How to plant onions on the greens on the windowsill


The human body is constantly in need of vitamin substances. A lot of useful vitamins and minerals contains fresh onions. But it is not always possible to purchase natural, fresh greens with a minimum of additives and chemicals. But you can grow onions on the feather and other greens at home on the windowsill. And this does not require special financial costs and a large amount of time. You just need to arm yourself with information on how to grow onions on the windowsill and start planting.

Correct selection of planting material

What are the features of growing onions on the windowsill? In order to plant onions on the greens on the windowsill in the apartment, first you need to choose the correct planting material. Planting seed can be carried out from the head, onion seeds. According to the experience of many gardeners, the easiest and quickest is to grow green feathers from onions. The bulbs planted in the winter in an apartment contain a large amount of essential nutrients that, when properly created, will be able to grow feathers.

How to grow green onions on the windowsill in the winter? To grow onions on the windowsill in the ground, you need to choose the right landing heads. It should be round or oval, the structure should be dense, with no signs of a putrefactive process. Onion stalks should be large, with no signs of damage. Due to a good root cup, green feathers on windows will sprout faster. To grow onions on a feather on the windowsill, you need to pick up large, slightly sprouted heads with shiny scales.

If there are no roots, carefully cut the bottom of the head so that the green feathers come out faster. There are 2 ways of growing onions on a windowsill: in the ground or in water (hydroponic method). Before planting onions on the windowsill, it is recommended to soak the bulb in warm water. Such a procedure is needed if the onion sowing on the windowsill will be carried out in the ground. If the onions of the house will be grown in a container with water, soaking is not necessary.

It is important to provide the conditions for this plant. It is cold-resistant, the optimum temperature conditions for it are 18-19 degrees above zero. To grow onions on the windowsill in winter, you need to consider that there should not be near sources of heating. The window sill must be on the side where there is no direct sunlight, otherwise the bow can get burned.

Requirements for soil parameters

If the onions on the windowsill are planted by the hydroponic method, then it is important to control that the bulb is under water only by a third, otherwise its lower part may begin to rot. For hydroponically grown onions, it is recommended to cut a cardboard with a hole in the center, place the planting material there.

Onions do not like high humidity. But to ensure the richness of green feathers, you can periodically spray the growing stems, avoiding the ingress of liquid on the bulb itself. To cultivate onions in the ground, he will need to prepare the right soil. It should be neutral acidity, loosened. You can purchase ready-made soil material at specialized points of sale.

Container Requirements

For grown onion seed feathers on a windowsill, it will be necessary to ensure stability, since the root mass will raise the head during growth. Therefore, you will need to create a recess during landing. You will need the following materials:

  • a container with a previously prepared soil mass (you can take a wooden or plastic container);
  • container with prepared recesses (if hydroponics is used).

It is important to ensure the fixation of onion heads in such a way that only their roots are under water, otherwise they will rot and give off an unpleasant smell.

Helping green mass in growth

When the first shoots appear, they can be helped to accelerate growth. To do this, remove the scales, kept in warm water. If the roots are absent, they can be accelerated by soaking with potassium permanganate solution. The tip is cut approximately one centimeter. Soaked overnight.

Regardless of the method of landing, it is better to put the container for a week in a cool, slightly darkened place. So the onion root system will develop rapidly. Seven days later, transfer the container to the bright windowsill. To accelerate the growth of green mass, you can artificially lengthen the daylight with the help of additional lighting with a lamp. You can dosachivat plant around the clock.

The harvest will be better if you put a container with planted bulbs on the loggia or on the glazed balcony and equip the lighting there. The longer the lighting is, the faster the feathers will grow and the more massive the feathers will be. If the temperature is too low, greens grow slowly. The temperature should be at least 25 degrees.

So already after two or three weeks you can grow onions from seeds and get feathers, about 30 cm long. To maintain the desired temperature readings, you can use any source of heating. To prevent overheating in the sun, the container is wrapped in foil.

Features of growing in water

The easiest way to plant a bow in water is hydroponics. To grow green feathers, it is recommended to simply lower the head in a small container with water. But this method has its drawbacks - the capacity takes up a lot of space, besides, the liquid darkens with time and becomes cloudy. Products will turn out very little.

A large onion head gives you the opportunity to get up to ten feathers. Therefore, it is better to use it in spring, during this period it will sprout independently. In this case, lowering it into a glass jar is optional. You can plant in the pot to any indoor flower. The main positive aspect of this method is that it is not necessary to use the soil mass to distill the feathers.

For a more compact placement of onions grown on the windowsill, it is recommended to use special containers with cells.

Cultivation features:

  • pour pre-heated water into the container, periodically pour it if necessary;
  • on top of the container is closed with a lid, which is equipped with holes in them and the bulbs are lowered;
  • It is very important to change the water as often as possible; you can install an aerator to supply air into the container. Before replacing the fluid, it must be defended.
Important! The bulb should not float in water, it should remain on the surface.

Features of cultivation in the soil

The mechanism of onion cultivation on greens in the soil mass is that the heads will not grow in size, but will dry out, so it is very important to plant them as close as possible to each other.

In the dishes used for planting onions, there must be holes for draining excess moisture into the pan. If greens are grown in containers with a solid bottom, it is fraught with flaking and falling off of the green mass. The dishes should be of such a height that after the germination of the feathers the bulb does not rise to the surface, since the root system will push it out of the container. You can buy ready-made containers in order to grow greens in the soil.

Onion is unpretentious to the ground, it gives all the nutrients of green. It is recommended to choose loose soil with acidity of at least 6. You can also use sawdust and moss. To eliminate possible pathogens and pathogens of various plant diseases, the soil should be steamed. The bottom of the tank is covered with drainage (you can take for this sawdust). Due to it will be kept moisture in the pot. From above you need to lay a layer of soil - about 10 cm. To disembark the heads so that their third was visible on the surface.

Important! Temperature indicators should be at least 20 degrees. You can also increase the temperature, so green onions will grow much faster.

You should also exclude overheating of the plant in the sun. Watering is carried out as the soil dries. It is better to irrigate often, but little by little. If there is a shortage of liquid, the feathers will not be juicy and tasty. This method of cultivation of onions on the feather at home provides high yields over a long period of cultivation.

Use of feedings

For onions you can not use any fertilizer. And you can pour complex fertilizers purchased in specialized stores. It is important to breed top dressing, strictly following the instructions. Feed better with a syringe.

Periodically, it is recommended to add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide or diluted potassium permanganate to prevent root mass from decaying.

Observing all the simple rules of cultivation, you can get an excellent harvest of green onions, juicy deciduous mass, a large amount of vitamins, regardless of the season.