Pear Abbot Vettel


Bred by French breeders, Abbot Vettel pear has become popular since the late 19th century. The variety quickly spread along the Mediterranean coast, thanks to its taste. Fruits well in warm, humid climates. Therefore, grown in industrial plantations in the south of Spain, Italy, France. To grow this variety in the Russian region, you need to know the conditions for its successful growth.

Description of the pear Abbot Fetel

Russian gardeners have shown great interest in gardening French cultivators for the excellent quality of the fruit and good adaptability in the new place. Description of the pear variety Abbot Fetel and his image in the photo will help novice gardeners not to confuse him with other members of the Rozanov family:

  • the tree is medium tall and reaches 3-4 m in height;
  • the crown is wide, pyramidal, with dense foliage;
  • leaves are large, light green in color;
  • stems grow at an angle of 400-450, with further deviation to the horizontal position;
  • the fruits are elongated, large, light-colored with pink side on the sunny side.

When pears begin to ripen, you need to ensure that they do not break off their branches with their weight and, if necessary, carry out the garter. Especially, it concerns young trees with thin shoots.

The main fructification is in the 8th year. A variety of pears Abbot Vettel can produce a crop for 2 decades.

It is considered a resistant plant to such adverse conditions as:

  • cold - tolerates cold up to about -170WITH;
  • insects and fungal diseases;
  • drying of the soil.

The pear is self-fertile - it pollinates itself. Therefore, it is not necessary to plant additional pollinators in the neighborhood. However, it was noted by gardeners that the neighborhood of other varieties of pear has a beneficial effect on the yield of the variety Abbat Vettel.

Comment! Pears bear fruit in the fall. Fruits are harvested 1.5-2 weeks before they are fully ripe, thereby increasing the shelf life.

Characteristics of the fruits of pear Abbot Vettel

If you follow the recommended rules of agrotechnology for pears, then for 3-4 years after planting in early September, you can already shoot the first crop. Proved pear varieties Abbot Vettel excellent taste and rich in vitamin composition.

The fruits are in great demand due to the appetizing appearance:

  • oblong shape, up to 20 cm long, up to 8 cm in diameter and 200-250 g in weight;
  • fine-colored, yellowish-green color with a pink side when ripe;
  • the flesh is often white, but it is also cream-colored, juicy and sweet in taste with a pleasant delicate aroma.

In the stage of full maturation can hang on a tree for a long time. When removing the fruit should try not to damage them. Pears are stored in the refrigerator at a temperature not higher than +50C. Before storage, the fruits are allowed to rest for a few days in a dry room.

The taste and texture of the fruits of Abbot Vettel allow you to use them fresh or cook them:

  • compotes;
  • jams;
  • preserves;
  • marmalade;
  • juices.

Pros and cons varieties

Those who are thinking of growing Abbet Vettel pear in their area need to know that this cultivar has more advantages than disadvantages. For several centuries, its positive qualities have allowed not only to preserve the variety, but also to expand the growing area. The main advantages of the variety:

  • sweet juicy flesh;
  • full trade dress;
  • good safety during transportation;
  • long shelf life;
  • drought tolerance;
  • self-pollination of flowers;
  • resistance to diseases and pests.

Disadvantages a little. Russian gardeners point out the main one: poor frost resistance. Already at about -200Since the tree can freeze and spring is not reborn. Therefore, in the cold regions of Russia, this variety must be covered before the onset of frost. Another disadvantage is the average yield. However, this indicator varies greatly under different growing conditions.

Optimal conditions for growing

High yield depends on the composition of the soil. For a pear, it should be light and fertile. Variety Abbot Vettel does not grow on soil with high acidity, and prefers neutral. In order to balance the condition of the soil, they dig up the area and add lime or wood ash to it.

Abnormal for pear Abbot Vettel is considered to be overwetting roots. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the occurrence of groundwater in the area to go deeper than 3 m. The area for pear should be open to the sun. Solar illumination is essential for a delicious, rich harvest.

Planting and care for pear Abbot Vettel

Abbot Vettel pear is planted in spring or autumn. The most favorable is the autumn planting. The seedling should be 1-1.5 years old. If the root system is open, then you need to make sure that it is healthy. Leaves and shoots should also not have traces of diseases and wilts.

A big influence on the crop have a landing site, the condition of the seedling and, in the future, the necessary care for the crop:

  • regular feeding;
  • necessary watering;
  • measures to protect against diseases and rodents;
  • loosening the soil;
  • soil mulching;
  • whitewashing the trunk.

Proper preparation for winter is of particular importance for the regions of Russia with cold winters, since the pear Abbot Vettel may die in severe frosts.

Landing rules

To plant seedlings of pear Abbot Vettel is better in the garden next to the apple trees. If planting is carried out in rows, the distance between the trees in the row should be at least 5 m, and between the rows - 6 m. The site should be well lit by the sun and, preferably, without drafts.

