Perennial flowers for the Urals


The harsh climatic conditions of the Ural region are not an obstacle for flower growers. Despite the fact that many crops do not withstand harsh winters, cold winds and lack of sunlight, gardeners choose certain varieties for their plots. Many fear that perennial varieties will not be able to survive the winter months, and in the spring will have to buy new plants. But the achievements of breeders made the opportunity to grow perennials in the Ural garden quite real.

What parameters must be considered when choosing perennials for the Ural gardens? First, the plants must withstand the freezing of the earth and the effects of cold on flower buds. If these qualities are absent, then saving perennial in the Ural gardens will be problematic. It is on this factor that the recommendation is based not to plant "fashionable" hybrids, but to purchase proven zoned perennial species. Decorative of such plants is not inferior to many elite varieties.

What is the advantage of perennials over annual plants grown in the Urals? Annuals, of course, have a richer color palette, but perennial ones stand out in many ways:

  • long bloom;
  • growing in one place without the need to transplant for three years;
  • resistance to sudden frosts;
  • unpretentiousness to agrotechnical events;
  • the possibility of breeding bushes without additional investments.

Perennials for gardens of the Urals can be divided by:

  • flowering time;
  • plant height;
  • mind foliage and root system.

In the Urals, as in other regions, gardeners successfully grow flowers of summer varieties, but also frost-resistant perennials delight the eye with their autumn blooms. If you choose from the most popular perennials, then you should focus on the plants that are the very first to decorate the gardens and parks of the Urals - Siberian, but delicate primroses.

Primroses for harsh regions

The most popular and proven residents of the Ural gardens:


As soon as the snow melts, Siberian snowdrops appear on the plots. They are called lumbago or sleep-grass.

Different coloring of the bells gives a special decorative effect to flowerbeds and curbs. They grow well on soils of different composition, tolerate the winter without additional shelter, get along well with other onion, withstand the conditions of the Urals. Therefore, group planting lumbar form together with crocuses, primroses and kandyk.

Kandyk Siberian

Very beautiful plant.

He is adored by bees and honey lovers. And to decorate the cottage in the Urals, you can pick up varieties of perennial kandyk with a different flowering period, to enjoy the beauty of the delicate plant a little longer. For example, the variety "White King" blooms in early April, "White Fang" - at the end of the month. Beginning of May - the time of flowering varieties "Olga". They all differ in color of flowers and leaves, which allows to diversify the flower gardens in the gardens and parks of the Urals. At night and in cold weather, the flower kandyk closes. As soon as the sun appears and warms the air, the petals open again. In the warm spring flowering period is slightly reduced, in the cool - kandyk blooms in the gardens of the Urals for two weeks.

The next representative primroses, withstand the climate characteristic of the Urals.


With its help it is very good to decorate the alpine hill of the Ural park, a border or a colorful island on a country lawn. Violet, blue, white muscari inflorescences are ideally combined with other perennials of Siberia and the Urals.


Her white flowers are familiar to all residents of the Siberian region. It is not long to rejoice in their flowering, but it is the anemone that will enrich the garden in the Urals with rich colors to the summer variety of flowering perennials.

Astra Alpine

Small flowers blooming in the period of spring-summer transition. Remind garden daisy. Bushes are low, growing more in breadth. Therefore, as a bed frame for the Ural gardens are very popular.

And when spring ends, in the Urals begins not too long, but beautiful summer. A large variety of perennials blooms in the plots. Let's talk about options for summer flowers for the Ural cottage.

Summer colors of the Ural gardens

Summer perennials in the Urals are hardy enough, but still require some conditions from gardeners:

  • timely and sufficient watering;
  • plant nutrition and soil fertilization;
  • weed weeding and loosening.

These points just need to be observed in the conditions of the short Ural summer. Otherwise, perennials will be weakened and may not even bloom. Among the honorary representatives of the summer perennials in the Urals are varieties of irises.

Bearded Irises

Very beautiful and delicate flowers. Many gardeners know these plants called "northern orchids". They really resemble luxurious tropical epiphytes. But their frost resistance allows you to transfer the beauty of the tropics to the Ural gardens. Bloom in early summer, there are re-flowering varieties. Competently picking up irises by the time of flowering, it is possible to ensure decorative beds until frost.

