Perennial flowers in the country, blooming all summer


Every gardener dreams that on his site all summer long beautiful beautiful plants bloomed. Growing flowers from seeds by seedling, takes a long time, plants do not always take root when transplanting. The problem of a blooming garden can be solved by planting flowering perennials in the country. This is, in fact, the most ideal and win-win option.

Perennials in the country, blooming all summer, thanks to the riot of colors you can decorate every corner of the garden, if you choose the right plants. For such flowers, even care is much easier, because their root system is more powerful than that of ordinary garden flowers. The main thing is to choose the right plants and find the right place on the site. Let's see what perennials are like, what they have in common and how they differ.

What is the advantage of perennials

Many flower growers believe that among perennials there are no flowering plants all summer long, bright plants. This is a completely wrong judgment. We will try to prove it. But first, let's find out why it is better to grow perennials in the country or in the garden.

Important advantages:

  1. By planting flowers once, you can admire the flowering plants for several years in a row without worrying about planting.
  2. Perennials have a long flowering period, usually from May to the first frost.
  3. Such plants are less sick, endure drought and frost, so many of them grow even Siberians.
  4. To plant perennials, blooming all summer, can be anywhere, the plants are not too demanding of lighting, soil, watering and weeding.
  5. The decorative qualities of perennials do not get lost all summer.
  6. Having created a flower arrangement when planting flowers once, you do not have to spend money on buying seeds, growing seedlings every year. Properly selected plants will bloom all summer.
Attention! The variety variety of perennials surprises even the most experienced gardeners.

For example, several hundreds of lily.

Beautiful perennials in the country - a video tour:

Perennials that bloom all summer at the cottage breed:

  • bulbs;
  • the roots;
  • seeds.

Look at the photo, what an amazing flower arrangement resembling a river.

Landing rules

  1. Plan a flower bed
  2. Marked place perennials of different heights.
  3. There is a group of plants specifically for borders and planting along garden paths.
  4. It takes into account the colors and timing of blooming flowers, so that you have plants that bloom all summer.
Important! When planting perennials, consider whether the flowers will harmonize with each other.

Classification and types of perennials

With the help of perennial flowering plants you can create a unique landscape in the country. Some gardeners draw different patterns and pictures in their flower beds with flowers. Very often, due to the different heights of flowers, perennials in the country are planted in tiers. All flowers can be divided into 4 groups:

  • undersized, not higher than 40 cm;
  • medium length 50-80 cm;
  • tall taller than 100 cm, in the same group of curly perennials.


Perennials for giving, up to 40 cm high are called undersized. Most often they make out curbs and rocky gardens. Growing up, they cover the surface of the earth, during flowering they resemble a carpet. The names of such perennials are well known to gardeners.


This type of flowers pleases with its multicolor all summer. Breeders have created amazing varieties that stand out the most different color palette. The plant is best planted on the edge of a bed among the tall flowers.

Periwinkle - Violet Witch

The soil for periwinkle is irrelevant. This is a great flower for decoration even a stony plot of summer cottages. The plant belongs to the ground cover species. Growing, quickly covers the entire surface with bright green leaves. Blue or pink droplets of flowers delight the eye all summer. Looking at the photo, it seems that on the ground lies a fragment of the sky.


A rich palette of phlox has long attracted landscape designers. Growing up to 25 cm, phloxes cover the soil and color it with flowers of various shades of pink, red, blue and white. It is a type of perennial that continuously blooms all summer. The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to plant the plants too thickly.

Other undersized perennials


Armeria seaside periwinkle

Large-flowered flax

Alpine aster




Nivyanik (chamomile)

Medium thick

Beautiful flowering sredneroslye plants are up to 100 cm in height. They can be used not only for individual plantings, but also for longline compositions. Consider a few representatives of medium perennials.


These plants are more than 25 species. They are good because they can grow in one place for more than ten years. Flowering begins in early June and lasts until the end of summer. Various colors, delicate aroma attract butterflies.

