How to pickle oyster mushrooms quickly and tasty


At this time, oyster mushroom mushrooms have gained incredible popularity. Many housewives have learned to cook with them all sorts of dishes. They are great for salads, pies and pizza. And of course, you can fry and marinate them. Now let's talk about how to quickly cook pickled oyster mushrooms at home. Consider how to do it simply and at no extra cost. This appetizer will surely please your family and friends.

Mushroom selection

Not everyone knows that young mushrooms contain more vitamins and other beneficial substances. They are best suited for pickling. In addition, small-sized mushrooms are more convenient to lay out in jars. They can be collected independently or bought in the store. On the shelves presented a huge selection of oyster mushrooms. Choose only medium and small in size. Their hats should be painted in a pleasant gray tint, which slightly gives off yellowness. In the photo below you can clearly see what must be high-quality mushrooms.

At the edges of the cap there are small cracks. They should not be too noticeable. Choose only smooth and neat mushrooms. Also, oyster mushrooms with yellow spots are not suitable. In the place of break the mushroom should be white. These are the most fresh and tasty oyster mushrooms.

Attention! Young oyster mushrooms do not crumble, they are quite dense and elastic.

Also, when choosing mushrooms for pickling, you should pay attention to the smell. Young oyster mushrooms have a fresh mushroom flavor. If the smell is sharp and unpleasant, they have already deteriorated and become unsuitable.

Be sure to pay attention to the leg of mushrooms. The most tasty and healthy part of oyster mushroom is a cap. Leg usually tough and not very tasty. This part of the fungus contains almost nothing useful. Therefore, high-quality mushrooms are usually cut under the hat itself. Sometimes manufacturers leave a short leg, but by no means all. Next, you will see recipes that show how to cook pickled oyster mushrooms at home quickly and tasty.

Quick cooking recipe for pickled oyster mushrooms

There are a lot of cooking options for pickled oyster mushrooms, but not all of them are quick and simple. The following recipe will show how to marinate oyster mushrooms to save your time and successfully emphasize the taste and aroma. Most importantly, the next day you can already eat pickled mushrooms for food.

For this wonderful recipe, we need the following ingredients:

  • one kilogram of fresh oyster mushrooms;
  • half a liter of water;
  • two tablespoons of salt;
  • one tablespoon of granulated sugar;
  • 90 grams of table 9% vinegar;
  • spoon of refined sunflower oil;
  • dried dill, bay leaf, cloves and pepper to taste.

Cooking start with the mushrooms themselves. The first thing you need to cut the cap. The legs can be thrown away, they will not be useful to us. Then the caps are cut into pieces and washed under running water. Then the prepared mushrooms are moved to a suitable pot of water. There also add spices, sugar, salt and put a lot on the stove.

After boiling mushrooms, add vinegar to them. Then you need to turn down the heat and cook oyster mushrooms for another half an hour. After the time the pan is removed from the stove and the mushrooms are set aside. They should cool down completely. After that, you can shift the mushrooms in clean glass jars. Pour some vegetable oil into each jar. Now you can close the container and put the jars in the refrigerator.

Attention! After a day, the mushrooms will be completely ready to eat.

Oyster preparation for winter

The following recipe is suitable for those who want to preserve pickled mushrooms for a long time. To cook oyster mushrooms in this way, you should prepare the following ingredients:

  • mushrooms - one kilogram;
  • food salt - two tablespoons;
  • granulated sugar - one tablespoon;
  • garlic - two cloves;
  • Lavrushka - two pieces;
  • vinegar 9% table - three tablespoons;
  • whole carnation - five buds;
  • black pepper peas - five pieces;
  • dried dill (only umbrellas).

As in the previous case, you must first prepare the mushrooms. Small caps can be left intact, and larger ones cut into several pieces. Then the oyster mushrooms are washed and put into the pan for further preparation.

Mushrooms are poured with water, table salt, garlic cloves, dill umbrellas, sugar, bay leaf and cloves with pepper are added to the mass. All this is set on fire and brought to a boil. After that, the vinegar is poured into the mixture and boiled over low heat for another 30 minutes.

Attention! From time to time it will be necessary to remove the formed foam with a skimmer.

When half an hour has passed, the mushrooms are removed from the heat and hot bottled in sterilized jars. Marinade must cover the mushrooms in the bank. Do not forget to pour in every bit of vegetable oil. After this, the banks are rolled up with special lids, and left to cool completely.

Marinated oyster mushrooms at home with lemon

In addition to classic options, you can cook instant oyster mushrooms with lemon. Such mushrooms can be eaten immediately or rolled up for the winter. To do this, you need the following ingredients:

  • fresh oyster mushrooms - 1 kilogram;
  • fresh juice from half a lemon;
  • food salt - two tablespoons;
  • granulated sugar - one tablespoon;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • sunflower oil - 50 grams;
  • black peppercorns and cloves to taste;
  • table vinegar - 2 tablespoons;
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • water - 500 milliliters.

Oyster mushrooms should be cut into small pieces. Put them aside and get ready to cook the marinade. Pour the required amount of water into the prepared pan, pour in vegetable oil and add edible salt. Also in the water should be added squeezed lemon juice and chopped garlic.

Put the pot on the stove and turn on the fire. We bring the marinade to boiling and add peas in it and cloves. Also at this stage it is necessary to transfer sliced ​​and washed oyster mushrooms to the pan.

Tip! You can also add bay leaf to taste.

After that, boil the mushrooms for 15 minutes. Then chopped onion (half-rings) and table vinegar are thrown into the pan. All thoroughly mixed and set aside. Mushrooms should brew for 10 minutes. Immediately after that, you can eat mushrooms.

If you want to roll pickled oyster mushrooms, then you do not need to insist. Just put the mushrooms in a sterilized container, pour the marinade and roll up the lid. When the banks are completely cooled, it will be possible to shift them into a dark, cool room.


This article has described several ways to marinate oyster mushrooms at home. Each recipe will help emphasize the wonderful taste of mushrooms and give them a special flavor. Marinated oyster mushrooms are not easy preservation, but a real delicacy for mushroom lovers. They are perfect for any dish and decorate the festive table. Try to cook these marinated oyster mushrooms quickly and effortlessly.