Why tomato seedlings fall


For every gardener it is important to get a good result of their work. Thanks to their experience, they grow a big crop. Beginners in this business can overtake difficulties at any stage of growth of tomatoes. Many of them are faced with the important question: why tomato seedlings fall. Seasoned gardeners have identified two reasons for this deviation from the norm:

  • impaired care;
  • diseases.

The main thing is to correctly identify the cause and eliminate it, and not to deal with the consequences.

Disorders in the care of seedlings

Even under the most ideal conditions in the room, you should pay attention to different little things. Experts recommend “donating” one bush of seedlings, getting it out of shape and assessing the condition of the earth and roots by external indicators in order to find out more precisely the cause of the fall.

  1. Excess moisture. With insufficient or too small volume of drainage holes, the liquid after watering remains in the soil. Because of this, the roots just choke, the plant becomes sluggish, the leaves go down. When inspecting the root system, a lump of earth will have a swampy character, and hang on the roots. Also for the diagnosis of this violation it is necessary to stop watering, if after a while the soil still remains wet, then this is the problem.
    Solution to the problem. It is necessary to add, enlarge or clear the drainage holes. At the time, stop watering.
  2. Lack of moisture. If the soil receives less moisture than required, the leaves will begin to turn yellow and dry, and the tomato bushes will become sluggish and lifeless. When viewed from the roots will be dry, the earth will hang on them with pebbles, or just showered with dust.
    Solution to the problem. It is necessary to urgently irrigate, checking the drainage holes, in order to avoid moisture overload.
  3. Dry air If there is a battery, oven, or other heat emitting object near the seedlings, the tomatoes may begin to fade and even fall. This is caused by insufficient air humidity. When viewed from the roots will look completely healthy.
    Solution to the problem. Tomato seedlings need to be moved away from the heat source a little further. If the apparatus is mobile, then it is necessary to move it away, leaving the tomatoes in their place. Next to put a wide container of water. Daily moisten the air with a sprayer. Spray the water should be in the evening to avoid the effect of a magnifying glass on the leaves and not burn them in direct sunlight.
  4. Oxygen. Tomato seedlings, like other plants, love the fresh air. When airing the room, drafts from the cold air flow can occur, which will lead to a sharp temperature drop and fall of the bushes.
    Solution to the problem. When airing the room the best option would be to take out the seedlings completely. If this is not possible, it is necessary to protect it. You can open one window to fresh air gradually, without the formation of drafts.
  5. Shine. If the tomato leaves receive an insufficient amount of light, the seedlings are drawn out. Thus, the stem becomes thin and weak. Unable to withstand the load of new leaves, the stem may fall.
    Solution to the problem. Tomato seedlings must be provided with sufficient light. With a lack of sunlight, the room is supplemented with fluorescent lamps. It is necessary to observe the regime of day and night. At night, the lamps should be turned off so that the plants can rest.

Seedling diseases

It is easier to cope with impaired seedling care than with diseases.

  1. Blackleg. Tomatoes suffer from these diseases due to excessive watering and stagnant water in the soil. A manifestation of this disease is the darkening of the stem at the very base, hence the name. Then the root system begins to rot, the seedlings begin to wither and fall. To avoid this, it is necessary to moderately water the tomatoes and loosen the soil after each watering so that oxygen gets in sufficient quantity. Also, to prevent blackleg, wood ash is added to the soil.
  2. Fusarios. Fungal disease that affects the roots of seedlings and the plant begins to die, even with proper care. The reason lies in the wrong preparation of the soil. In this case, an urgent need to transplant a tomato into the decontaminated land.

In order to prevent the multiplication of infection, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil before planting, you should also disinfect the container for sowing seeds on tomato seedlings. If the choice fell on a special soil from the store, no additional actions are needed with it. If the earth was selected independently, it is necessary to warm it in the oven or pour it with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Also this solution helps if the disease is already visually noticeable on the seedlings.

Useful tips

For a good growth of tomato seedlings it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • It is better to buy the soil for disembarkation in specialized stores.
  • Seeds are sown at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, to prevent pulling seedlings.
  • It is necessary to choose the sunny side or additionally use fluorescent lamps.
  • After each watering you need to plow up the ground.
  • Sand can be added to the soil. It will prevent excessive compaction and retain moisture.
  • Water less often, but with plenty of water.

In order for the seedlings to grow healthy and strong, you must follow small rules and monitor the conditions of detention.