Rhodiola Rose - sedum

This flower has fleshy leaves and small flowers, gathered in a tight basket. Frost-resistant plant often grows in the gardens of Siberia and the Urals. This is also a perennial blooming all summer.

Peonies - marilyn roots

These flowers are a special honor for gardeners. Planted them in the sun. There are varieties with different timing of flowering and a diverse color palette. Therefore, it is easy to achieve that in the country the peonies will bloom all summer. It is possible to create compositions even from some peonies: against the background of the green leaves of already-dried peonies, huge spherical flowers bloom like in this photo.

Often in the country, these flowers are planted in the center with short perennials.


Growing irises is convenient because they can be planted anywhere in the garden. Varietal perennial variety allows you to choose varieties with different flowering periods and different color palette. In this case, the flower meadow in the cottage of irises will delight the entire warm season.

Tip! Growing perennials, flowering in the country all summer, pay attention to the height and timing of flowering.


The height of the flowers of this group reaches a height of almost two meters. These giants! They are usually planted in the country in the center of the flower beds or along the edges along the fences. Consider several types of flowering perennials.

A warning! Planted in the country tall perennials, blooming all summer, able to survive in your climatic conditions.

Stock rose or mallow

This plant grows up to one and a half meters. Beautiful flowers bloom all over the stalk. There are a lot of varieties of stock roses, among them there are flowers terry and with one row of petals. The color palette is the richest. If a person does not know what kind of plant, can be confused with peonies. Stock-rose - one of the representatives of perennials, blooming at the cottage all summer.

Tricyrtis Purpul Beauty

This flower is still a rare guest in the gardens of Russians. If you look closely at the photo, then he has something in common with orchids and lilies. For this perennial, blooming all summer, you need to choose a shaded place. Its chic look enthralls even the most experienced gardeners. Flowering begins from the end of June to the first matinees.

Willowy sunflower

Plant height reaches 2.5 meters. You can often see the yellow heads rising above the fences, reminding curious children. Flowers are planted either in separate flowerbeds or along fences. Flowering time - the second half of summer and before the first frost.


Look at the photo below. Here is a flower with unusual petals that look like needles. One bush with flowers resembles a huge bouquet. Gentle lilac flowers bloom from July and bloom until August. Gardeners are not advised to plant a tall (up to 180 cm) basil on one bed with other flowers because of their strong growth.


Landings of Rudbeckia will decorate the dacha area with bright flowers with unusual sharp petals. They have something in common with daisies, only their colors are bright yellow and orange. There are varieties with double colors. The plant does not require special care, can grow in the shade and in the sun. But the flowers, like little suns will delight all summer.


The stem of this plant grows up to one and a half meters. Against the background of bright green leaves, long multicolored panicles seem to be a real miracle. This is clearly seen in the photo - when planting flowers with different colors, an amazing composition is obtained. Astilba, planted in the country, does not possess any whims of care. Perennial blooming all summer, suitable for single planting, but looks good in flowerbeds in the center or in the background next to short perennial or annual flowers.


As for the delphiniums, they grow in almost every summer cottage. A more unpretentious plant is difficult to find. On high, up to two meters stalks, almost all summer inflorescences of all sorts of colors flaunt from white, red to dark purple. At one place can grow for several years. Well propagated by seeds. It is possible to artificially prolong the flowering of delphiniums: when the plant is finished flowering, the stems are cut out at the root. There are new shoots that quickly pick up color. True, the height of the stems will be lower.


If you want to plant bushes with multi-colored echinacea at the dacha, then you will not have to worry about the landing site: it feels good in any land. No difficulties and does not care. It is possible to plant a decorative flower that blooms all summer in the shade and in the sun, both in single plantings and together with short plants. Not many people know that the perennial Echinacea is not only a bright decoration of the dacha, but also a medicinal plant.

