Rose multicolor ever flowering mini Garden Aroma: photos, reviews


To enjoy the flowering of beautiful roses, it is not necessary to buy expensive seedlings. You can try to grow flowers from seeds. For this, polyanthic or multicolored are best suited.

Among the different varieties of polyanthus roses, the multi-flowered ever-flowering mini rose "Garden Scent" stands out for its delicate, pleasant smell.


Seed producer "Aelita".

The bush is compact, up to 30 cm tall. The flowers are semi-double, up to 3 cm, bright pink, light pink or white.

Blooms profusely from June to the end of September.

Winter-hardy, temperature reaches -15 degrees without shelter. If the frost damages the aboveground part, it is quickly restored from the root.


Sowing seeds for seedlings begin in March. Seeds are placed in the prepared soil, watered, covered with a transparent material. After 2-3 weeks, the first shoots appear.

After the first sprouts appear, it is necessary to put a container with seedlings in a sunny, warm place. When sprouts reach a height of 10 - 15 cm, you need to transplant seedlings to a permanent place.

Multi-flowered roses can be planted in open ground, in pots, containers, pots.

Before planting seedlings need to prepare the ground. In the soil for growing roses make:

  • Humus - 2 parts;
  • Garden land - 2 parts;
  • Wood ash - 1 part;
  • The complex of mineral fertilizers - according to the instructions.

If the flowers are grown in pots, perlite can be added to the soil. Planting in pots can be carried out at any time.

Planting in the open ground begins when the weather is warm, at night it is desirable to cover the seedlings.


Growing rose bushes with everglowing multi-flowered mini "Garden scent" does not have any particular difficulties.

Water the bushes as needed, the top layer of soil should dry out between waterings.

Tip! In the first year of properly planted miniature roses do not need additional feeding.

The following year, it is necessary to make a complex of mineral and organic fertilizers so that the bushes can fully develop.

Very rarely, they are affected by fungal diseases; in the cold, rainy season, they can become ill with rust and powdery mildew. A single treatment with fungicides is usually sufficient for the complete recovery of flowers.

Flowers growing in indoor conditions may be affected by spider mites. Treatment with insecticides carried out carefully, choosing drugs with low toxicity.

Rose bushes can bring double pleasure if they are grown with their own hands.


Elena, 34 years old, Arkhangelsk. I adore messing with growing different flowers from seeds. Rose "Garden Scent" I saw in the store, I decided to try. The seeds were sown in the prepared soil, after 2 weeks the first shoots appeared. The rose grew quickly, soon the first flowers appeared on it, but not terry, but simple, like those of wild rose. Transplanted into the garden. A month later, semi-double flowers began to appear, a darker color. Overwhelmed under shelter perfectly.

Ekaterina, 55 years old, Moscow. It was looking for an undemanding perennial for planting in a flower garden, which is decorated in a natural style. I like flowers close to nature. I liked the rose of many-flowered "Garden scent". It is very gentle, compact, the smell is strong, but pleasant. Recomend for everybody.

Larisa, 38 years old, Krasnodar I want to make a rose garden in an apartment. Rose Garden Flavor bought by reading reviews on the forum. Seeds sprouted quickly, from the bag with a mixture of flowers of the multicolored rose "Garden scent" all ascended. Seated flowers in flowerpots, carried out on the balcony. In the first year of abundant flowering, I did not see, the flowers were rare, pale in color, mostly light pink. They had winterized on my balcony under a layer of old blankets. In the spring, after pruning and dressing, the flowers very quickly became covered with leaves and buds. In the second year, flowering is much more abundant, the flowers have become semi-double, more brightly colored. Decorated with flowerpots with flowers sunny window sill, I really like.