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Lawn mower petrol "Husqvarna"


Virtually no landscape design can do without neatly trimmed lawn. Smooth grass decorates the courtyards of private houses and country cottages, it can be seen in parks and recreation areas.

Perfect lawn smoothness is easy with a lawn mower. This tool allows for a few minutes to turn the neglected area into a beautiful area.

Lawn mower manufacturer Husqvarna

The Swedish company has been manufacturing lawn mowers and trimmers for over a hundred years. During this time, the technology is so improved that mowing the lawn has become not a hard monotonous work, but a pleasure.

Swedish motor mowers perform a number of works, in addition to the usual lawn mowing:

  • cutting branches of shrubs and weeds;
  • cutting the branches of small trees (the diameter of a branch is not more than 2 cm);
  • creating a hedge shape;
  • treating the extreme lawn line
  • plowing the land on the site using the "cultivator";
  • mulching the soil with chopped cut grass helps protect the soil from weeds, keep moisture in the ground under the scorching rays of the sun, feed the soil in the autumn-winter period;
  • With a blower, it is easy to remove cut grass, dry leaves from paved paths or a porch.

Attention! Almost all professional motokos are equipped with petrol engines, as they are the most powerful.

In general, the following can be said about Husqvarna lawn mowers:

  1. The company produces both gasoline and electric lawn mowers, including motorized mowers with rechargeable batteries. Such a variety allows you to choose the most suitable mower for the individual characteristics of the site.
  2. On sale there are household and professional tools. The first is quite possible to treat the area around a small country cottage or cottage, to put in order the lawns and the courtyard of a private house. Professional lawn mowers are mainly used for cleaning parks and other large objects.
  3. Lawn mowers can work in places where there are no sources of electricity. They are indispensable for creating relief landscapes. With the help of motokos, you can cut shrubs and monitor the condition of hedges.
  4. Husqvarna lawn mowers are not only different in power and engine type, they are equipped with grass collectors of various sizes, width and height of the cut line, a list of additional functions and nozzles.
  5. It must be borne in mind that with the power of the lawnmower the weight of the tool increases, it will be more difficult to work with such a mowing machine. This requires not only physical strength, but also certain skills in lawn mowing.
  6. The mulching function is necessary for those areas whose plantings need to be protected from cold, excessive sun or weed seeds.

Model overview

Swedish mowers are available in several models, each of which has its own advantages and features.

Tip! When choosing a lawn mower model, you should take into account your physical abilities, the estimated frequency of oblique work, the size of the plot and the type of vegetation on it.

The most popular petrol lawn mowers are Huskvarna, which are semi-professional tools. Such mokosy allow to process rather extensive territory, are equipped with additional functions and have high efficiency.

Model LC 348 V

Lawnmower Husqvarna LC 348 V is considered one of the most reliable agricultural tools. This motokosa differs from other models in the additional function of grass lifting. This is due to the flow of air coming from the bottom of the mower.

The air lifts the lying grass, which allows you to mow the lawn as smoothly and efficiently as possible - there will be no protruding blades of grass that will straighten out after shearing.

The same airflow captures mowed grass and sends it to the collection box. This approach helps to fill the container as efficiently as possible, to tamp grass particles tightly. This increases the time between brushing the grass collector, thereby increasing work productivity.

The lawn mower petrol self-propelled Husqvarna has the following technical characteristics:

  • engine power - 2400 W;
  • bevel width - 48 cm;
  • cutting height - adjustable from 25 to 75 mm;
  • haircut height positions - 5;
  • grass collection - in the collector;
  • the principle of movement - self-propelled installation;
  • driving wheels - rear;
  • collector type - rigid container with air flow;
  • the speed of the lawn mower - 5.4 km / h;
  • the handle is foldable, height adjustable, has a soft grip;
  • fitting for connecting a watering hose - there is;
  • the cutting deck is made of galvanized steel.

The LC 348 V lawn mower is very convenient to use. Four wheels provide smooth running, in order to move the lawn mower does not need to exert great effort.

Model Husqvarna LC 153 S

The high performance of the Husqvarna LC 153 S is a feature of the lawnmower. This factor is provided by self-propelled wheels, a wide cutting line, the ability to adjust the handle, and most importantly, a roomy collector.

The mowed grass in this model is folded into a soft collection box, which significantly increases the number of scraps. In such a bag fits more than 60 kg of grass clippings, so it will be very rare to clean the collection box.

For the reliability of the lawn mower is responsible for high-quality assembly, which is produced in America, as well as powerful engines. Engines "feed" with an oil-gasoline mixture, start the first time, do not require heating.

Despite the type of fuel used (gasoline), this model is considered to be quite environmentally friendly - it is equipped with an efficient exhaust cleaning system.

The characteristics of the LC 153 S lawn mower are as follows:

  • motor power - 2400 W;
  • fuel tank capacity - 1500 cm³;
  • type of movement - self-propelled with one speed;
  • driving wheels - rear;
  • working speed - 3.9 km / h;
  • bevel width - 53 cm;
  • cutting height - adjustable from 32 to 95 mm;
  • weight - 37 kg.
Tip! The power of this model of motokos is enough not only for cutting a small lawn. This is a very productive unit, which is quite possible to handle the territory of parks or a football field, for example.

Model Husqvarna LC 153 V

The Husqvarna LC 153 V can handle very large areas. The model differs from its “relatives” by the possibility of switching the method of collecting mowed grass:

  1. Collect grass in the collection box.
  2. Discharge of beveled material to the side.
  3. Mulching - finely chopped grass evenly covers the treated area.

Reliability lawn mowers at a height - the device is equipped with a Honda engine, which runs at any temperature, does not require heating, is easy to start. Another plus is the increased diameter of the rear wheels, which makes the model more maneuverable and easy to drive.

The technical parameters of the lawn mower are as follows:

  • rated power of the motor - 2800 W;
  • engine capacity - 1.6 liters;
  • bevel width - 53 cm;
  • cutting height - individual, adjustable - from 31 to 88 mm;
  • the number of height adjustment positions is 5;
  • lawn mower speed - 5.3 km / h;
  • collector type - soft collector;
  • collection box volume - 65 liters;
  • handle - ergonomic, height adjustable;
  • lawn mower weight - 38 kg.

The numerous advantages of this model make it possible to call it the most efficient and productive. Working as a lawnmower LC 153 S, you will rarely need to clean the grass collector, because its volume is enough to handle a large area.

Important! The function of adjusting the height of the cut allows you to create different patterns on the lawn or give it a relief. In the same way they cut hedges and shrubs of complex configuration.

Why buying a Husqvarna lawn mower

In addition to the authority of the company, which Husqvarna earned for more than a hundred years, the following factors speak in favor of its products:

  1. High-quality assembly in Sweden or the United States.
  2. Installing reliable motors that rarely fail.
  3. Use of quality steel for the cutting deck.
  4. Large volumes of grass collectors.
  5. Many additional features and convenient adjustments.

The cost of Huskvarna lawn mowers is quite high, but the device is worth it - by investing money once, for many years you can enjoy the beauty of your own lawn.