Is it possible to eat beeswax wax?


Many adherents of traditional medicine eat beeswax in moderate quantities along with honey in honeycombs because of its beneficial qualities. And they advise to periodically apply the healing product, stocking it in the summer for several months. Although the use of wax is contraindicated in large quantities in the case of serious diseases.

Is it possible to eat honeycomb from honey

Most people who do not have any obstacles in the form of allergies or intolerances to eat honey can also use other bee products, including fresh honeycomb wax. Such a valuable product purchased in specialized stores or markets. The cost of honeycombs is high, but it is believed that this honey is very healing. This is prepared food for the younger generation of the bee family, and wax is a kind of jars with blanks. When a person eats honeycomb, the following substances enter the body:

  • honey;
  • wax;
  • propolis;
  • pollen;
  • perga.
Attention! It is worth noting that the properties of beeswax are not studied thoroughly.

There is evidence that scientists have identified more than three hundred of its active components. Some substances are similar in their effects on vitamin A.

Honeycombs build themselves organized insects, creating them from a substance secreted by the corresponding glands that are located on their abdomens. Young, spring and early summer wax light yellow, by the end of July, in August grows old, gets a darker shade. From one bee colony, up to 2-3 kg of wax are selected for a year, without compromising the quality of life of the cruise workers. When a frame with constructed cells full of honey is taken out of the hive, it can be seen that the top of the bee “blanks” is covered with so-called zabrus. This is a thin layer of light wax mixed with propolis. Usually, beekeepers cut off this layer, and sell open honeycombs, from which liquid honey flows. In comb with zabrusom can be up to 8-10% of propolis.

By building the cells, the bee family covers each inside the cell with propolis for disinfection. A substance with antiseptic properties is also produced by the bee's body. If the wax is sold melted, in the form of bars, and not in comb, there is no propolis in it. It is separated during processing in apiaries.

Important! Zabrus can also be chewed, but in limited quantities, since propolis is more used for outdoor use.

The benefits and harm of beeswax wax

Based on information from various sources, it follows that you can eat beeswax without fear. But a little, up to 7-10 g for the whole day. All the vitamins and other active elements found in honey are also found in honeycombs. Bee cells are considered a therapeutic substance that can regulate the functions of the human body. It is argued that a limited amount of wax is useful to use, due to such properties:

  • the ability to absorb and eliminate toxins;
  • produce an antibacterial effect on the intestinal environment;
  • improve peristalsis;
  • contain vitamin A and enrich the body;
  • to inform the body of the light effects of those plants from which the bee family took a bribe.

Even if they do not eat and chew wax from fragrant bee cells, there is a positive effect:

  • immunity increases, frequent development of diseases of the bronchi are prevented;
  • the state of health at rhinitis and antritis is facilitated;
  • there is a calming effect and relief of depression;
  • the gums become stronger, as they are easily massaged and impregnated with therapeutic components;
  • for those who wish, it is easier to quit smoking due to the quality sanitization of the mouth;
  • the hangover syndrome is removed more quickly and the dependence on alcohol is softened;
  • an arbitrary weight loss occurs with the systematic chewing of 2-3 cells from honeycombs with wax per day, which reflexively reduces appetite;
  • teeth cleaned from yellow plaque;
  • beneficial effect as prevention of caries of empty wax without honey, which is not chewed more often than 2 times a week.

In addition, wax is used:

  • in cosmetology, as a cell nourishing substance;
  • on its basis, ointments are prepared, which are used to heal wounds of various origin;
  • make compresses in the treatment of joints and impaired venous circulation.

If you eat wax along with honey in large quantities, it can harm the body, causing the intestines to turn, or a blockage of the esophagus. Allergy sufferers also should not get involved in the use of bee product.

Attention! Buying melted wax as a medicinal raw material for use inside, outside or for cosmetic purposes, you can take a large amount of healing product, because the substance retains its properties for several years.

What happens if you eat wax

Having accidentally swallowed a piece of beeswax while chewing a piece of honey frame, a person will clean his body a little. Getting into the food system to 10 g of wax, most likely, will not produce any effect or any unpleasant sensations. Serious consequences, which have already been mentioned, occur after extremely large doses, which a sane person would not eat under normal circumstances. You should also control how the honeycomb chews children, and it is better to give small safe portions.

Tip! Some tasty bee cells are put into brewed, slightly cooled tea, but not into boiling water, so that more living nutrients are left.

How to eat honey comb

The ideal answer to the question of whether it is possible to eat a whole honeycomb, swallowing wax - you just need to chew it. Honey wax is chewed for quite a long time while sweetness and unique smell are felt. The remaining product is spat out. With careful chewing on saliva, all beneficial active substances from beeswax pass into the body. Beekeepers warn that zabrus, which is sometimes found on fragments of honey frames, is better to cut off on your own. The propolis in it is intended for external use. They swallow small pieces of wax purposefully, curing some kind of indisposition. It is recommended to eat some black bread.

Zabrus is chewed, always spitting out, if stomatitis, pharyngitis or complications in the upper respiratory tract are treated after a cold. Honey comb is considered more useful, fragrant and liquid, as it is preserved by the bee family with the help of the antiseptic of their own “production” - propolis.

Precautionary measures

If they are eating honeycombs for therapeutic purposes, do not forget about some of the nuances of their use:

  • there are a lot of carbohydrates in the product, and a high sugar content with regular meals can threaten tooth decay, if not rinsing the mouth;
  • honeycomb and wax will be beneficial if the bee family worked in an ecologically clean area;
  • in the presence of carcinogens in bee product, which appear when collecting nectar in contaminated areas, they are released during heating, for example, when the honeycomb is put in hot tea;
  • those who count calories should bear in mind that there are 328 kcal per 100 g of honeycomb;
  • It is recommended to abstain and not to eat honeycombs during pregnancy, because they can create problems with assimilation.


People with good health can eat honeycombs from honey without fear. But with some ailments they harm. As with any product, honeycomb wax also has contraindications:

  • carefully use those people who have already identified an allergy, maybe not even on honey;
  • you cannot eat in case of individual intolerance;
  • only a small amount for diabetics, after doctor's permission;
  • the use of honey in honeycombs during exacerbation of gastritis is prohibited;
  • the presence of solid compounds in the bile and urinary tract;
  • during the high stages of oncology;
  • in a feverish state, if the body temperature exceeds 38 ° C.

Terms and conditions of storage

Honeycombs will be stored for a long time, if zabrus remained intact. The cells are sealed, honey under the influence of antiseptic-propolis, is in a liquid sterile state. Large pieces of honeycombs are neatly cut into smaller ones and put in glass, porcelain or enameled containers. In the refrigerator, at a temperature of 4-5 ° C, this variant of healing honey can be stored for several months. Its properties may change, spoil if kept in a hot room, where the temperature is above + 20 ° C. The same effect from frost.

The second condition for preserving the healing properties of honey in honeycombs is to protect not only from direct sunlight, but also from light. The bee product significantly loses its healing qualities in a bright room. Therefore, the container is placed in a dark place and must be covered.

The third requirement for high-quality storage of comb is their protection from extraneous odors. Honey will quickly absorb any strong aroma: from perfume, spicy greens to technical means. Protect the honeycomb from the loss of a bouquet of meadow herbs will help their placement in a container with ground lids.


Beeswax eat, caring about the health. The moderate use of honey from honeycombs with wax gives a positive effect on the body. But it is preferable to use an inedible substance strictly according to indications. For most people, the usual option is acceptable - chew wax, while there is honey, and then spit it out.