Tomato Firewood: description and characteristics of the variety


The work of breeders does not stand still, therefore, on the market of goods and services, lovers of the exotic can meet a rather unusual and original variety - Tomato Firewood. This name was given because of the unusual shape of the tomatoes. A bunch of fruits in the process of maturation looks like an armful of firewood. This variety was loved by many gardeners for the opportunity to grow tomatoes not only on the land, but also at home on the balcony.

Variety description

If we consider the description, the variety of tomatoes Firewood is determinant. Tomatoes ripen early, a small amount of leaves on the bush, ripe fruits are in the shape of peppers. A distinctive feature of this variety is the compactness of the bush, which reaches a height of 40 cm.

The roots are poorly developed, with the result that there will be enough 5 l capacity for one bush. The above-ground part ceases to grow after 3 to 4 brushes with flowers have been formed. After this begins the process of loading and ripening tomatoes.

After landing in open ground, you can begin to assemble the finished crop in 90-110 days. As a result, it is possible to eat ripe tomatoes in July. This variety is unpretentious in the care, high yields are possible every year.

Attention! Under greenhouse conditions, a tomato bush can grow up to 45-50 cm.

What company Tomatoes Firewood

If for planting in open ground, it was decided to purchase a variety of tomatoes Firewood, then you can find planting material in specialized stores. It is important to understand that only Aelita is the exclusive seller of this brand.

A distinctive feature of Tomatoes Firewood is the high quality of seeds and good germination. For growing, you can use small containers, since the root system is not as well developed as in other varieties.

Tip! Since in the process of growth a small amount of leaves is formed on the bushes, the seedling of the seedlings is not carried out.

Fruit Description

According to the description of tomatoes Firewood, ripe fruits reach a length of 10-15 cm, up to 11 ovaries of the same size and weight can grow on a fruit cluster. On average, the weight of 1 fruit can reach 70 g. In the process of harvesting up to 2 kg of fruits can be removed from each bush of the variety Firewood.

The shape of the tomatoes are elongated, reminiscent of pepper. It is important to bear in mind that, due to the elongated shape, apical rot may appear - this indicates calcium deficiency.

The peel is quite strong, in the process of growth the fruits of this variety do not crack, the color is saturated, red. If necessary, tomatoes can be transported over long distances without losing appearance.

Important! If a dense landing pattern was chosen, then from each square. m can collect up to 12 kg of tomatoes.

Tomato variety Firewood is considered universal, as a result of which it can be used for fresh consumption or for preservation.

Characteristics of the variety

Firewood Tomatoes are determinant and undersized. A distinctive feature of the Firewood tomatoes, judging by the reviews, is the compactness of the bushes, whose height in rare cases exceeds 40 cm. Since Firewood tomatoes are early-maturing varieties, harvest can be started after 90 to 110 days have passed planting material in open ground.

If we consider the features of this variety, we should highlight the following points:

  • the weight of a ripe fruit is 80-90 g;
  • tomato length varies from 10 to 15 cm;
  • small amount of seeds and seed chambers;
  • the fruits have an elongated elongated shape, on the upper part there is a small bifurcation;
  • the skin is strong enough to allow the fruit to crack during the ripening process, not to form microcracks:
  • the pulp is juicy, but moderately, a little loose;
  • the taste of tomatoes are sweet, there is a slight sourness.

Since this variety is universal, the fruit can be eaten fresh or used for canning.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider the variety of tomato Firewood with photos and descriptions, it is worth considering that any kind has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Among the strengths of tomato Firewood, the following points should be noted:

  • excellent taste of ripe fruit;
  • attractive appearance;
  • high level of resistance to pests and possible diseases inherent in this variety;
  • fruits begin to ripen at the same time;
  • tomatoes are unpretentious in the care, can grow even in Siberia;
  • high yield.

Among the downsides, many gardeners highlight the need to fertilize and feed. In this case, it should be borne in mind that in order to obtain a high yield, top dressing should be made to all plants, regardless of the variety.

