Strawberry Marvelous


Strawberries with large oblong berries have been cultivated in the backyards of the country for about thirty years. This strawberry is called Marvelous, and besides its shape, it is also distinguished by its excellent taste of berries. Summer residents and gardeners love the Marvelous variety for their excellent sweet-sour taste and well-pronounced aroma of strawberries. Let the productivity of this strawberry somewhat lags behind industrial varieties, but its “homemade” strawberry flavor is not comparable to the fruitful and beautiful, but such tasteless Anglo-Dutch hybrids. Marvelous fruits are very tasty fresh, the pulp of this strawberry has a dense texture, so the variety is suitable for freezing and preserving whole berries.

Reviews on a grade of strawberry Marvelous, with descriptions and photos can be found in this article. Here you will be told about the strengths and weaknesses of garden strawberries and how best to grow it.


The strawberry variety Divnaya was bred by Russian breeders back in the late 80s of the last century. The author was G.A. Alexandrova, she crossed the varieties Festival and Holiday. Since 2008, Marvelous is listed in the updated State Register and recommended for cultivation in private and small farms.

Attention! Reviews of farmers indicate that Strawberry Marvelous - a universal culture. The variety can be grown not only in the open field, but also in greenhouses or even as a pot crop.

A detailed description of the variety of strawberries Dovnaya:

  • dates of ripening of garden strawberries superearly (in the temperate climate of the Central region of Russia, berries spice in early June, in more southern regions full ripening falls on the third decade of May);
  • Marvelous bushes upright, tall, powerful, but compact;
  • there are many leaves on strawberries, they are large, slightly wrinkled, glossy, without pubescence;
  • many peduncles, they are slightly curved, located at the level of the leaves (the fruits do not touch the ground, which is a big plus);
  • many-flowered inflorescences, the flowers themselves are large, hermaphroditic (for the pollination of Strawberry Marvelous, other varieties are not needed);
  • conformation is strong, during the mustache season, Marvelous gives a lot, they are large, red-brown shade;
  • the shape of the berry is unique - a blunt fruit with a rounded tip, the neck is absent (connoisseurs of the variety call the shape of the berries Marvelous Finger);
  • it cannot be said that the shape of the fruit is constant - it can vary greatly depending on external factors (weather, climate, soil composition, strawberry care) and varies from cone to oval;
  • the first berries are flatter, strongly elongated, there are many folds on their surface, this strawberry is the largest;
  • the average weight of the fruit is 25 grams, Marvelous - a rather large strawberry;
  • Marvelous berries are painted in a rich red color; after overriding the strawberry gets a cherry tint;
  • yellow seeds, recessed shallowly, their number on the fruit is average;
  • the size of strawberry berries from medium to large - berries can weigh 15-35 grams;
  • the pulp is juicy, but dense, without emptiness and coarse internal fibers;
  • Marvelous skin has a thin skin, merchants like this variety - berries stay dry for a long time and do not lose their presentation;
  • strawberry has a good taste, very sweet, with a slight sourness and a pronounced aroma of wild strawberries;
  • high sugar content - 5.9%, acid - 1.7%, a lot of ascorbic acid (about 44 mg /%);
  • harvest ripening is not very amicable, but it cannot be called too stretched;
  • the yield of the Divenaya variety is very high - in a private farm about 1-1.2 kg per bush, on an industrial scale it is possible to harvest up to 150 centners per hectare of fields;
  • frost resistance in strawberries is good - -20-25 degrees culture withstands without shelter;
  • returnable spring frosts are dangerous for Marvelous (freezing of flowers should be wary of residents from the northern regions);
  • the variety is resistant to verticelle, gray rot, has moderate immunity to various fungal spots;
  • there will be no problems with breeding the variety, as there are many whiskers on the bushes and they take root well;
  • the variety is not afraid of drought, therefore it shows itself well in the southern regions;
  • the good transportability of harvested garden strawberries and its suitability for long-term storage is very much appreciated.
Attention! Tasters very highly appreciate the taste of strawberry varieties Divnaya, noting the extraordinary flavor of meadow berries. Experts believe that according to taste criteria, Divnoy has no competitors even among the most elite varieties.

The main purpose of the Divnaya fruit is table, because this garden strawberry is incomparable fresh. The variety is great for growing for sale, as the crop keeps its presentation for a long time, the berries attract buyers with their size and aroma. This strawberry makes excellent jams, preserves and compotes, dense berries are suitable for freezing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Marvelous strawberries are especially appreciated by collectors of original species and hybrids of sweet berries. But even in the ordinary country house, culture will show itself only from the best side, because it has several advantages:

  • the true strawberry taste of the fruit ("strawberries from childhood" - this is the name of Marvelous tasters and simple summer residents);
  • unpretentiousness to the composition of the soil and weather conditions;
  • excellent winter hardiness;
  • ability to endure drought and heat;
  • large sizes of fruits and their presentation;
  • easy breeding;
  • the suitability of berries for transportation and storage;
  • immunity to certain dangerous diseases;
  • high yield.