Attention! The world of beautiful tall perennials, blooming all summer, is diverse.

List all the flowers is not possible. Let's name some more beautiful plants with which you can decorate your garden:

  • Veronica is long-leaved;
  • lavender;
  • gelenium hybrid;
  • hydrangea;
  • Weigela and many others.

We offer to watch a video about perennials blooming all summer long:



Among tall plants that do not require transplantation for several years, a special group stands out. These are perennials capable of curling over supports. They are distinguished by long flexible lashes, bright colors, different sizes of buds. It is not always possible for novice gardeners to immediately grow such plants. They require special care, but after studying the characteristics of plants, you can decorate your garden with unusual "climbing" compositions. Curly perennials, blooming all summer - a great material for landscape designers. Such plants can decorate the walls of the house, terraces, gazebos, create hedges, arches.

Climbing Roses

These are the most common climbers, with a long stem, with good care, it can reach 3 meters. For plants require reliable support. Flowers at climbing roses no more than 5 cm, are collected in inflorescences. Fragrant buds on the plant, depending on the variety, can bloom within two months or twice per season. Thanks to breeders, the colors of roses are the most diverse - from white, cream to coral.

Unlike other perennial plants that bloom all summer, climbing roses are demanding for watering, loosening the soil. Landing should be sunny. For the winter the plants are sheltered. Today, roses are grown in Siberia and the Urals. In these regions, roses need to be well warmed.


Just look at the photo below. Isn't it a fabulous paradise? Long, drooping inflorescences create a mysterious veil. Wisteria is also called deciduous vine. It is often planted in the country. Among the openwork foliage stand out long flowing brush with flowers. The length of one bunch can reach half a meter.

Of course, wisteria will require some care. This applies to watering and pruning. And you need to cut the tree twice a year. But such time costs are justified by an unusual mysterious beauty, pleasing the eye at the cottage all summer.

Girlish grapes

The length of the vine can be up to 20 meters. The plant clings to the supports and even a flat surface with the help of suckers and antennae. The decorativeness of the girl's grapes is given not by flowers, but by leaves. They have an interesting feature - juicy leaves change color depending on air temperature. In hot weather, they are bright green, in the shade or closer to the autumn become purple-red, as in the photo. The flowers of the plant are inconspicuous, but with a strong aroma that attracts bees from the whole area to the site. The berries when ripe are ink-black, but they are inedible.

Planted, as a rule, girlish grapes near the house, gazebos or near the fence. The plant is able to drape the surface in a short time, closing it from all sides. This is the most unpretentious beautiful perennial that can withstand any high and low temperatures. You can plant on the most barren soil, even in the shade, even in the sun. No diseases and pests he is not afraid.

Attention! There are some nuances that gardeners need to know.

It is undesirable to plant the plants:

  1. Near plastered or insulated walls of houses. But wooden houses liana protects from damp.
  2. Scourge should not fall on tile or slate roofs. Under the weight of the whips, the coating can slide down.

Curly perennials for Siberia and the Urals

Residents of the Siberian and Ural regions are often asked if they can grow liana-like flowers from perennials. If so, which ones?

Since the climate is harsh in winter, you will have to stop the choice on frost-resistant plants that bloom all summer, not requiring special shelter. It:

  • Clematis Tangut and other varieties;
  • girlish grapes;
  • curly honeysuckle;
  • climbing roses (need to cover).

Many gardeners are experimenting with various climbers to decorate their plot, growing various vines.


Beautiful perennial plants a lot. Some of them do not stop flowering throughout the summer, others delight gardeners with fragrant buds for at least two months. Thanks to these plants, you can create a unique landscape at your cottage.

Most often it is unpretentious flowers, which is very important for summer residents. The main thing is to approach the selection of perennials and landing sites wisely. Then your summer house all summer will attract the attention of neighbors with its multicolor.

Video about beautiful drought tolerant perennials: