Cherry Red Tomato: variety description, photos, reviews


Someone grows tomatoes exclusively for fresh consumption to enjoy their exceptional tomato flavor. For some, fresh taste and the suitability of tomatoes for harvesting are equally important. And someone gladly grows tomatoes of various colors, shapes and sizes, to then enjoy their variety and make colorful cocktails and salads from them.

In this sense, a very interesting direction in the selection of tomatoes called cherry tomatoes. These tiny tomatoes, weighing no more than 20-25 grams, taste more like fruits than vegetables, not for nothing that they are often used to decorate various dishes and prepare desserts. Cherry tomatoes contain two to three times more sugars and dry matter than regular tomatoes. But only demanding of their growing conditions is also at the level of exotic fruits - cherry tomatoes adore the sun, warmth and high nutrition. Under the conditions of the middle zone, these tomatoes will most likely acquire their unique sweet taste only in greenhouse conditions. One of the most typical varieties of Russian-made cherry varieties is the Red Cherry Tomato, a description of the variety and characteristics of which you can find in this article.

History of the variety

Tomato Cherry Red was obtained by breeders of the famous Russian seed agrofirm Gavrish back in the early 90s of the XX century. In 1997, this variety of tomatoes was successfully included in the State Register of breeding achievements of Russia. It is recommended for cultivation in any areas of our country in terms of open or closed ground.

For the Gavrish company, this variety was one of the first cherry tomatoes that they presented to the public, therefore its name immediately determines its belonging to this dessert group of tomatoes. From the same series, the producers can still find a yellow cherry tomato with very similar characteristics, but with yellow fruits.

Comment! Since at that time there were still very few tomatoes of domestic cherry production in our country, the variety among the people was often also called foreign-style cherry ed.

And many still confuse him sometimes with various hybrids of cherry, such as Winter Cherry. Therefore, it should be clarified that Cherry Red Tomato is a variety and seeds obtained from self-grown fruits can be used further for planting with preservation of all the original parental qualities.

Also, this variety should not be confused with small-fruited tomatoes, such as Balcony miracle, Pinocchio and others. Similar varieties of tomatoes are bred more for ornamental purposes and for growing in rooms and on balconies. At the same time, their fruits have large sizes - 30-40 grams, and the plants themselves have completely different characteristics than cherry varieties.

Variety description

Cherry red tomato seeds can be purchased in the packaging of the company - manufacturer, Gavrish company: in the series "Seeds from the author" or "Successful seeds".

Plants of this variety are typically inttermitant, have unlimited growth and, under favorable conditions, can grow up to 3 meters in height. The bushes branch in medium degree, the leaves do not grow too much, the strength of the power of shoots is average. It is best to form these tomatoes in two, maximum three stems.

Small dark green, rather smooth leaves have a traditional shape for tomatoes, and there are no stipules. Inflorescence refers to the intermediate type. The first flower brush is laid above 8-9 leaves, the following inflorescences - every 2-3 leaves.

In terms of ripening tomato Red Cherry can be safely attributed to one of the earliest varieties of cherry. Fruits begin to ripen on 95-100 days after full germination.

Attention! It should be remembered that the peculiarity of all cherry tomatoes is that they should ripen only on the bushes.

When harvesting tomatoes at the stage of technical maturity and ripening in room conditions, the taste of the fruit will be far from perfect.

Considering this moment, tomato Cherry Red has a great advantage - due to the early ripening period, almost the entire crop will most likely have time to fully ripen on the bushes even in regions with a short summer.

The yield of tomato is rather small for ordinary varieties, but cherry tomatoes are generally not distinguished by high yields. It is possible to collect 1.0–1.5 kg of tomatoes per season from an average bush, with an increased agricultural technology this number can be increased to 2–2.5 kg.

Disease resistance in cherry varieties is quite high, but Cherry Red is especially susceptible to cladosporia, and can be adversely affected by tobacco mosaic virus and Fusarium. Therefore, in the cultivation of this variety of tomato requires mandatory preventive treatments. It is desirable to use for this purpose biological preparations like phytosporin, gliocladin, trichodermine, phytolavin.

Characteristics of tomatoes

The fruits of the tomato Red Cherry ripen on the bushes traditionally in the form of long brushes, each of which can be from 10 to 40 tomatoes.

Tomatoes are round, with a smooth skin.

In a mature state have a saturated red shade.

Despite its telling name, the size of the tomatoes is, of course, larger than the size of the cherry. The weight of one fruit on average is 15-20 grams. Rather, mature brushes of this variety resemble clusters of grapes.

The fruit has 2-3 seed chambers, the pulp is dense and juicy at the same time.

Tastes are rated "good" and "excellent."

For some reason, the taste characteristics of this tomato cause the most discrepancies in the reviews of gardeners. Some consider them one of the sweetest cherry tomatoes, while others refuse to grow them precisely because of the "sour" taste of tomatoes. Either there is a large percentage of regrading in the seeds, or the accumulation of sugars in the fruits of this variety is very much dependent on the growing conditions. Indeed, as mentioned earlier, the taste of cherry tomatoes depends to a large extent on three factors:

  • Good solar illumination.
  • Enough heat.
  • Stability and diversity dressings.

If at least one of these factors is not up to par, the taste qualities of Cherry Red tomato can greatly disappoint you.

Tomatoes of this variety are often used fresh, as a treat for children, to decorate a variety of summer salads, and canning them in banks of any size.

Tip! Cherry Red Tomatoes can be preserved in banks in whole clusters, and this preparation will look great on a festive table.

They are unsuitable for storage and transportation, because the skin of the fruit is thin, and they quickly begin to expire juice.

Reviews gardeners

Reviews of gardeners who have grown tomato Cherry red on their plots are very contradictory. Some admire the taste and beauty of this variety of tomatoes, while others frankly do not recommend this variety for cultivation.

Tatiana, 52, Arzamas I love cherry tomatoes and have been growing them for years. The Red Cherry Tomato sowed last year, having bought an attractive picture and words in the description of the variety that the clusters are particularly decorative and ripen up to 40 fruits. The bushes turned out to be quite powerful, vymahali under two meters in open ground. I formed them into three trunks, and with the departure, in principle, there were no problems. Everything, as with ordinary tall tomatoes - pasynkovanie, watering, feeding. When attacked, phytophtoras are not particularly injured - which means that they are really resistant to diseases. And now the most important thing - as far as fruits are concerned, everything here is not at all as good as we would like. First, my hands consisted of a maximum of 12-15 pieces of fruit. True, we can not say that they have deceived, because this is less than 40 - well, what can I say. In principle, for cherry yields can be considered good. But the taste of tomatoes disappointed. Compared to all my other varieties and hybrids, including cherry, they turned out to be just plainly sour. Yes, and I did not notice any decorativeness, perhaps because I was upset because of the taste. Review text Natalya, 38, Podolsk My children’s favorite tomato variety this year is Red Cherry. They eat the fruit straight from the bush, I tried, and really sweeter than this cherry, I haven't eaten tomatoes yet. The plants grew in the greenhouse high, rested against the ceiling, but the harvest from the bush is not too big. However, cherry and usually do not have a high yield. These tomatoes are the main thing - taste. Maria, 40 years old, Moscow region I have no dacha, and I love to grow vegetables on the balcony. This year, coveted on the Cherry Red variety from Gavrish. They swept up from me to the ceiling, but as for the yield, so far a strong disappointment. I understand that in the conditions of the balcony it is ridiculous for me to claim 40 tomatoes in a brush, but even 8-10 would be enough for me. But after all, only 3-4 buds form on the bush, another half of them fall due to the heat and as a result 1-2 small tomatoes mature in each hand. I haven’t experienced such disappointment for a long time. Eugene, 34, Mordovia I was treated to the Red Cherry tomatoes by a neighbor last summer, I liked it, and I decided to plant these tomatoes too to please my little one. I planted only 10 seeds, everything grew well, the seedlings were quite strong, planted on the beds in late May. I was very pleased with the harvest - there were really a lot of fruit-berries, the children were happy to pick them straight from the bush. And I still had enough to close a few jars. I marinated them straight with brushes, and in the banks they looked very original.


Tomato Cherry is red, despite the contradictory reviews, worthy of at least try to grow it. And then to evaluate on their own experience how much its characteristics correspond to the declared ones.