Tomato Rich Hata: description, photos, reviews


Tomatoes Rich Hata - a fruitful variety with excellent taste. Tomatoes are suitable for daily diet and canning. Hybrid plants are resistant to diseases.

Variety description

Characteristics of Rich Hut Tomatoes:

  • early maturation;
  • the time from germination to fruit picking takes 95-105 days;
  • determinant plant;
  • shtambovy type shrub;
  • height of tomatoes is up to 45 cm.

Description of the fruits of the Rich Hata variety:

  • round shape of tomatoes;
  • smooth, dense skin;
  • a mass of about 110 g;
  • bright red color of tomatoes in ripeness;
  • number of cameras from 2 to 4;
  • dry matter concentration - up to 6%.
  • sweet taste;
  • juicy pulp.

Seeds of companies "Aelita" and "SAD GARDEN" are on sale. From 1 square. m yield reaches 8 kg. The fruits hang on the bushes for a long time, they do not crack when cooked. Tomatoes withstand long-term transportation, have good commercial properties.

Variety Rich Hata has a universal purpose. Tomatoes are consumed fresh in cooking, processed into juice, pasta, adjika, salted, pickled and stuffed.

Tomatoes are planted in open areas, under a film or glass cover. According to reviews tomatoes rich hut suitable for growing on the balcony due to the small size of the bush.

Planting seeds

To grow tomatoes rich hata, you should first get seedlings. At home, the seeds are placed in small containers with fertile soil. When the plants get stronger, they are transferred to the garden bed. In warm regions, planting seeds at a permanent place is allowed.

Preparatory stage

Tomato seeds are planted in a light fertile soil. It is obtained by combining an equal amount of garden soil and humus. It is better to prepare the substrate for tomatoes in the fall and keep it at sub-zero temperatures on the balcony or in the refrigerator.

Tip! To disinfect the soil, it is treated with steam using a water bath or watered with a warm solution of potassium permanganate.

For planting tomatoes take the boxes with a height of 10-12 cm. Tomatoes develop well in peat pots or tablets. This method of planting avoids plant picks. You can use special cassettes with cell sizes of 4-6 cm.

Seeds of tomatoes before planting also need to be processed. The material is placed in a damp cloth and kept warm for 1-2 days. So stimulate the germination of planting material. Before planting, planting material is left for half an hour in the solution of the drug Fitosporin.

Work order

After processing the soil and seeds proceed to planting. Terms of planting depend on the region of cultivation of tomatoes. In the middle lane, work begins in the first decade of March, in a cool climate - at the end of February.

The procedure for planting seeds rich varieties Hut:

  1. The boxes are filled with moistened soil, and the substrate is watered in peat cups.
  2. Tomato seeds are placed on the soil surface in 2 cm increments. When using peat pots, 2 seeds are placed in each of them.
  3. Peat or soil is poured on top with a layer of 1 cm.
  4. Capacities with tomatoes cover with plastic wrap.

Depending on the temperature in the room, germination of tomato seeds takes 5-10 days. When seedlings emerge, the containers are moved to the window sill, and the seedlings provide the necessary microclimate.

Seedling care

For the development of tomatoes at home provide a number of conditions:

  • day temperature 18-20 ° C;
  • temperature at night not lower than 16 ° С;
  • backlight for 11-13 hours;
  • regular soil moisture.

Boxes with tomato seedlings are kept on the windowsill. The containers are placed on a foam base that will protect the plants from the cold.

With a short daylight above the tomatoes set the backlight in the form of fluorescent or fitolamp. Coverage include morning or evening.

Tomatoes Rich Hut watered with warm, settled water. The soil is kept moist. When the tomatoes grow, their stems gently spud.

With the development of 1-2 leaves, tomatoes are distributed into separate containers. When grown in cups leave the most developed plant.

2 weeks before transfer to the garden, tomatoes begin to harden. Plants are transferred to the balcony for 2-3 hours. The period of being in natural conditions is gradually increased.

Landing in the ground

Tomatoes are transferred to the beds up to 2 months. Work is carried out in May-June after heating the soil and air masses.

