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Garden vacuum cleaner Champion gbr357, eb4510


Among the many devices designed to help the gardener, and just the owner of a country house, relatively recently appeared very interesting units, called blowers or garden vacuum cleaners. Initially, they were invented, primarily to help in the collection of leaves and other plant debris in the fall, to facilitate the work of putting the site in order before winter. But the devices turned out to be very versatile in their application - the ingenious owners adapted themselves to use blowers all year round - and in winter to clean the tracks and roofs from the snow cover, and to dry cars after washing, so that there would be no divorce on them, and even to light a fire in the country stoves or B-B-Q.

Comment! It turned out that the blowers can be used even in construction work, blowing ecowool in dry form onto horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The owners of various workshops use them for cleaning their workplaces, blowing away wood and metal sawdust and other garbage. Blowers, like most devices that serve man, are produced with two types of engines: electric and gasoline. And even if you have interruptions in electricity at a dacha, a gasoline unit will come to your aid at any moment. In addition, it is not tied to an electrical outlet and is very mobile. Such, for example, is the blower champion gb 226. Despite its compactness and relatively small weight, about 4 kg without fuel, this blower is capable of producing a powerful air jet, which sweeps away even small solid particles, not to mention leaves and twigs. Resourceful people use it even to inflate balloons.

Blowers and their classification

If you go to almost any store of modern garden equipment, then the abundance of the models presented, including blowers, usually makes you lose your eyes. How can you navigate a little in this abundance and understand what you need specifically? It is necessary to understand that there are several classifications of blowers. First, they differ in the type of construction and, as a result, in the area they can clean. The following categories of blowers are distinguished here:

  • Manual models are designed for cleaning small areas and working with them is usually quite short-lived. These blowers are quite light and compact and most suitable for those who have a small area in use that requires regular maintenance.
  • The knapsack blowers, based on the name, are put on the shoulders and allow you not to be limited in freedom of movement and to move quite a considerable distance without much tension.
  • Wheeled blowers relate exclusively to professional products that are used in large industrial facilities, parks, nature reserves and so on.

Attention! An important parameter for most devices of this kind is their power, although in the case of blowers, the speed of the air flow is even more important.

Also, blowers differ in the type of engine used. Electric models are very convenient in operation, because they are lightweight, small, do not require special technical knowledge, and all modes and speeds are switched on and switched in the most elementary way - by pressing a button or a switch. In addition, electric blowers are virtually silent and environmentally friendly. The main disadvantage of an electric blower is its attachment to the power grid, since even in terms of power, some models are almost as good as gasoline. The main advantage of petrol blowers is their power and mobility - they can cope with almost any of the most difficult task of cleaning the area. And they can be used in various places that are difficult to access, including where there is no electricity. But the disadvantages of petrol blowers are exactly the same as those of all devices with petrol engines: they make a lot of noise and poison the environment with exhaust gases.

Cordless blowers seem to be a compromise between petrol and electric, because they combine the basic positive qualities of both. But not power.

Important! The power of the battery model can not even with electric, so their use is limited to only small areas around the house.

Champion Blowers

In modern times, not every company can boast a good ratio of the quality of materials used and assembly with the cost of finished products. Typically, the prices of products of well-known brands, known for their quality, are overvalued to impossibility. Although the assembly can be carried out in the same in China, and even the products of world-famous companies are not insured against breakdowns and malfunctions. Champion products are famous, first of all, for their low cost, but due to the use of high-quality and wear-resistant components, they remain quite competitive to world leaders in gardening and household equipment.

So any blower electric or gasoline production company Champion will have good performance, long service life and quite reasonable price. Therefore, we will further consider the main models of Champion in more detail.

Petrol models

Gasoline blowers are represented by Champion in a rich assortment. Below is a comparative table of the main most common models of this type with their technical characteristics.

