How to plant eggplants for seedlings in 2019


Eggplant is a wonderful vegetable, tasty, healthy and surprisingly beautiful. The variety of taste, shape, color and aromas is striking in its diversity. But many gardeners refuse to grow eggplants themselves, preferring to buy them on the market. Explain this with some "difficulties" in growing crops. In fact, the cultivation of "blue" has its own rules. If you adhere to the recommendations, then thanks eggplant justify all efforts.

Experienced gardeners believe that only the seedling method of growing eggplants provides a decent crop. Many get ready seedlings, but the majority of vegetable lovers grow their own.

It is not always possible to find the variety that caught your attention. Therefore, we consider the main nuances of the technology of growing eggplant seedlings.

Stage one - choose eggplant seeds for seedlings

Selection of seeds is not only exciting, but also very important for eggplant lovers. You need to determine what type of eggplant you prefer - varietal or hybrid. If you are not going to harvest the seeds for the next year from your garden, then hybrids will be fine. And when you want to save your favorite vegetable from the garden, it is best to buy the usual varietal type of eggplants for seedlings.

Hybrid seeds are better, but do not have the ability to maintain their parameters for the next planting year. But the usual seeds all the signs will give offspring. The choice is yours.

The abundance of varieties pleases, but should follow the basic rules for the selection of seed material. It is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Productivity High-yielding species are usually more demanding for growing conditions. Therefore, clearly clarify what conditions are needed for the variety and its seedlings. If you are always able to provide watering, mulching or nutrition, then the composition of the soil cannot be changed drastically. The low-yielding variety is less demanding, its maintenance is simpler, and in the end it may turn out to be more productive than the harvest fellow.
  2. Endurance. By this parameter is meant the plant's resistance to climatic extremes, diseases, pests, and violations of the requirements of agricultural engineering. It will also have to be taken into account because recent years have witnessed anomalous weather events and climate changes in the regions. Choose resistant varieties with a smaller list of useful properties. They will be more fit.
  3. Recumbency Also not the last criterion for eggplants grown through seedlings. Some species are able to persist for a long time without losing their nutritional qualities.

Another important criterion that must be considered when choosing varieties of eggplant for seedlings - compliance with the cultivation zone or zoning. Such eggplant seeds planted on seedlings, will give a guaranteed harvest.

Attention! Purchase treated seeds. This will make it possible to save time when preparing seed for sowing.

In conclusion, carefully read the description of the variety, the name of the manufacturer, well read the reviews of summer residents.

Stage two - determine the date of sowing

The question "When to plant eggplants for seedlings?" Is not at all idle. Many indicators depend on the selected time, including the yield of eggplant. Summer residents use simple calculations and recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar. The counting is performed from the date of planting seedlings for permanent residence.

We are counting on when to plant eggplants in 2019 for seedlings. The lunar calendar allows you to know when planting eggplants for seedlings will be the most successful.

Tip! Planted seedlings under the open sky is recommended in May.

Eggplant is a heat-loving vegetables, the cold is unpleasant for them. Therefore, for the date of calculation we take May 10, 2019. We continue to count. Seedlings are planted at the age of 65-70 days. Subtract this number from the date of May 10, we get the beginning of March (from 1 to 6). It is also necessary to take the time for which the first shoots appear (from 5 to 10) and get the February days from 19 to 24. Now we check the date with the lunar calendar, on the recommendation of which the planting of eggplant seeds for seedlings should be February 17, 2019.

If in the region where you live, the threat of frost passes later, then the calculation is made, taking into account this indicator. Choose the desired disembarkation date and count back all the listed dates.

Start sowing seeds

First of all, we will prepare tara and pochvosmes that the seed was where to plant.

Requirements for soil for eggplant seedlings are:

  • fertility;
  • ease;
  • friability;
  • acid neutrality.

In order to provide the soil with all these parameters, we prepare the mixture in percentage composition:

  • peat - 60;
  • sod land - 10;
  • humus - 20;
  • sawdust or sand - 5;
  • vermicompost - 5.

Another suitable option for summer residents with black soil on the plot - equal parts of the land from the garden, purchased soil for seedlings, sand. By adding vermiculite, ensure an excellent result.

The next thing will be the preparation of landing tanks. Here fantasy gardeners limit does not happen. In addition to the usual cups and pots, use peat tablets, cassettes, laminate substrate, toilet paper. Each method is good in its own way, but everyone has its drawbacks.

Cooking eggplant seeds for sowing. If you have processed seed material, then the need for preparation is eliminated. Regular seeds need to be processed independently:

  • soak in a solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes;
  • rinse with water;
  • place in the nutrient solution for a day (for 1 liter of water and 1 spoon of ash wood and mineral fertilizers);
  • shift the eggplant seeds to germinate.