Plot for tomatoes Rich Hut cook in the fall. Culture prefers fertile light soil and plenty of sunlight. In the greenhouse, the topsoil is completely replaced.

Tip! Good precursors for tomatoes are cabbage, onions, garlic, root vegetables, legumes. After eggplants, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes, the crop is not planted.

Dig up the soil and fertilize with compost in the amount of 4 kg per 1 sq. Km. m. From mineral fertilizers add 25 g of superphosphate and potassium salt. In spring, the soil is loosened with a rake.

Plants are placed in increments of 40 cm, and when they are planted in rows, they maintain a gap of 50 cm. In the garden beds are prepared with a depth of up to 20 cm, where tomatoes are placed. Roots fall asleep with the ground, after which they plant abundantly.

Grade Care

Rich Hata Tomatoes develop well with regular care. Plants need watering and intake of nutrients. The undersized variety does not need to be staked. When fruiting enough to pick off the lower leaves.

Tomatoes tied to a low support of metal or wood. For preventive purposes, plantings are sprayed with biological products from diseases and pests. In the greenhouse regulate the level of humidity at which pathogens are activated.


The intensity of irrigation depends on weather conditions and the stage of development of tomatoes. After planting, the plants need time to adapt, so they begin to make moisture for 7-10 days.

Before the formation of buds make 2 liters of water per bush every 4 days. When flowering plants need more moisture. Weekly consumption per bush will be 5 liters of water.

So that tomatoes of the Rich Khata variety do not crack, watering is reduced during mass fruiting. During this period, it is enough to make 3 liters of water every 3 days.

Attention! For watering apply warm water, which is poured strictly under the root of the plants. Moisture contribute in the morning or evening hours.

After watering the tomatoes loosen the soil, eliminate weeds and wind the greenhouse. Mulching of the beds with peat or humus helps to keep the soil moist.

Top dressing

The supply of nutrients ensures high yields of the rich Hata variety. Tomatoes are fed with solutions based on organic or mineral substances.

Tomato bark scheme:

  • 7-10 days after transfer to the beds;
  • during the formation of buds;
  • with the appearance of the first fruits;
  • during the mass fruiting.

In the early stages of development, tomatoes are fed slurry. This fertilizer contains nitrogen and contributes to the formation of new shoots.

Then for feeding tomatoes prepare solutions containing superphosphate and potassium sulfate. 10 liters of water requires up to 30 g of each substance. The resulting solution is made under the root of tomatoes.

Sheet processing is more effective in cool weather. To prepare the solution, phosphorus and potassium substances are taken. 10 water add no more than 10 g of each fertilizer. Spraying of tomatoes is carried out in the morning or in the evening.

Mineral dressings for tomatoes alternate with the use of organic ingredients. A day before watering wood ash is added to the water. Fertilizer is also embedded in the soil when loosening. Wood ash provides plants with a complex of minerals.

Gardeners reviews

Alina, 34, UfaUzha has been growing tomatoes for several years for sale. Constantly looking for new varieties, unpretentious and fruitful. Chose the characteristics of the tomato rich hut. Variety refers to the early ripening. Seeds are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, shoots appear after 5 days. The fruits have an excellent presentation: smooth, with a smooth skin. Makar, 46 years old, Perm Seed varieties of rich hut bought in a gardening shop. Tomatoes attracted high yields. In March, planted on seedlings, transports tomatoes in open ground in June after frost. In our climate, tomatoes do not have time to ripen on the street, so I remove them still green. Fleshy fruits with good taste. Next year I will plant in a greenhouse, I hope to get a higher yield. Svetlana, 58, Bryansk purchased Rich Tomatoes tomatoes after a response from a neighbor who praised their taste and productivity. The seeds quickly sprouted, the tomatoes grew in the greenhouse. Very tasty and productive grade. Low shrubs, very convenient to water and spray. I did not have time to do the preparations, I also distributed it to my relatives. Tomatoes are good fresh, they make delicious juice and adjika.


Rich Hut Tomatoes are valued for their high yield, unpretentiousness and compactness of the bush. Care of the variety is the introduction of moisture and nutrients.