Important! One of the advantages of the Divnaya is the simplicity of reproduction - some farmers consider it a disadvantage of the variety. There are so many whiskers for the season that they tightly twist all the free space between the bushes.

There are also disadvantages to sweet strawberries:

  • in the northern regions under the conditions of a rainy and overcast summer, Divnoy's berries can become fresh and watery (however, the acid in the strawberry does not grow anymore);
  • the berry shrinks from harvest to harvest, therefore it is impossible to talk about the uniformity of strawberry size;
  • The shape of the berries is also heterogeneous, which spoils the general impression as a commercial variety.

The drawbacks of Divnaya are very conditional - this feature can be forgiven for any feature only for its wonderful taste.

Planting strawberries

Variety Divnaya grown just like any other strawberry in the garden. For planting this culture should choose a spacious area that will be well lit by the sun and have protection from the north wind. The soil in the area under the strawberries should be loose, nutritious and moisture-consuming.

The planting pattern is standard for garden strawberries - 4 bushes per square meter. When planting seedlings in a row between plants, an interval of 30-35 cm is observed. When planting a Divnaya, it is recommended to follow this instruction:

  1. Inspect the root system of all seedlings. If the roots are longer than the above-ground part of the strawberry, they should be cut to the desired length.
  2. Immediately before planting, it is advisable to soak the roots of Strawberry Strawberry in the solution "Kornevina" or in any growth stimulator.
  3. Planting seedlings should be deep, the roots should not protrude above the ground.
  4. After the earth is compacted around the seedling, strawberries are watered. For irrigation, it is better to use a solution of ammonium nitrate - a matchbox of fertilizer (about 20 grams) in a bucket of water (10 liters).
  5. Continue watering Marvelous same solution recommended a couple of weeks after planting.

Tip! To reduce the evaporation of moisture from the ground, it is recommended that strawberry beds be mulched with humus, peat, sawdust, straw, or dry leaves.

Care instructions

Just as beautiful as in the photo, Marvelous will be only if you properly care for her. This strawberry is not whimsical, it needs the most ordinary, but regular, care.

During the warm season, the grower should do the following:

  1. Marvelous Strawberry responds well to irrigation by sprinkling and drip irrigation. In principle, this crop tolerates drought normally, and the yield of strawberries during such periods does not suffer much. But regular watering will significantly improve the size and quality of the fruit.
  2. To not have to constantly loosen the ground and fight weeds, you can use mulch or grow Marvelous on the agrofiber.
  3. During the period of return frost in the northern regions, it is recommended to cover strawberry beds with white agrofiber or to use film tunnels to protect plants.
  4. Strawberry bushes need to be thinned every year, remove dry and diseased leaves, trim off excess mustaches.
  5. They fertilize Divnaya in the usual way: in early spring - with nitrogen, at the flowering stage, complex mineral preparations with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron are used for top dressing. In the fall you can fall asleep bushes with a thick layer of humus or compost.
  6. In the rainy period, it is necessary to process garden strawberries with bactericidal and fungicidal preparations, and use phytosporin for spraying.
Tip! If Marvelous strawberry fell ill massively, you can try to save it, completely mowing the entire above-ground part of the plants. Infected leaves and shoots must be taken away and burned.


Irina SergeevnaLyot back in my summer house I got a strawberry Marvelous. I took only a couple of bushes from a neighbor, but in the third year I propagated my strawberry plantation to three square meters. All other varieties and hybrids had to gradually withdraw from the site, as they are much inferior to Divnoy in many criteria. This strawberry fully justifies its name, and the wonderful forest taste of berries, and their abundance in each bush. It cannot be said that strawberry fruits are huge, their size is rather average - about 18-20 grams. But Marvelous takes quantity - the bushes are just covered with beautiful red berries. In the suburbs culture overwinters without shelter, tolerates summer heat, drought. We are very pleased with this strawberry.


Today there are many varieties and hybrids that are superior to the old variety in terms of yield, and the size of the berries, their alignment, keeping quality. But Marvelous strawberry is not going to give up the position, the variety is still as popular with summer residents as it was twenty years ago. The wonderful taste of strawberries, its yield and simplicity will appeal to both beginners and experienced gardeners and, of course, farmers.