Champion gb226Champion gbr333Champion gbr357Champion gbv326sChampion ps257
Type of constructionmanualknapsackknapsackHand with shoulder strapknapsack
power, kWt0,750,92,50,752,5
Weight, kg579,27,89,5
Air velocity, m / s506099,4
Maximum production, cubic meters / h6128001080612By water -182l / h by air- 900-1200
Available ModesairflowairflowairflowBlowing, suction, grindingBlowing, spraying
Engine capacity, cc2632,656,52656,5
Fuel tank capacity, l0,50,65

The first model - the Champion GB226 blower has already been mentioned at the beginning of the article - is quite powerful, but at the same time light weight and relatively easy to handle. At one full refueling of the gas tank, you can successfully work more than one hour. In addition, the engine of this model is specially protected from dust.

Blower Champion gbr333 has a large capacity and, accordingly, an even greater speed of air flow. Actually in all respects it surpasses the previous model and already claims to be called a blower for professionals. No wonder many public utilities and professional gardeners opt for this particular model.

Important! The Champion gbr333 knapsack blower has an anti-vibration system available - it helps a person who has been working with her for a long time not to feel discomfort, since all vibrations from the engine are extinguished.

In addition, the body of the blower is made of impact-resistant plastic and can last for quite a long time.

The next model - the Champion gbr357 blower - is by all its indicators a classic representative of professional-grade tools. In addition to the above technical specifications, this blower has a translucent roomy tank that allows you to control the level of fuel. Its air tube can be adjusted in length and ends with a comfortable, extended nozzle. All control of Champion gbr357 is concentrated in one handle, which allows you to control the blower with one hand.

Attention! The Champion gbv 326s blower, although it belongs to the household class of garden tools, differs from its counterparts in that it is also a garden vacuum cleaner.

That is, it has additional functions of suction of vegetable debris and its grinding. So at the output you can get ready material for the formation of a compost pile or for mulching tree trunks. Much more weight Champion gbv 326s blower is obtained due to the additional parts responsible for the suction process. But, thanks to the shoulder strap and the balanced center of gravity of the unit, working with it is not tiring.

Finally, the most interesting mechanism is Champion ps257. According to the documents, this unit is called a gasoline knapsack sprayer, although in appearance it is very similar to a blower. Indeed, its main advantage is the design itself, which allows using the device as a blower. Moreover, the power of the air flow is consistent with professional blowers - up to 100 m / s. Champion ps257 is able to cope with picking up mowed grass and sweeping wet leaves from a lawn. Thus, you receive the unit at once with several professionally carried out functions.

Comments on the operation of gasoline blowers

Reviews about the work of the blowers are interesting and optimistic, which shows interest in and demand for these units.

Vitaly, 37 years old, OmskZakazal Champion gbv 326s - for the money is very cool machine, I like it and even my half sometimes begging to work with him a little. I have been using it for more than a year and have not let it down yet. The plant is easy, although noisy. Headphones, of course, do not interfere.

Sergey, 29 years old, Nizhny Novgorod, bought a Champion ps257 sprayer last year, instructions can be said to not. But he collected and wound up well. A universal unit - and a garden of 20 acres is processed in 2-3 hours and in winter it regularly clears snow from the roof and from all the tracks. Of course, very loud, but I'm already used to it. For the rest, for the money makes a more than decent impression.

Electric models

Among the models working from electricity, the Champion eb4510 blower seems to be the most worthy representative. First of all, it has a small size and a mass of only 3.2 kg, which makes working with it absolutely not burdensome. With an electric motor power of 1 kW, the air flow rate at the outlet reaches 75 m / s, which is comparable with professional models. Most importantly, the Champion eb4510 electric blower is at the same time a garden vacuum cleaner, since it can not only blow a stream of air, but also suck the leaves and small sprigs from the ground. To do this, the package includes an extensive 45-liter dustbin made of durable synthetic matter. It is easily removed and cleaned. For convenience, the end of the pipe of the Champion eb4510 vacuum cleaner is equipped with special support wheels. With an overall small weight of the unit, these wheels make the cleaning process a pleasure. On top of that, the blower has a speed switch for air movement, which is very convenient for working in different modes.


Blowers are interesting and useful devices that will facilitate the work of any owner of the plot. And, given the modern variety of choices, almost anyone can choose a model for themselves according to their needs and financial capabilities.