Cucumber Bjorn f1


To get a good harvest in their garden, many growers use proven varieties. But with the appearance of another novelty, there is always a desire to experiment, check its effectiveness. The newly bred cucumber Bjorn f1 is already highly appreciated by many farmers and ordinary gardeners. Feedback from those who used his seeds for planting, only positive.

History of breeding varieties

The world-famous Dutch company Enza Zaden in 2014 presented a variety of cucumber Bjorn f1 to its customers. The result of painstaking work of breeders was a new species, derived from the best genetic material.

The Bjorn hybrid of cucumber is included in the Russian State Register in 2015.

Description of cucumbers Bjorn f1

Cucumber variety Bjorn f1 grows as an indeterminate plant. It is a parthenocarpic hybrid that does not require pollination. The development of ovaries does not depend on weather conditions, does not need the presence of insects.

The grade is suitable for an open ground and for greenhouses. Natural growth restrictions are absent, the root system is highly developed. It is characterized by weak weightlifting. Leaf mass does not overload the plant.

The branch is self-regulating. In short lateral shoots slow growth, the beginning of which coincides with the completion of the main period of fruiting of the central stem.

In the description of the cucumber Bjorn says that he has a female type of flowering, empty flowers are absent. Ovaries are laid in bouquets of 2 to 4 pieces each.

Due to the formation of bushes, it is quite simple to care for and harvest.

Important! Bushes varieties do not require a time-consuming process of staking. Blinding is not required in the lower leaf sinuses.

Fruit Description

For Bjorn f1 cucumbers, one characteristic is characteristic: the size and shape remain homogeneous throughout the entire fruiting period. They do not have the ability to outgrow, barrel, yellow. This is a gherkin type of cucumber. Fruits grow even, acquire a cylindrical shape. Their length is not more than 12 cm, the average weight is 100 g.

The appearance of the vegetable is quite attractive. The peel has a dark green color, spots and light stripes are absent. The flesh is crispy, dense, taste is excellent, the complete absence of bitterness, laid down by genetic means.

Characteristic of cucumbers Bjorn f1

Considering the characteristics of the variety, you should pay attention to some of its qualities.

Cucumber yield Björn

Cucumber Björn f11 refers to the earliest varieties. The period between planting and harvesting is 35-39 days. Fruits for 60-75 days. Many gardeners grow cucumbers in greenhouses 2 times per season.

The variety is popular for its high yield and abundant fruiting. In conditions of open ground, 13 kg / m² are collected, in greenhouses - 20 kg / m². To get a rich harvest, it is preferable to grow cucumber seedlings.

Application area

Cucumber variety Bjorn f1 universal use. Vegetable is used to make fresh salads. It is both the main and an additional component of conservation for the winter. Well tolerated transportation.

Disease and Pest Resistance

The hybrid has a strong immunity, laid down genetically. He is not threatened by typical cucumber diseases - viral mosaic, cladosporia, powdery mildew, viral yellowing of leaves. It has stress resistance. Adverse weather conditions, long overcast weather, temperature drops do not affect the development of the plant. Flowering cucumber does not stop, the ovary is formed as under normal conditions. It is highly resistant to pests and diseases.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Almost all vegetable growers who used Bjorn f1 cucumber on their plots have only positive reviews. They praised his unique properties, which allowed him to enter the number of elite varieties. Many note such positive qualities:

  • high yield;
  • great taste;
  • friendly fruiting;
  • no special requirements for care;
  • resistance to pests and diseases;
  • high commodity properties.

According to local vegetable growers, Bjorn has practically no flaws.

Important! Some attribute the high cost of seeds to cons. But, due to high quality characteristics, the cost of purchasing seed quickly pays off.

Growing cucumbers Bjorn

The process of growing cucumber Bjorn f1 is similar to other varieties and hybrids, but still some features are present.

