How to prepare the ground for planting cucumbers


Vegetable crops are demanding to the condition of the soil. Therefore, the soil for cucumbers in the greenhouse must be prepared carefully. To plant cucumbers, it is better to use loamy or loose sandy ground. Soil with high acidity for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse will not work. It is important to know how to properly prepare it for planting vegetables.

When and how does preparation begin?

By preparing the soil for cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate should be approached responsibly. The first and important stage begins in the autumn: you need to remove the remains of dead plants, accumulated debris and other unnecessary elements. It is necessary to burn garbage and tops in the fall - this will prevent the spread of infections that provoke various diseases of vegetables.

Then start cleaning the walls and other surfaces. They should be cleaned using chlorine or soap solution. Be sure to remove a layer of soil from each bed of about 7 cm in the fall. This layer of soil contains accumulated larvae of harmful insects, unwanted bacteria that will harm the crop in the future.

Then farm the land. Preparation of the land at the initial stage must necessarily include a thorough digging. If you are thinking of laying manure, then consider building a garden bed. To do this, dig a trench and distribute the manure evenly. But this work can be done in the spring.

Do not forget to disinfect the room.

Preparing a greenhouse necessarily involves disinfecting the structure and soil. You can carry out such work with a solution of copper sulfate or other disinfectants. But use any option with caution.

It is difficult, but it is necessary to cultivate the land and beds diluted with bleach. Such processing is carried out in the autumn, after digging the ground and destroying garbage. Keep in mind the required precautions when working. To prepare the mortar, you will need:

  • 0.5 kg of chlorine lime;
  • a bucket of clean water with a capacity of 15 liters;
  • sealed gloves.

Infuse lime mortar for 5 hours, stirring occasionally. Then let it stand and remove the top layer. Use the formed sludge for processing greenhouse structures, and the upper mass to spray the soil.

Dry processing

Such treatment is carried out with the use of sulfur checkers. When burning, gas is released from them, which will penetrate to those places that are unavailable during spraying. When interacting with moisture, sulfurous and sulfuric acid is formed, which spreads everywhere and destroys microbes, harmful organisms and bacteria.

Disinfector tip: sulfur dosage is 50 grams per 1m3 premises. If a spider mite appears in the greenhouse, double the dosage.

Organic fertilizers should be applied before winter: this will help to warm the soil in spring.

These include grass, leaves, sawdust. Sawdust helps the air to more freely penetrate the ground, which is good for the future growth of vegetables.

Important! All work on the preparation of the soil for the subsequent cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse is best done until November.

In October, all work on the site is completed, and a lot of time remains to prepare the land for further use.

What you need to do in the spring

The growth efficiency of cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse will depend on the prepared soil. Good land meets certain points:

  1. Purity. There should be no rubbish and weeds.
  2. Grow the beds. The earth must hold moisture well.
  3. Low alkalinity. The acid content of the earth should not exceed 7 pH.
  4. The presence of ash. The presence of disintegrating agents is necessary in the soil.
  5. The presence of sand. It is necessary for forming plants.
  6. Prepare the manure. The earth should be filled with the optimum amount of fertilizer and useful elements.

By following these simple rules, you can get a big crop of healthy vegetables.

Timely preparation of the greenhouse in the spring will reduce your concerns to a minimum for the entire growth and fertility of your cucumbers.

Spring soil preparation also includes several stages. They depend on the work you did in the fall:

  • check the structure for damage, if damaged, replace or repair the necessary parts;
  • warm the ground after winter temperature below zero - so you can plant seedlings much earlier;
  • after the snow has melted, water the soil abundantly with warm water, the manure placed in the autumn will begin to work on the soil, after waiting for about a week, you can begin planting;
  • Be sure to use manure - it is an excellent biofuel for your land.

Calculate the required amount of manure is very easy: it is used in a proportion of 1/4 of the volume of land in the greenhouse. Do not forget to add sawdust or ashes to the bed to give the soil looseness.

May need to use sideratov. Siderats are plants that are specially grown to be buried in the ground in order to improve its soil structure, enrich it with nitrogen and prevent the emergence of weeds. When using them, you can not apply manure: about 3 kg of green manure will replace 2 kg of manure. They plowed with the ground for 2 weeks before the landing of a particular culture 3 cm in depth, pre-grinding them.

How to prepare the bed for planting

Cucumber is a very thermophilic plant. Therefore, it is better to plant a crop in warm beds. The ideal option is to prepare them in the fall, but if there is not enough time, do it at the very beginning of spring. The width of the beds should be at least 1 meter. In the ground should be made a trench depth of 50 cm and put there nutrients. The first layer should be small and consist of tree branches. Then sprinkle the grass or peeling vegetables. The last layer should be rotted manure or compost. Having enclosed all components, fill them with a layer of earth at 25-30 cm.

To support more heat, fence the beds. This will create convenience and increase the life of the bed up to 2 years.

Useful tips

To grow cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse, you need to put a lot of effort and time.

  • use seeds of only those varieties that you trust; if you prepare them from last year's crop, carefully sort and process them;
  • to prevent rotting of plants in the greenhouse, maintain the correct humidity, do not allow the temperature to drop below 15 ° C, do not water the plants in the evening with cool water;
  • if there are many ovaries, but the harvest is small, fertilize the land with a mullein, when the crop decreases sharply, water the vegetables diluted with water with humus.

Properly preparing the land in the greenhouse, you significantly increase the future harvest. By removing weeds and treating them from pests, you will reduce the risk of vegetable diseases. Having fertilized, you will fill the earth with nutrients, creating good conditions for crop growth. But do not forget that during the entire period of fruiting of cucumbers, water them regularly, feed the soil in the garden and fight against pests that appear. It is important to know what kind of kidney is needed in a greenhouse for cucumbers, and then the result will please the host.