Saplings inspect, remove dry roots and process them with a mixture of clay and ash in a ratio of 1: 2. If the root system is closed, then the seedling is placed in a hole along with an earthy ball. After preparation of the site and the seedlings are transferred to the planting itself:

  1. Dig a hole about 0.8 m deep and 1.0 m wide.
  2. Pour a little bit of earth into a hole to make a mound.
  3. A sapling is placed on a mound and the roots are spread.
  4. Fill the pit with earth to the level of the site.
  5. A little tamped around the trunk.
  6. Make the hole and pour water abundantly.
  7. Mulch pristvolny circle.

Bottom neck of a pear tree seedling Abbot Vettel should be above ground level. It is advisable to install a support near the trunk and tie a young tree to it.

Watering and feeding

Despite the fact that the pear Abbot Fetel belongs to drought-resistant crops, it needs watering, especially during the period of growth and ripening of fruits. Already grown tree can be watered less often. After each irrigation, it is recommended to loosen the soil to enrich the soil with oxygen and destroy weeds.

For good fruiting, top dressing of the Abbot Fetel variety is necessary throughout the growing season. Wanting to get a rich harvest, you can not leave the plant without additional nutrition. In the autumn, before winter rest, manure, peat, and humus are brought into the near-ground circle. In the spring, add nitrogen (urea 50 g per bucket of water), potash, phosphate fertilizers.


Pear Abbot Vettel independently forms a crown and does not need decorative pruning. Culture once a year in the spring carry out sanitation, in order to free the tree from the sick, dried and unnecessary branches.

Abbot Vettel stems grow almost vertically upwards. So that this does not interfere with the fruits, the branches are sometimes artificially tilted to a horizontal position, removing unnecessary and unfertile ones.

Tip! Cut-off areas must be treated with garden baryl to heal wounds faster. This tool can buy ready-made or do it yourself.


To provide protection against sunburn, frost, pests and rodents, the Abbot Vettel grade stem is lime 2-3 times a year. The procedure must be carried out in the spring after the snow melted and in the fall before shelter for the winter. In the summer of whitening barrel at will and need.

The solution for whitewashing can be bought in the store or made independently. Mix 1.5 kg of clay with 2 kg of lime in 1 bucket of water. The adult plant is whitened to the lower branches, and it is recommended to cover the seedling completely.

Preparing for the winter

Together with the introduction of autumn fertilizers, before hibernation, it is necessary to water every tree well. The shape of the shelter depends on the frosts that occur in winter. It must be remembered that the pear Abbot Vettel is not a winter-hardy culture.

According to reviews on the Internet, a pear Abbot Vettel in the suburbs should be covered for the winter with spider branches or snow. You can also use building insulation materials, burlap and film.

Important! In spring, flowering frost sometimes occurs during flowering. To protect the future harvest, smoke is applied and well watered near-stem circle.


The first fruits in the southern countries ripen in early September. Fruiting pear Abbot Fetel annual for about 20 years. The level of harvest refers to the average, but is compensated by the taste and large size of the fruit.

Gardeners recommend rationing the harvest, as with its high level fruits shrink. In the first year you need to remove up to half of the ovary.

Calorie pear Abbot Vettel

Fruits pear Abbot Fetel can be used with confidence for various unloading diets because of their low calorie content. The fruits are rich in various vitamins, microelements and fiber. The low acid content makes pears sweeter in taste than apples, although the sugar content is less. Therefore, the caloric content is only 48 kcal per 100 g of a tasty sweet fruit.

Diseases and pests

The variety of pears Abbot Vettel is resistant to various forms of fungal diseases and insect pests. For prevention with the onset of spring and prior to the start of active sap flow, the whole tree is sprayed with fungicides against scab.

Reviews about pear Abbot Fetel

Andrey Ivanovich Malichev, 56 years old, Podolsk I know this variety, but so far only as a consumer. When I rested in Spain I tried a lot of things in August, and Abbot Fetel pear too. Liked it. The skin is really thin and the flesh is tasty. There is even a fragrance. Now I think, maybe, to plant it. If the harvest is small, as they say, then our family will still be enough, not for sale. But if our sun is not enough or the earth is not pleasant, then it will be a pity to be a tree. Marina Y. Smolyar, 52, Serpukhov My friend planted 2 such trees at her dacha 8 years ago. I understand that she did not invest much work in them, did not complain about them. Grow like other fruit. We fall, these pears right from the tree we pick and eat. Not to say that one thing is delicious, but a normal fetus. It does not leave for storage. But on the other hand, she makes delicious compotes from half pears. Only for compotes it is necessary to remove the fruits early, and for jam - later, let the fruits ripen well.


Pear Abbot Vettel bred for a warm climate. Therefore, the variety is recommended for the southern regions of Russia. Only conventional agrotechnical care will be needed. If there is a desire to plant this tree in the region with a cold winter, then it is necessary to carry out measures for careful shelter for the winter. Then there is an opportunity to enjoy its tasty fruits in the autumn.