Planting seedlings

To grow strong seedlings, you need to follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Sowing for planting cucumber Bjorn f1 in the greenhouse is carried out in early April, in the open ground - in early May.
  2. There is no need to pre-treat and prepare the seed.
  3. Sowing is done in small pots or in large peat tablets. In a container of 0.5 l is placed 1 seed.
  4. Before seedling, the temperature in the room should be kept at + 25 ° C and then lowered to + 20 ° C to prevent the seedlings from being pulled out.
  5. For irrigation use separated water at room temperature.
  6. Watering and fertilizing are carried out with the same frequency as for other varieties.
  7. Before transplanting seedlings into open ground, it is quenched. The duration of this procedure depends on the condition of the plants and is 5-7 days. Well take root in a new place and endure the spring weather changes plants with 5 sheets.
  8. When landing in open ground, they follow a specific layout: rows form at a distance of 1.5 m from each other, and bushes - 35 cm.
  9. As soon as the plants are transferred to the bed, it is necessary to install supports and tighten the cords to create trellis.

Growing cucumbers by seedless method

A seedless method involves sowing the seeds of a cucumber Bjorn f1 directly into the ground. This procedure is performed in May, when the frost stops, and the soil warms up to + 13 ° C. Experienced growers focus on weather and climate conditions. Seeds placed in cold soil will not give germs.

For greenhouses and greenhouses the most suitable period is the second decade of May. Do not recommend seeding at a later date, since the June heat is bad for plants.

The soil for the beds should be fertile, light, with neutral acidity. In the place chosen for planting, weeds are removed, the soil is dug up and watered. Dried seeds are placed in the wells to a depth of 3 cm and covered with humus. The distance between the holes - 35-40 cm.

For the cultivation of Bjorn f1, both sunny places and shade are suitable. Considering that cucumbers belong to light-loving crops, places rich in sunlight should be used for planting.

Cucumber aftercare

Agro-technology cucumber Björn is watering, loosening, weeding. Be sure to remove weeds between the bushes. If heavy rain has passed or watering has been made, cucumbers are loosened. This procedure is carried out very carefully to prevent damage to the plant.

Cucumber - moisture-loving plants. They are particularly in need of watering during the formation and growth of the fruit. But when it is carried out it is important to ensure that water does not fall on the leaves. Water only the soil, preferably in the evening, with a frequency of 1-2 times in 7 days during flowering, every 4 days - during the fruiting period.

Important! Due to the proximity of the location of the root system to the ground surface, the upper layer should not be allowed to dry out.

Fertilizing cucumber Björn provides alternate use of mineral fertilizers to increase the yield and its quality and organic matter to ensure intensive growth and build-up of green mass. It takes place in 3 stages throughout the season. The plant needs the first top dressing when 2 sheets appear, the second - during the development phase of 4 sheets, the third - during the flowering period.

Timely harvesting of fruits will provide an increase in the period of fruiting, preservation of their quality and presentation.

Forming a bush

This variety is grown by the trellis method. Shrubs in the process of development are not formed. Side shoots during growth are regulated by the plant itself.


Cucumber Bjorn f1 combines high gastronomic qualities, good preservation and simplified care of the plant. Professional vegetable growers and simple gardeners are not afraid of the high cost of seed. They prefer to grow it, because during planting and general care of the bushes do not need to make great efforts to obtain a large crop.


Larisa Seregina, 45 years old, SaratovLove experimenting in my backyard. Seeing on sale the seeds of cucumber Bjorn f1, decided to try. I was pleased with my purchase. Simple care, unpretentiousness, grows both in the sun and in the shade, excellent harvest. Convenient to collect, thanks to the trellis method of cultivation. Cucumbers delicious and fresh, and canned. Björn has become my favorite variety. I recommend! Gennady Pavlovich Zakharov, 65 years old, Novokubansk For a long time I was looking for a suitable variety for the professional cultivation of cucumbers in my farm. After reading numerous reviews, I decided to sow Bjorn f1. He exceeded all my expectations. I would like to note the yield of the variety, its long-term fruiting, resistance to diseases, pests, and changes in climatic conditions. Especially liked the quality of the fruit, their taste, the possibility of long-term storage and transportation.