dissolving sugar and salt in 1 liter of boiling water (1 tbsp).
  7. When the marinade is a little cool, they pour vegetable mass.
  8. Fermenting cabbage needs 3 days, after which it is cleaned in the cold for storage.

Recipe with vinegar

Delicious appetizer does not always require a long cooking process. Sometimes it takes 3-4 hours to bring it to the table or make preparations for the winter. Instant sauerkraut is obtained with the observance of a certain technology:

  1. A head of cabbage weighing 1.5 kg is cut into strips.
  2. Peel one carrot and rub it on a grater.
  3. Garlic (3 slices) must be chopped with a knife or skipped through a garlic press.
  4. Finely chopped fresh dill (1 bunch).
  5. The components are mixed in the same container.
  6. For a quick starter, a special pickle is prepared. Its composition includes hot water (0.9 l), salt and sugar (1 tbsp. L.), Several bay leaves and allspice, and olive oil (1/2 cup).
  7. While the brine is hot, they pour vegetables.
  8. A weight in the form of a stone or a can filled with water is placed on the vegetable mass.
  9. After 4 hours, sauerkraut cleaned in cold storage.

Recipe with vinegar and cumin

Homemade preparations become tastier with the addition of spices. Another recipe for quickly preparing sauerkraut is the use of vinegar and cumin:

  1. Cabbage (1 kg) finely chopped, after which it must be placed in a container and crush hands.
  2. Grate need to chop one carrot.
  3. Then clean one onion, which is cut into half rings.
  4. Carrots and onions, several black peppercorns, bay leaves (2 pcs.), Cumin (1/2 tsp.), Provencal herbs, or another seasoning to taste are added to a container with cabbage.
  5. Vegetable mixture is thoroughly mixed and placed in a jar.
  6. In the preparation of brine involved salt (2 tablespoons) and sugar (1 tablespoons), then add acetic acid (1 tablespoons). All components are placed in 1 liter of water.
  7. When the brine has cooled, they pour the vegetables.
  8. The jar is closed with a capron lid.
  9. We sour cabbage for 2-3 hours, after which we remove for permanent storage.

Recipe with honey

Delicious cabbage is obtained by using honey. The cabbage fermented in such a way acquires a sweetish taste. Vegetables can be fermented immediately in glass jars in accordance with the recipe:

  1. Cabbage with a total weight of 2 kg shredded straws.
  2. I rub the carrots on a grater (you can use any tools to get a Korean carrot).
  3. Mix the vegetables, crush them a little with my hands and fill a three-liter jar.
  4. I get a delicious snack with the help of an unusual marinade. Honey (2.5 tablespoons l.), Salt (1 tablespoons), bay leaf and 2 peas of allspice are added to hot water (1 l.).
  5. When the marinade is a little cool, you need to fill them with vegetables.
  6. Leaves vegetables for 3-4 days. At first you can leave it in the kitchen, but after a day it is recommended to move it to a cool place.

Spicy Cabbage

One quick recipe is cooking spicy cabbage. This name is a tasty dish obtained through the use of anise, cumin and dill seeds.

  1. It is recommended to start making homemade preparations from the marinade. In a saucepan, boil water (1 l), then add honey and salt (1.5 tsp each). Prescription spices do not require too much, enough for ½ tsp. dry anise, cumin and dill seeds.
  2. While the marinade is cooling, you can go to cutting cabbage (2 kg) and carrots (1 pc.).
  3. Vegetables are mixed, and you need to mash their hands.
  4. Then the ingredients are placed in a jar and pour the warm marinade.
  5. This is one of the fastest ways to get delicious sauerkraut. The time to final preparation is one day.


Homemade preparations rarely do without sauerkraut. Depending on the method of obtaining delicious blanks, spices, honey, cranberries, apples or beets are used.

Cooking cabbage can be a quick recipe, then the whole process will take no more than a day. For fermentation, wooden or glass containers are selected and the necessary conditions are created.