When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2019


To get a fresh crop of cucumbers earlier, gardeners plant seedlings in the ground. There are many tips on how to properly grow it at home. Ready seedlings are placed in a moistened soil. An experienced gardener will provide young plants with shelter in the form of a special film.

What days to plant cucumber seedlings

To seedlings well caught on the garden in 2019, it must be planted on time. If you wait until the plants bloom on the windowsill, after planting in the soil they can not give a harvest.

On average, 20-25 days is enough for seedlings, and she will be ready to move to the garden bed. Focusing on this period, you can calculate when in 2019 it is time to sow cucumbers for seedlings. Planted in the ground need plants that have 2-3 full leaves. In 2019, the ideal time for planting seedlings falls in the second half of April and May.

Important! It is possible to plant cucumbers in the ground in warm weather, provided that at night the air temperature is +5 degrees and above.

Cucumbers are planted in the following order: first, greenhouse self-pollinated varieties, then cucumbers for film shelters, the latter for open ground. The terms for seedlings in 2019 are as follows:

The plant ready for planting has a pair of large leaves, and its roots are occupied by a pot. In order for the sprouts to adapt better, they should be held at a lower temperature (+18 degrees) a week before moving to the ground, put at the open window. However, tender seedlings must be protected from direct sunlight.

When to land seedlings on the lunar calendar

To grow a rich harvest, you need to properly prepare the seedlings and plant them at a favorable time for this. When a transplant falls on a new moon or full moon, it adversely affects the growth and development of plants. If you focus on the lunar calendar, you can avoid such days.
In addition to the general rules and the lunar calendar, you should take into account the climatic features of the region where the landing is planned. For example, in the Urals, the soil will warm up only by mid-May. Therefore, seedlings are transferred to the open ground no earlier than June 5-12. For the night a bed cover with a film.

In the regions of the Far East and Siberia, it is possible to grow cucumbers only in greenhouses. At the same time to maintain a sufficiently high temperature, arrange the so-called warm beds. Make them from a mixture with manure or compost. Due to chemical reactions in such a ground temperature rises.

An important role is played by the microclimate in the room where there will be pots with seedlings. When the air temperature is about 23-25 ​​degrees, the seeds will germinate within three days after sowing. If the temperature does not reach 20 degrees, it will take a week to wait for the green sprouts. They may not climb at all.

Important! Cucumbers are heat-loving plants. For them, it is better to choose a place where there is a lot of sunlight and there is no draft.

Where to put the seedlings

When growing seedlings at home there is a need to replant the plants in open ground. It is important to prevent damage to the roots. One way to do this is to plant the plants in organic pots, which can later be completely placed in the ground. There are several options.

  1. Peat tablets. In them the seeds germinate quickly. When the sprouts become cramped in them, they are planted on a garden bed with a film cover or in a greenhouse.
  2. Peat pot. It is recommended to place it in a plastic container to reduce evaporation of the liquid and prevent the soil from drying out. Immediately before planting, the peat walls are crushed a little. Then their decomposition will accelerate, and the roots will be able to germinate freely in the soil.
  3. Pot of newspaper sheet. Economical alternative to peat tank. Seedlings can also be placed in the ground with a pot. It is worth considering that such a capacity does not stand for long.
  4. Eggshell. This method is suitable for germinating seeds. A big sprout will not develop there, it will not have enough soil. However, sprouting seeds a week before planting in open ground would be quite appropriate.
  5. Plastic cup. Perhaps the most common way. Yogurt jars and similar containers will do. In the bottom you need to make several holes for oxygen. When the seedlings are ready for planting on the open ground, the cup is simply cut, and all its contents are placed in the soil. Then sprout sprinkled with earth and lightly ram it.

To prepare the seedlings of cucumbers, it will take a lot of time. It is important to correctly plant the plants in the soil without damaging their roots. At observance of all recommendations, the preparation of seedlings will allow to grow fresh cucumbers earlier.

How to prepare the soil

For the sprouts to take root quickly and give a good harvest, the soil in the garden must be prepared. The following are the main steps.

  1. Top dressing in the ground should be enough organic compounds.
  2. Moisturize just before planting.
  3. Preparation of the holes.

Planting seedlings for shelter gives the best result. The young plant is still too tender, and it should be protected from possible night frosts and other adverse effects.

In 2019, the optimal time for planting seedlings in open ground is the end of May or the first decade of June. If night frosts have not passed yet, it is right to provide shelter for cucumbers. Above the seedlings attach the arc of wire or wood, they lay a special film. As soon as heat is established, the shelter can be removed.

Care of planted plants

Features care will depend largely on the selected varieties of cucumbers. However, any seedlings moved to the ground will need:

  • timely soil moistening;
  • loosening the land;
  • forming a bush;
  • weeding weeding.

Planted sprouts at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other. Planting cucumbers is not recommended. The exact value can be found on the sachet.

Cucumbers are thermophilic and need regular watering. It should be especially plentiful in the heat. More moisture is required by plants when flowers and ovaries appear. For watering cucumbers properly use warm water.

Important! If you water cucumbers properly, ripened vegetables will not have a bitter taste.

To get a good crop of cucumbers in 2019, it is necessary to properly prepare the seedlings. Seeds need to be sown for 20-25 days before the planned planting in open ground. The best time to place plants on the beds is from late May to early June. It is recommended to cover young seedlings in order to protect them from adverse environmental effects.