Rules for planting and care of Firewood tomato

To get a high level of yield, it is necessary to properly plant planting material, get seedlings and continue to care for them. The algorithm works as follows:

  1. The first thing you need to select the appropriate size of the container and sow planting material - seeds of tomatoes Firewood.
  2. After the seedlings have grown to the required size, they make a pick and arrange it in separate containers for further growth.
  3. Once the frosts have passed, the soil has been prepared, you can start planting seedlings in open ground or in the greenhouse.
  4. As the tomatoes grow, Firewood varieties need to be looked after. To do this, water the bushes, process them from possible pests, mulch the soil, apply fertilizer.
  5. After the fruit is fully ripe, you can start harvesting. As a rule, the crop is harvested in 90-110 days after planting in open ground.
Attention! If you approach this issue responsibly, you can get a good harvest.

Planting seedlings

Firewood must be planted on seedlings in the second half of February. For disinfection use a weak solution based on potassium permanganate. In addition, due attention should be paid to the soil - pre-ignite it in a water bath, which will neutralize the soil from the pests eggs and weed seeds it contains.

Judging by the reviews, photos and description of the variety of tomatoes Firewood, some gardeners pick picking up seedlings. For this, 2-3 full leaflets should appear on young tomato bushes. Seedlings are transplanted after the temperature on the street has become stable and ranges from + 15 ° C and higher. It is first necessary to harden the bushes of tomatoes - you should take the seedlings out on the street, increasing the time spent.

Tip! Despite the fact that this variety is characterized by high germination, it does not hurt to check the seeds. For this planting material is poured into a glass of water. Those grains that have surfaced are empty, they should be thrown away.


Tomatoes Firewood can be planted at a permanent place of growth after the seedlings turned 55 days, and carried out a pick. In the greenhouse can be planted when the soil was prepared, regardless of the temperature outside. In the open ground can be transferred after the temperature regime stably stands at + 15 ° C and above. If the temperature is lower, then it is worth some time to wait. Between the bushes it is necessary to do a distance of 50 to 60 cm, if necessary, the landing may be more dense.

Important! Despite the fact that the bushes are compact, it is necessary to take care of the supports, because the bushes can break under the weight of a large number of fruits.


If you plan to grow tomatoes Firewood at home on the windowsill, then it is necessary to pre-fill the drainage in the tank, which will provide the necessary amount of moisture and air.

When landing in open ground, it is worth taking care of protection from pests. For these purposes, a small amount of crushed eggshell and onion peel is poured into each well.

If the soil is not fertile, then you can use peat or humus, which fall asleep to the bottom. It is important to note that the fertilizer layer must be covered with a thin layer of earth, otherwise the root system will get burned.

As needed it is necessary to water the tomatoes, not allowing the soil to be swampy or too dry. After planting the soil is mulched - this reduces the growth of weeds. Organic matter or minerals can be used as fertilizer.

Attention! Firewood Tomatoes love fertile, loose soil.


Tomato Firewood is considered to be a rather unpretentious variety that can be grown not only in the open field, but also at home. If you properly care for the seedlings in the process of growth, you can get a high yield. Since tomatoes are versatile, they can be used fresh, can be used for canning.

Reviews on the variety of tomato Firewood

Antonina Ayukova, 51, TulaTomaty Firewood planted a year ago for the first time on the advice of a neighbor. To be honest, I didn’t even believe that on such small bushes there could be so many tomatoes. Since I did not take this into account, I naturally did not tie it up, so the bushes broke down. Since I was afraid that the crop would start to rot in the ripening process, I picked tomatoes with greens and sent them home for ripening. After harvesting, I began to study the characteristics of the variety and realized that I had made a lot of mistakes. Next time I will tie up and plant less frequently. Elena Semenova, 39, Nizhny Novgorod Recently, I began to live in a private house and found an exciting hobby for myself - to experiment and grow different varieties of vegetables. Recently came across a variety of tomatoes Firewood. I was pleased with the high level of productivity, excellent taste. I was surprised that I planted tomatoes Firewood in an ordinary flowerpot in December, and in mid-March I had already eaten fresh tomatoes. The result was pleased.