Persimmon Jam Recipes


Buying a persimmon, you never know what fruit you get. To determine the taste of the fruit in appearance is almost impossible. Often there are soft and juicy persimmon with a pleasant delicate taste, and sometimes, hard and tart fruits will fall, which are impossible, and it is a pity to throw it away. In this case, you can make a wonderful jam from this fruit. True, it is not necessary to buy immature fruits for harvesting. Ripe persimmon is also suitable for making jam. Let's find out how persimmon jam is made.

The secrets of cooking delicious jam

Jam from such a fruit is a rare delicacy on our table. And not everyone knows how to cook it correctly. The fact is that persimmon in boiled form does not have a pronounced taste. This delicate fruit is usually supplemented with more fragrant ingredients. Most often, recipes for blanks from this fruit contain a large number of fragrant spices. They give the jam "character."

Also in such blanks often add brandy or rum. Alcohol after heat treatment is not felt at all, but the aroma turns out just excellent. In addition, citrus fruits are perfectly combined with persimmon, so recipes often contain pieces or juice of oranges and lemons. Of the spices in jam, you can often find star anise, anise, vanilla and cinnamon.

Important! Lemon is a very important component of jam. It not only adds delicacy of wonderful aroma and taste, but also acts as a thickener.

The jam can be completely crushed or in small pieces. For the first option, the fruit is ground using a blender or sieve. In the second case, the persimmon is simply cut into small cubes. Everyone can prepare the workpiece as he likes more. In any case, the main thing is that the jam should be thick and dense. It is very convenient to spread such preparation on bread or simply to eat with a spoon. With her cooked pies and served with pancakes.

Persimmon Jam Recipe

This confiture has a wonderful smell and taste. In winter, the aroma of cinnamon and orange will surely lift your spirits. It is worth making at least a few jars of this delicacy.

For the jam, we need the following ingredients:

  • fresh persimmon - one kilogram;
  • half a kilo of sugar;
  • a small lemon is one;
  • freshly squeezed orange juice - 50 ml (plain water will also do);
  • rum, good cognac or vodka - a tablespoon;
  • ground cinnamon - half a teaspoon;
  • vanilla sugar - a quarter of a teaspoon.

The process of making persimmon jam:

  1. Fruits are first washed under running water. Next, they need to be cleaned from the skin, remove the bone and cut the leaves. Then the fruit is cut into small pieces.
  2. A small lemon for two minutes should be put in hot water. After that, citrus is cut into two parts and squeezed out of it juice. The resulting liquid is filtered to remove residual pulp and bone.
  3. In a clean prepared saucepan combine chopped fruit, lemon juice and granulated sugar. Capacity put on a small fire and stirring regularly, bring to a boil.
  4. Then add vanilla sugar, cinnamon, orange juice or water to the billet. The mass is thoroughly mixed and boiled for another 30 minutes. All this time we are waiting for the need to stir, as it can be pestered.
  5. As long as the workpiece is boiled, it is possible to sterilize the cans and lids. This can be done in any way convenient for you.
  6. At the end, prepared rum or brandy is poured into the container. The mass is mixed and removed from the plate.
  7. Hot billet is poured into sterilized jars, rolls all metal lids and turn the container upside down. After that, the jam must be wrapped in a warm blanket and left to cool completely.
Attention! Cooled blanks are transferred to a dark cool place for further storage. Usually such blanks cost at least a year.


Each hostess has her own list of blanks that she prepares from year to year. But not all roll raspberries and currants. For a change, you can make jam from overseas persimmon. Such a blank is sure to please your family and friends. This article provides one of the options for making this jam with a photo. Try it and you will see that with simple ingredients you can make a delicious aromatic delicacy for the whole family.