Pear Starkrimson: description, photo, reviews


Pear Starkrimson was obtained by breeders by cloning the variety Klappa Pet. Registered plant in 1956. And the main difference of the new variety is the outwardly attractive type of fruit.

Description of Starkrimson Pear

The height of an adult tree is capable of reaching 5 m, so the pear is referred to as strong-growing plants. The crown is wide, has a pyramidal shape.

Pear Starkrimson densely leafed, there are leafy plates of dark green or burgundy color with pointed tips. Flowering is more late.

Fruit characteristics

The average weight of a pear varies from 180 to 200g, but there are fruits weighing up to 300 g. The fruit has an ovate-elongated shape, as it ripens, changes color from yellow to red.

The flesh of Starkrimson pear is white, sweet-sourish in taste, with a very delicate, nutmeg flavor.

The fruits are widely used in the manufacture of desserts, jams and preserves. Delicious fruit liqueurs and compotes are obtained from the fruit.

Important! The fruits of the summer Starkrimson pear are preserved for no more than one month; after the time has passed, they gradually lose their presentation and taste.

Pros and cons of starkrimson pear

An objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of a plant allows you to choose the best option for your garden. According to the description and photo of the Starkrimson pear variety, it has a decorative appearance, a beautiful wide crown and attractive fruit.


  • the tree tolerates drought and low temperatures;
  • unpretentious care;
  • high yield;
  • immunity to pests and parasites.

The disadvantages of the variety Starkrimson include its tallness and the inability to transport fruit for a long distance.

Important! In case of untimely harvesting, Starkrimson pears are showered on the ground, which leads to their damage and loss of presentation.

Optimal conditions for growing

In the garden, it is recommended to give preference to a place with good lighting: the tree tolerates shade, but this leads to a decrease in yield.

The variety is recommended to grow on loose, with a small clay content, wet soil. It is important to choose a site that is protected from the wind.

Pear Starkrimson tolerates moisture deficiency, but it affects fructification and resistance to frost.

Planting and care for Starkrimson pear

When growing a variety, it is important to consider the climate. In the northern and southern regions, seedlings prefer to be transported to the soil in spring. This allows the tree to adapt and take root, so as not to be afraid of frost. It is recommended to carry out the procedure from April 20 to 30.

It is allowed to plant Starkrimson pears in the fall. The optimal time for this is no later than the second half of October.

Landing rules

According to the description of the variety, the Starkrimson pear does not strictly require adherence to a particular planting algorithm, therefore, they follow the general rules:

  • the distance from buildings and fences from the tree is at least 3 m;
  • they dig a hole for the seedling to a depth of 1.2 m and a diameter of 80 cm, loosen the soil to the depth of the bayonet and add 4-5 handfuls of ash, all shed with water so that the soil has a creamy consistency;
  • in the resulting mixture, the roots of pear seedlings are dipped, after which the soil is re-loosened and 10 raw eggs are added, mixed and sprinkled with dry earth;
  • The treated seedling is placed in a hole, then it is sprinkled with soil and 10 more eggs are laid around the perimeter, this will provide the plant with essential nutrients;
  • at the end of the procedure around the trunk, the soil should be mulched with needles, sawdust or peat.
Important! Before planting, all thick roots are removed at a length of 10-12 cm and the top is shortened from a pear tree seedling. The plant should be a branch height of 75-85 cm without shoots and foliage.

Watering and feeding

The Starkrimson pear is not demanding on soil moistening: with heavy rainfall, the procedure is not carried out, watering is more frequent in the hot months. The norm is 20-30 liters of water per 1 m2 . It is important, after moistening the soil, to loosen the earth in the forest area.

The timing of the feeding depends on the season of planting the variety. Spring seedlings fertilized in the second year after transfer to the soil. Pears planted in autumn are fed one year after the snow melts.

In the spring in the soil it is necessary to make preparations with a nitrogen content. It has a beneficial effect on the flowering and fruiting process. Use tools such as ammonium or sodium nitrate, urea. Often they are produced in granular form, so the tool is scattered around the plant and loosen the ground.

Fertilization in the summer has a positive effect on the appearance of fruits and plants. To do this, use potash and phosphorus fertilizer, which is dissolved in water, according to the instructions. The resulting substance irrigates the crown of the tree in the morning windless weather.

Autumn dressing allows the Starkrimson pear to compensate for the lack of nutrients and safely endure low temperatures. Carry out the procedure in September, immediately after harvest. To do this, use potash and phosphate fertilizers, which must be scattered around the trunk and then loosen the soil.

Important! In the autumn, the use of nitrogen-containing products is not recommended: they do not allow the tree to prepare for winter sleep in a timely manner.


The procedure is carried out for the formation and thinning of the crown. Pruning pears Starkrimson allows the tree to redistribute forces to fructification, and not to strengthen young shoots.

In the spring, the procedure is carried out as follows: the trunk is shortened by ¼, after all the sections are closed with garden pitch.

Important! Pruning is carried out from the first year of life of the plant, it is necessary to monitor that in the second year the height of the seedling does not exceed 50 cm.

In the autumn, the procedure is carried out from late August to mid-September. It is necessary to remove all the affected and dry branches, as well as shoots growing at an angle of 90 °.

Important! Hemp after pruning should not remain, all the branches are put in a common pile and burned to prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria.


Lime performs a protective function: protects the tree from burns and pests, allows the plant to tolerate low temperatures better.

The optimal time for whitewashing Starkrimson pear is autumn (October-November). In the spring, the procedure is carried out in February-March.

Whitening is carried out in stages:

  1. Cleaning: in fabric gloves, the trunk is cleaned of moss, mold and pieces of bark. The contents of the cracks are pulled out using chips or other scrap materials. Before beginning the procedure, a cloth is spread around the trunk to later remove all debris.
  2. Disinfection: all cleaned surface, cracks and wounds are treated with specialized means. This allows you to destroy all pathogenic bacteria. As disinfectants use copper or iron vitriol, ash lye.
  3. Treatment: all cracks and wounds must be covered with medical preparations. For this use garden pitch, specialty pastes and putties.
  4. Whitewashing: for the procedure prepare a solution of lime or acquire ready-made garden paint for trees. As tools for whitewashing use brushes or rollers, spray. The optimal height of the application is the stem and 1/3 of the skeletal shoots.
Important! Starchrimson pear whitening is carried out at a temperature not lower than + 3 ° C. Frost adversely affects lime mortar, so it can crumble ahead of time.

Preparing for the winter

The degree of shelter depends on the region where the crop is grown. In the northern regions use fabrics, lapnik and boards. In more southern regions are limited to covering material or refuse warming.

Winter preparations begin before the onset of frost. With starkrimson pears remove all the coasters so that the branches are closer to the ground. To compress the young shoots to the ground use weights. Above the branches poured the ground, covered with snow after precipitation.

If possible, young trees and seedlings are wrapped in cloth, the ground is covered with brushwood.

Important! It is recommended to insulate the trunk of the tree with insulating materials, such as fabric, wood or other improvised means. This procedure serves as a preventive measure against pests.


Starkrimson pear is not capable of pollinating on its own, therefore it is recommended to plant such varieties as Panna, Forest Beauty, Dessert Room and Bere Ligel near it. When choosing a tree, it is necessary to study the features of its planting and care.


Fruiting depends on the type of stock used. If it is a quince, then Starkrimson cultivar will start to produce crops 4-5 years after planting. When using a forest pear for a stock, the tree bears fruit after 7 years.

Fruit is spiced from July to August: the climatic zone influences the timing. It is recommended to harvest for 10-14 days before their full maturation, when the fruit has a yellow color. This will preserve its presentation. The collection of pears starts from the lower branches to the upper ones.

Productivity ranges from 12 to 35 kg of fruit from a tree, the maximum figures are noted at 7-10 years from the time of planting.

Pear Starkrimson does not tolerate transportation, so if necessary, transportation of immature fruit. Given this feature, the variety is not used for commercial purposes, grown for personal use.

To preserve the fruit in its original form, it is necessary to use a ventilated room in which to install a container with dry sawdust. Damaged fruits rot quickly, and are therefore subject to immediate consumption.

Diseases and pests

The Starkrimson pear can be attacked by bedbugs, fruit planters, caterpillars of the hawthorn and itching. To combat them use chemicals that have disinfection properties: Carbos, Nitrafen or Fufanon.

The main preventive measures are the timely application of mineral fertilizers and control over the condition of the tree.

Scab is a disease to which Starkrimson pear is immune, but if you violate the rules of care, the risk of its development is high.

The disease is characterized by the appearance of dark green and then brown spots on the leaf plates. Gradually, the fungus spreads to the rest of the tree, including the fruit. As the disease progresses, the foliage is yellower and flies, the tree gradually dies. For the treatment using fungicidal agents: Trideks, Merpan.

Possible defeat pear Starkrimson fruit rot. The disease is characterized by a change in the color of the leaf plates to brown, their gradual drying out. Fruits become lighter, covered with whitish spores.

As a treatment, use the Bordeaux mixture, which irrigate the pear before and after flowering. The affected fruits are removed from the branches and disposed of.

Reviews Starkrimson pear

Grebenshchikova Maria Igorevna, 46 years old, KostromaSort attracted the attention of an unusual shade of fruits that give the plant a decorative look. But the taste qualities of pears are very high: sweet, slightly sour, sugar. The tree is abundantly fruiting, so the whole summer the family feeds on the harvest. Collected fruits are great for jams and compotes, fruit cuts. The plant is not demanding to care, but pruning and whitewashing are obligatory: neglect of procedures affects both appearance and yield. Evgeny Anatolyevich Mironov, 57, VoronezhGrusha Starkrimson is an excellent high-yielding variety that benefits from tasty and beautiful fruits. The plant requires pollinators, shelter and preventive treatment of scab and fruit rot. The tree is drought-resistant, not afraid of frost, but does not tolerate strong winds.


Starkrimson pear is a high-yielding variety with a characteristic feature: fruits of red color. The tree is tall, but with proper pruning and shaping does not take up much space, serves as a decorative element in the garden. Competent selection of the site and the pollinator are the basis for the successful cultivation of the variety.