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Petrol vacuum cleaner Ryobi rbv26b 3002353


Guiding and maintaining order in the area around the country house, and especially in the garden, excites every owner living on his land. Even in summer, if dust remains on the tracks, then after the rain it turns into dirt, which cannot but spoil the mood. And already in the autumn time, if at least a small number of trees grow on your site, then a blockage from the foliage, needles and accompanying plant residues is provided to you. How to get rid of it without much effort, and at the same time to clean the lawns and flower beds from plant garbage, in which they strive to comfortably spend the winter of various harmful insects? And during the long snowy winter I would like in addition to everything that the paths, the porch and the terraces could be easily and quickly cleared of snow.

The most interesting thing is that for solving all these problems one tool is perfect - a blower. These devices have appeared relatively recently, but the number of their fans is growing uncontrollably, although some consider the blowers to be just another toy for adults. Of course, there may be a blower and a toy, but agree that coping with unpleasant and difficult problems playfully is better than suffering from them and constantly complaining about their presence.

Blowers for women and men

Probably the main thing that distinguishes different models of blowers is the type of drive used to operate. There are blowers with an electric motor and gasoline.

The electric models of the blowers seemed to have been specifically invented for women's hands - they are compact and comfortable, fairly light in weight, easy to use, they do not need to use any additional gasoline and oil mixtures. In addition, such models are quite silent and do not carry any harm to the ecological system in your area.

Attention! The disadvantage associated with the use of electric blowers is obvious - such units are tightly tied to an electrical outlet and will require at least the purchase of a quality extension cord, which will have to be carried everywhere.

Petrol blowers if you can call a toy, then only for the stronger sex. Indeed, petrol models of blowers are much heavier by the weight of their electrical counterparts. But it's not only that. To start a gasoline blower, you need at least the most minimal, but knowledge of the technique. It will require regular maintenance with special materials. And the noise from the gasoline blower is so strong that the use of headphones is strongly recommended. Nevertheless, most men still choose a blower with a gasoline engine, thanks to its power, versatility and mobility. Not only is there no need to be tied to an electrical wire, which is especially important if you suddenly need to use a blower where there is no electricity at all or there are frequent interruptions with it. Gasoline models will also be able to cope with almost any task assigned to them and work as long as necessary without much overheating.

For this reason, professional workers usually choose gasoline blowers for work. In addition, for comfortable work, modern petrol models are equipped with an anti-vibration system, which significantly reduces vibration from a running engine. For more powerful blowers, different and heavier, a system of special holders in the form of a knapsack is provided, with which the unit can be easily fixed on the shoulders and, reducing the load on the hands, frees them for work.

Ryobi blowers

The products of the company Riobi evokes an ambiguous attitude towards itself both from the side of professionals and ordinary users of garden equipment. Starting its activities in Japan back in 1943 as a manufacturer of castings for the Japanese industry, today the company Ryobi specializes in three areas at once - the production of printing machines, precision casting and garden tools.

Comment! In 1999, Ryobi entered into a licensing agreement with international company TTI and produces the majority of construction and garden tools in China.

Perhaps, for this, and perhaps for some other reason, the quality of the instrument often causes criticism from consumers and the feedback on the Ryobi technique is far from always positive.

Nevertheless, the Ryobi gasoline tool is reasonably reliable. In addition, the latest models of Ryobi use a variety of innovations, thanks to which Ryobi blowers can compete with their performance indicators, and sometimes even surpass some well-known European counterparts.

Model Ryobi rbl26bp

The Ryobi rbl26bp petrol blower is a powerful garden cleaning tool and is part of a series of high quality household products under the brand PowrXT, developed in 2013. What are the advantages of this technology company Ryobi?

  • The engine belongs to the category of Heavy Duty and has improved performance due to the two-support cranks, which is able to provide high torque and power.
  • The technology provides a reduction in engine emissions to a level that is almost 49% lower than the standard, which has a positive effect on the environment when the blower is operating.
  • The presence of an ergonomic knapsack frame with an airtight rear gasket that gives balance to the unit and facilitates long-term work with the blower.
  • Three year warranty on blowers.
  • Additional features that are usually present only in professional models of blowers.

All the main technical characteristics of this blower are listed in the table below. One has only to note the fact that its tank is made of translucent material and this makes it easy to control the level of gasoline consumption.

Important! All the main controls of the blower are located directly on the handle, which increases the convenience when using the tool.

Ryobi rbl26bp 3001815

Ryobi rbl42bp 3001879

Ryobi rbv26b 3002353

Engine power HP / kW

0,9 / 0,65

2,5 / 1,84

1 / 0,75

Functions, device view

Airflow, knapsack

Airflow, knapsack

Airflow, suction, shredding, with shoulder strap

Engine capacity, cubic cm




Maximum air speed, m / s / km / h

80,56 / 290

83 / 300

88 / 320

Maximum air volume / cubic meter per hour




Weight, kg




Fuel tank capacity, l




Model Ryobi rbl42p

According to the company's policy, even this powerful gasoline backpack blower Ryobi rbl42bp is more likely to be household tools, but at the same time to the same premium PowrXT series, like the previous model.

But its technical data, which you can see in the table above, is impressive. Such a high performance in the operation of the blower, as 864 cubic meters per hour, was achieved by a combination of engine power and a sophisticated design of a spiral chamber and a forcing fan. The tube in the Ryobi rbl42bp blower has only one bend, while most of the similar models have two. As a result, there is a smaller drop in power and airflow.

Attention! According to the performance tests, this Ryobi model is far ahead of other more expensive and professional models of blowers.

Model Ryobi rbv26b

The main feature of the gasoline blower Ryobi rbv26b with code 3002353 is that it also combines a vacuum cleaner and a chopper.

It is most convenient to use it first as a blower, driving the foliage and other plant debris into heaps, then switch to suction mode and collect all the garbage in the attached 50 liter bag. And from the bag to get the ready crushed material and use it for the manufacture of organic fertilizer or compost. The grinding degree of vegetable garbage from the Ryobi rbv26b blower is 12: 1.

Attention! One of the advantages of this model of a blower is the presence of a system for maintaining constant speed under load.

Work reviews

Since the Ryobi gasoline blowers have relatively recently appeared on the Russian market, there are still few reviews on these units, but on the whole, the products are of interest.

Dmitry, 32 years old, Lipetsk. We bought the Ryobi rbl42bp blower last year and, frankly, did not even expect that it was such a powerful unit. The Ryobi company itself is unfamiliar to me, I have never bought anything from its products. His wife liked that the blower is less than half the harmful emissions. Well, I like that he manages to drive even pieces of tiles and bricks off the path. On the lawn he sweeps away, even with difficulty, wet leaves, for which, according to rumors, no blower is adapted. Heavy of course the device is noisy, but it works like a beast, but it's worth it. Mikhail, 26 years old, Volokolamsk At the cottage, instead of wielding a broom, quickly dared everything in a few heaps, sucked, and on the trash. Ryobi copes well with needles and cones, only it doesn’t crush everything, but only those that have already opened. But I don’t really need this garbage, but my parents, if they want to use it for their intended purpose, then the grinding function will be useful.


Such interesting devices for facilitating labor in the garden and in the yard, like blowers, cannot but arouse curiosity. And what is interesting, quite low-end models also cope well with their responsibilities. Therefore, take a closer look at this new product more closely, maybe they will also interest you.