Corned Lily (Locust)

Very good flowers for summer decoration of the Ural flower beds and parks.

The arrangement of the petals resembles an eastern turban. It is a wild form of lilies, common not only in home gardening, but also in meadows, in the forests of the Urals. Therefore, problems with the cultivation of grasshopper usually does not occur. At the present time for the Ural flower growers there is a large selection of cultivated varieties of such lilies - martagon hybrids.

Lily Pennsylvanian

Some gardeners prefer species plants to decorate their plots. In this case, the pennsylvania lily is a great choice.

Large flowers of bright color delight the eye throughout the summer. Red or orange islets of the Pennsylvania lily in the Ural flower beds look very picturesque.

Decorative bow

Not only colorful, but also useful perennial. Frost resistance and unpretentiousness in care make it very popular among gardeners of the Ural region. Inflorescences look like luxurious bouquets of lilac, white, lilac or purple color. In addition to the decorative function, performs in the garden and the role of plants, suitable for food.

Hydrangea paniculata

Sometimes gardeners are not limited to unpretentious calibrated varieties. For many, the beauty of the Ural flower bed is important, even if it is troublesome. On the site in the Urals zone, panicled and arboreal hydrangeas are grown.

They amaze with the luxury of their inflorescences and maintain wintering in the Ural soil.

And, of course, the queen of the garden also grows in flower arrangements of Ural gardeners.

Climbing Rose

It is capable not only to decorate a certain zone, but also to decorate an unsightly part of the garden. In the Urals, the flowering of a perennial climbing rose continues during the first half of summer, but its beautiful bush retains its freshness until the end of the season.


Among the last "finds" of the Ural gardeners are perennial decorative clematis vines.

It is the small-flowered species that feel well in the gardens of the Urals. Most suitable:

  1. Knyazhiki. Siberian and alpine clematis, in particular, varieties with a blue tint of flowers.
  2. Tangut clematis. Used by gardeners of the Urals for gardening arbors, pergolas, fences and fences.

The list of perennials for autumn is much shorter. Frosts occur early in the Urals and many plants are not able to withstand their impact. But all the same, the autumn beds of Ural flower growers are never empty.

Autumn palette for the Ural gardens

Aster species are most common in the Urals for flowering during this period.

Asters Perennial

Winter-hardy culture, withstands snow and frost. Even if the onset of winter had at the time of aster bloom, it will calmly survive the cold season. The next year, again will delight their colors.

Korean chrysanthemum

The second type of perennials for the fall - Korean chrysanthemums. Not all varieties can be grown in gardens and parks of the Urals, but small-flowered species are more resistant. The only requirement of these flowers in the Urals is a winter shelter.

To choose suitable flowers for the flowerbed, it is good to use the presented photos of perennials. This will facilitate the task of selecting plants and help to make a beautiful composition in the Ural flower bed.

Although the listed plants withstand cold weather, it is necessary to take measures to preserve perennials in the conditions of the Urals.

Plant protection in winter

These activities are necessary if you know that perennial may suffer from winter frost.

Main steps:

  1. Preparatory. Conduct pruning chrysanthemums and roses in the Ural flower beds. Then it is necessary to remove the leaves, shoots and damaged parts of the plant. If you have clematis and climbing roses growing on your land, they are not pruned. Carefully removed from the supports, laid on the ground. Remove any damaged or diseased areas from the flowering inflorescences.
  2. Shelter for the winter. First, cover the root neck. For perennials Ural is very important. Then protect all parts of the plant. For this, covering materials are used - lutrasil, agrofibre or spunbond. The first layer is covered with perennial. Then set the frame and repeat the cover of the second layer. For the conditions of the Ural region, it is necessary to create a layer between perennial and frosty air. In this opening is laid dried leaves of tree species, which is not amenable to rapid decomposition. For example, oak. If covering material is expensive for you, replace it with laparnik in the first layer and cardboard box in the second. Between them - oak foliage.

Ural gardeners greatly value perennials that can withstand the harsh climate. Therefore, these species are very popular and in demand.