How to cook thick strawberry jam


Strawberry is a special berry, a symbol of pleasure and luxury. By law, it is considered the best of the existing berries. And of course, strawberry jam is one of the most delicious. The only problem is that with ordinary cooking jam turns out very liquid. Therefore, a special cooking technology is used for strawberry jam.

What strawberries to choose for jam

For a tasty and beautiful result, you need to choose the appropriate strawberry berries:

  • They should be approximately the same size;
  • It is not necessary to take very large strawberries, they will lose their shape when cooked, becoming a porridge;
  • Small ones also do not fit, after heat treatment, they become rigid;
  • A prerequisite is the absence of spoilage on strawberries;
  • Overripe strawberries will not keep in shape, and understepped strawberries will not give either taste or smell.

Attention! If strawberries are used for jam from the counter, and not from their beds, one of the indicators of good quality berries will be its flavor.

Preparation of strawberries

Before starting the preparation, the raw materials must be carefully prepared:

  1. Select strawberries suitable for jam. Separate sepals need after washing to avoid the ingress of water inside.
  2. Rinse the stock gently: there may be particles of soil on the berries, so it’s better to put them in a large container with water.
  3. Put strawberries in a colander to glass all the water.

Attention! Strawberry berries churn fever because they contain natural salicylic acid.

Three varieties of thick strawberry jam

There are many recipes for boiling thick strawberry jam, but the principles of cooking are not particularly different. Although one of the following methods includes modern technology.

Strawberry jam number 1

For the preparation will need sugar and strawberries. Moreover, sugar should be twice less in weight. For example, consider the proportion of 1.5 kg of sugar per 3 kg of strawberries.

Cooking method:

  • Ingredients are mixed together in the cooking utensils and forgotten for several hours;
  • Then you need to remove most of the juice, do not completely drain it;
  • Juice can be used at will, here it is no longer needed;
  • In the berries add 500 grams. Sahara;
  • Leave alone for another couple of hours;
  • After, bring the strawberries to a boil, remove the foam that appears;
  • Keep on low heat for 1 hour;
  • Roll up hot jam in sterile jars.

Strawberry jam number 2

Sugar and strawberries in equal proportions by weight. At the end of cooking you will need a pinch of citric acid.

Cooking method:

  • Combine the ingredients in a suitable cooking pot and leave for a while, until the juice is extracted;
  • Put on the fire, wait for boiling;
  • Keep strawberry jam on the fire for 5 minutes, constantly removing the foam that appears;
  • Turn off the heat, rearrange the dishes from the stove;
  • Covered with a clean cloth jam left to cool, it is better for 12 hours;
  • Then repeat the process of boiling and cooling from 3 to 5 times;
  • The density of strawberry jam in this recipe depends on the number of repetitions;
  • Pour citric acid in the finished product, it will improve its color and will serve as an additional preservative;
  • To distribute jam on the prepared banks;
  • After it cools down a little, and steam will no longer flow from it, you can close the lids.

This technology of cooking is considered the most correct, since the heat treatment is minimized, and the berries during the settling period are gradually soaked with syrup. This produces a thick jam with whole berries and the most stored composition of nutrients.

Strawberry Multicooker Jam

Here is a recipe using modern technology. For it you need 1 kg of sugar and strawberries, as well as 20 g of thickener, for example, "Gelinka".

Cooking method:

  • Fold the strawberries and sugar into the multicooker bowl;
  • Wait for the juice to separate;
  • Set on the multicooker the extinguishing program;
  • Cooking duration - 1 hour;
  • A couple of minutes before the end, add a thickener and mix well;
  • At the end of the program, you can roll up the jam in a sterile container.

Cooking secrets

It is easy to choose a recipe - their weight. However, there are some secrets of how to prepare really thick strawberry jam for the winter:

  • Do not force the berries to wait long for their fate. Collected - start cooking. Strawberries lose their unique aroma, color and taste every minute. Jam from such raw materials can quickly deteriorate;
  • In order to preserve the shape of the product, the collection is carried out in dry weather. Berries collected after a shower will turn into a shapeless mass during cooking;
  • Cookware for making strawberry jam is a wide and spacious container made of non-oxidizing material. A large evaporation area will provide a thicker consistency. Previously used brass and copper basins, which, in addition to suitable characteristics, additionally disinfected jam;
  • The amount of sugar directly affects the density of strawberry jam: the more it is, the thicker the result;
  • In some recipes, the desired consistency is achieved by prolonged cooking, up to several hours, but there is no benefit from such a product; prolonged heat treatment destroys all the beneficial substances;
  • Sugar not only thickens, but also preserves the berries, its sufficient amount does not allow pathogenic germs to multiply. Jam with a minimum amount of sugar can not be stored for a long time;
  • You can cook the original strawberry jam, just seasoning it with some spices: cloves, cinnamon, mint and others to your taste.