Pasony dahlias


Pinching and pinching dahlias are ways to form a bush. Using these techniques, you can grow a lush, richly flowering shrub or get a plant with one huge flower.

Ways to form a bush


Pinching and pinching are used only for tall and medium-sized dahlias. Bordyurnye, small-flowered and pompon dahlias do not require formation, the shape of the bush they have laid genetically.

Tip! All manipulations are carried out only with healthy plants, diseased bushes must first be cured.

The weather during pinching should be dry, it is advisable to pinch and pinch in the morning after the dew dries. High humidity contributes to the development of pathogenic microflora. Since pinching implies a violation of the integrity of the shell, microorganisms easily penetrate into the plant.

Pinching helps:

  • Get early bloom;
  • Increase the size of the flowers;
  • Save the plant strength to form a tuber;
  • To increase the decorativeness of the bushes.

Dahlias pinch to stop the growth of the main stem and stimulate the formation of additional branches. If you leave the bush without pinching, you get a trunk with three peduncles at the top. The plant will spend all the vital forces on the growth of the main flower; the remaining buds will most likely not be able to bloom.

Tip! You can leave the bush without forming, if you want to get the seeds from the dahlia.

After pinching the main stem begins to develop lateral. Each stem is capable of producing up to three large buds. First, the central bud blooms, then alternately lateral. Bush after pinching grows sprawling, with lots of flowers.

Pinching the main stem after the appearance of the fourth pair of leaves. Part of the dahlia over the leaves break out or cut with a knife. It is advisable to carry out this procedure as early as possible in order to maintain the strength of the plant.

Important! Care must be taken to keep the shears and knives clean. When pruning, it is very easy to infect dahlias.

When the side branches grow, the procedure can be repeated. The most productive upper branches, lower shoots for flowering do not leave. Pinching is carried out after the formation of the second or third pair of leaves, when 3 - 4 side branches are formed on the stem, pinching is no longer carried out. All growing shoots must be removed as early as possible.

In addition to pinching the stems, pinching of the lower leaves, excess tuber shoots and buds are also used. The lower leaves are cut for hygienic purposes, the buds - to increase the decorativeness of the flower.

Dahlia bushes remove all lower leaves in order to facilitate the ventilation of the stems and prevent fungal infections. In this case, the root neck develops correctly, it contributes to better storage of tubers in winter.

Tip! For better preservation of the root collar, it can be treated with disinfectants after removing the leaves.

Tall dahlias most often form 3 stalks. Sprouts on the tuber is much more, the extra need to be removed. They are usually cut as close as possible to the tuber. It is necessary to process the cut with fungicides.

Extra buds are removed to get one large flower on an even stalk. Such flowers are used for cutting, for making bouquets where dahlia is soloist. Also large flowers are important for show copies.


Masking is the removal of sprouts growing from each pair of leaves. If you leave all the sprouts on a bush, it will weaken the plant very much. Flowering will come much later, most buds do not have time to bloom. Tubers of a weakened dahlia are poorly stored in winter.


  • Stimulates flowering;
  • Contributes to the accumulation of tuber nutrients;
  • Improves the appearance of the plant.

Masking is carried out selectively. Top shoots can be left to get longer flowering. Be aware that a large number of shoots dahlia can not provide nutrients.

Side shoots grow quickly enough. As a rule, pasynkovany lead 3 - 4 times a month, depending on the growth rate.

Having figured out how to form dahlias correctly, it is easy to grow a flower suitable for any purpose that will bring real joy to its owner.