They improve the germination and frost resistance of seeds for seedling by hardening. To do this, several times move the seed after the nutrient mixture in the refrigerator and back into the room. At this time, the seeds should be moderately wet and then immediately planted in the soil mixture.

In each container filled with moistened soil, place one seed. There are recommendations to moisten the soil mixture for seedlings of eggplant with melted snow.

The results justify the expectations of gardeners.

Important! Admission with snow is used only with un-grown seeds for seedlings. If there are already sprouts, then sowing is carried out in a heated soil.

We raise healthy seedlings

Caring for seedlings is simple, but requires the implementation of all items. The most important of them are:

Temperature conditions

After the seeds fall into the ground, the container must be covered with polyethylene. But as soon as sprouts appear, it is important to lower the air temperature so that the root system of eggplant seedlings develops well.

Optimally in the daytime hold + 17 ° at night + 14 °. After the appearance of the first leaflets, the temperature is increased. Daily indicator + 25 °, at night we leave the same. This is necessary for the preparation of seedlings to the conditions of open ground.


Light seedlings are very necessary, although eggplant is considered a plant of a short day. If you provide artificial lighting for 12 hours, this is enough for the first three weeks. Then do the illumination, so that the sprouts do not stretch out and the eggplant budding phase has come before.


Water for irrigation taken with the temperature of the room. It is better to use a spray for humidification. So, you will avoid washing out the seeds of eggplant and do not damage the roots of the seedlings. Drying the soil is extremely undesirable for eggplant seedlings, so watch out for its moisture. Water is used rain or settled during the day.


Not all gardeners feed eggplant seedlings. But if there is a need for it, the power schedule will be as follows:

  1. The first. Without a dive saplings a week after the sprout. With a picking 12 days after seating. Use compositions with a high percentage of phosphorus (Yellow Crystal) in the ratio of 1 tbsp. spoon fertilizer 10 liters of water.
  2. The following. Do at intervals of a week to stimulate the growing season (Special Crystal).
Important! Top dressing seedlings eggplant combined with watering.

Pickling seedlings

We turn to a process that seems difficult for beginners. Eggplant seedlings do not like transplants. These are tender plants that are difficult to endure stress and damage to the root system. Therefore, attentiveness and care are required at this stage. Perform a series of actions:

  • 3 hours before the picking we water the seedlings;
  • we fill a container of the bigger size with nutritious pochvosmesyu;
  • moisten the soil;
  • seedlings are placed in the grooves, plunging to the first sheets.

Eating eggplant pickled seedlings will consist of:

  • combined dressings with watering;
  • monthly wood ash spills;
  • watering at a certain time in the morning;
  • hardening seedlings.
Important! Take out the grown seedlings to the air. You can open the window, but provide protection from drafts and low temperature (+ 14 °).

Before planting, eggplant seedlings should have up to 12 true leaves, be healthy and strong up to 25 cm.

We plant seedlings for permanent residence

In our case it may be a greenhouse or vegetable garden. For one square meter of the greenhouse landing site, a mixture of magnesium sulphate (15 g), humus (4 kg), potassium sulphate and ammonium nitrate (30 g each), and superphosphate (60 g) is prepared. The components are mixed, and the mixture is applied to the soil. Before planting, prepare the holes and seedlings of eggplant with a clod of earth are transplanted into them. The depth of planting is 8 cm. If a lump crumbles, then it is strengthened with a woofer and clay talker. The distance between the eggplants 50 cm, spacing withstand up to 1 m.

Planting density - three eggplants per 1 square. m square. Soil sprayed for seedlings create a shadow. It is necessary to withstand until the eggplant seedlings are used to sunlight.

In open ground planting is carried out in the evening, then sprouts cover with film or paper caps.

Care for transplanted eggplant seedlings is timely:

  • dressings;
  • watering;
  • hilling

Some gardeners in the greenhouses form eggplant bushes.

Unusual ways to grow eggplant seedlings

Recently, gardeners use new methods of growing seedlings of vegetables. Popularity has gained a new technology when eggplant seedlings sow into a snail.

In this method, the seeds are placed on the substrate strip for the laminate. The optimal size of the strip is 10 cm x 1.5 m. The strip is laid out, poured the earth and put seeds at a distance of 2 cm.

Important! Seeds are placed on the side of the strip, which will be at the top.

The strip is twisted, fastened with an elastic band and placed in a plastic container. Water and immediately cover to maintain optimum humidity. To get acquainted with the technology will help video with detailed explanations:

Growing eggplant seedlings under the power of every gardener. To make the whole process without mistakes, try to think over your actions in advance. Write down if necessary. This will facilitate and accelerate the cultivation of eggplant seedlings.

Video on sowing seeds for seedlings: